[Top 5] Dota 2 Best Centaur Warrunner Builds (Used By Pros)

DOTA 2 Centaur Warrunner 2022, Centaur Warrunner pro builds
Bradwarden the Warruner is the ultimate virtuoso among the horse people, because killing and combat are the highest form of artistic expression among Druud clan.

Buckle up, fellow gamers and gaming enthusiasts, for we continue exploring the best builds currently played by pro players, and today we step into a new arena: the one dominated by the mighty Centaur Warrunner!

The newest DOTA2 patch has brought many changes that significantly altered the game, and the ones applied to Centaur are nothing less than wicked!

5. Centaur Offlane by Liquid.Zai

Centaur is almost always played as a heavy tanky offlaner. Known to be the superior initiator, he absorbs and reflects damage received back to his enemies. With the proper setup, Centaur becomes harder to kill as the match advances.


Level 1 – Hoof Stomp.

2 seconds stun in a 330 radius with 120 damage is the best level 1 pick. Hurts as if a horse stomped your head.

Level 2 – Double Edge.

As the game had just started, this spell might be lethal in close combat, if a target gets stunned and then slashed.

Level 3 – Level 2 Double Edge.

A double blade, but heavy. With 180 base damage and 80% strength as damage, it gets really dangerous if you get stunned.

Level 4 – Level 2 Hoof Stomp.

Level 5 – Retaliate.

Reflects the damage to his enemies, and the strength percentage increases that damage further, same as with Double Edge.

Level 6 – Stampede.

His ultimate is applied to all of his allies as they charge into the enemy which receives 200% strength as damage if trampled. 

Level 7 – Level 2 Retaliate.

He is well-farmed with almost 1500 HP, meaning that he can afford to sustain a lot of damage without fearing for his life. But, the enemy switches lanes, and now Primal Beast can make it harder for him to dominate the lane, as the beasts’ abilities are mostly magical, so retaliate doesn’t help much here.

Level 8 – Level 3 Retaliate.

Level 9 – Level 4 Retaliate.

It’s important to reflect as much damage as possible. Enemy Void in particular would find this very troublesome, as well as towers and anyone who relies on physical attack. The Hood protects him from spells very well, and he is now pretty much a menace.

Level 10 - +5 Health Regeneration.

Fast recovery and regeneration flow are essential for this hero. This talent is a fine boost in his health recovery so he can easily farm or prepare for a fight.

Level 11 – Level 3 Double Edge.

Level 12 – Level 4 Double Edge.

300 + 120% damage as strength = An artful death.

Also, the reason he didn’t pick Level 2 Stampede is that they had a gank in their jungle and he pretty much needed his Double Edge maxed out to secure that enemy will die.

Level 13 – Level 3 Hoof Stomp.

Level 14 – Level 4 Hoof Stomp.

Level 15 - +40% Double Edge Strength Damage.

An increase from 120% to 160% bonus strength damage is vicious.

Level 16 – Level 2 Stampede.

Level 18 – Level 3 Stampede.

Level 20 - -25 seconds Stampede cooldown.


00:00 – Tangos, Quelling Blade, Ring of Protection, 2 Iron Branches.

05:14 – Vanguard.

Vanguard is always a good choice because increased maximum health and health regeneration make him very hard to kill even in this phase of the match.

10:11 – Ring of Health into Hood of Defiance.

This is one of the core items as it will be improved into the Pipe of Insight.

15:16 – Blink Dagger.

Of course, Blink Dagger is essential for this hero. Provides control over the area as well as the element of surprise. If you get caught up in blink and stun, it’s most likely you’ll have to wait sometime before you respawn.

18:23 – Sange.

Preparing for a combo with Kaya, to amplify his damage and abilities. This is an affable increase in strength, which will affect his spells significantly.

20:48 – Aghanim’s Shard.

This upgrades Double Edge. He gains 15% of his strength as a bonus per hero hit by Double Edge that lasts for 15 seconds up to 5 stacks and slows the affected enemies’ movement speed by 25% for 2 seconds. These newly acquired stacks that can be refreshed every 4 seconds, which is how long the cooldown now lasts, will add up to Retaliate and further Double Edges casts. I almost forgot to mention Stampede. This means a 75% strength increase. Brutal.

27:19 – Heart of Tarrasque.

Adds 45 strength, 900 HP and 4.5 HP regeneration. A perfect item for this hero, he is now very fat and stout and almost unkillable. His path is paved with bones, which is obvious based on his farm so far.

29:56 – Long shall his name be remembered! Victory!


4. Offlane Tank Absorber by Dota 2 Pango

Dota 2 Pango never fails to deliver some nice plays. Besides the classic Centaur offlane build, will see the new Aghanim’s Scepter freakshow!


Level 1 – Hoof Stomp.

Level 2 – Double Edge.

Level 3 – Retaliate.

Level 4 – Level 2 Retaliate.

Level 5 – Level 3 Retaliate.

Level 6 – Stampede.

Level 7 – Level 4 Retaliate.

Level 8 – Level 2 Hoof Stomp.

Level 9 – Level 3 Hoof Stomp.

Level 10 – +5 Health Regen.

Level 11 – Level 4 Hoof Stomp.

Level 12 – Level 2 Stampede.

Level 13 – Level 2 Double Edge.

Level 14 – Level 3 Double Edge.

Level 15 – +40% Double Edge Strength Damage.

Level 16 – Level 4 Double Edge.

Level 18 – Level 3 Stampede.


00:00 – Tangos, Magic Stick, Quelling Blade, Gauntlet of Strength, Iron Branch.

05:46 – Vanguard.

As we’ve already seen, Vanguard is the best early-game option for a heavy offlaner.

09:24 – Ring of Health into Hood of Defiance.

Another top priority item that improves HP regeneration and increases magic resistance.

10:53 – Phase Boots.

Armor and damage increase with an active speed boost Phase Boots close the distance between him and his foes swiftly.

13:32 – Blink Dagger.

A core item for this hero, a 1000-pound Centaur that can blink is frightening.

19:12 – Aghanim’s Scepter.

Acquires a new ability: Hitch A Ride.

Allows Centaur to toss an ally into a cart hitched behind him, and increases melee hero’s range by 200 for 8 seconds. Like in Gladiator’s arena, a mighty stallion pulls the carriage and the hero wreaks havoc around the place, slashing everything in sight!

21:05 – Aghanim’s Shard.

Centaur is strong, and his strength increases each time he casts his Double Edge. With that strength, he pulls a carriage while stampeding his adversaries to their graves.

27:20 – Overwhelming Blink.

Strength is everything about this hero. The more strength, the more brutal he is. This item provides 800 AOE movement slow and deals 100 + 150% damage to the enemies upon landing. Now combine this with 5 Double Edge stacks from Shard, and you turn the enemy team into a tomato. A squished one.

28:06 – The crowd cheers his name once more, gg!

3. Tank Mid Hero by Kryptonill

This patch has most certainly shown us some crazy stuff so far, but Centaur on mid is something else! Anything is possible and Krypronill shows us how.


Level 1 – Retaliate.

His adversary in the mid-lane is Doom. Retaliate is a good choice to harden Doom’s path toward lane advantage. Centaur has some nice base stats and with 73 strength points, every hit Doom lands will be painful.

Level 2 – Hoof Stomp.

A good ability to disable the enemy, perfect to harass him if he gets too close.

Level 3 – Double Edge.

It’s already hard for Doom to keep up the farming as he needs a lot of heals, and every time he comes closer not only will he get stunned, but a double blade will hack him into pieces.

Level 4 – Level 2 Double Edge.

Level 5 – Level 3 Double Edge.

Level 6 – Stampede.

Level 7 – Level 4 Double Edge.

Level 8 – Level 2 Hoof Stomp.

The match is still under 10 minutes and this increase in stun duration and damage will further disrupt his enemy.

Level 9 – Level 3 Hoof Stomp.

Level 10 - +20 movement speed.

It will be a lot harder for enemies to outrun him, especially because he has a Blink Dagger ready.

Level 11 – Level 4 Hoof Stomp.

Level 12 – Level 2 Stampede.

Level 13 – Level 2 Retaliate.

Level 14 – Level 3 Retaliate.

Level 15 – +40% Double Edge Strength Damage.

So far, this is his strongest attribute. This increase makes the difference for this spell, especially when the Shard is acquired.

Level 16 – Level 4 Retaliate.

Level 18 – Level 3 Stampede.

Level 20 – + 45 Retaliate Damage.


00:00 – Magic Stick, Tangos, 2 Iron Branches, Gauntlet of Strength.

03:38 – Hood of Defiance.

8.5 HP regeneration, 15% magic resistance, and an active shield that absorbs up to 350 spell damage. He already dominates the lane, and this is a solid improvement that will weaken Doom’s spell effect.

09:32 – Blink Dagger.

He has the highest net worth and is pretty well-farmed so far. A couple of ganks secured him a fast Blink Dagger, which will be used to tread lightly around the map.

17:06 – Vanguard.

Adds a couple of layers over his thick skin to make it fatter and impenetrable.

23:32 – Heart of Tarrasque.

The supreme item for Centaur because of strength and HP increase. He doesn’t feel the double-edged blade when he cuts, but his enemies cry in agony. He still hasn’t died once.

29:04 – Guardian Greaves.

He is now super resilient and self-sustainable so he needn’t go to base ever. With increased HP regeneration and active Mend, he also helps his allies persist through heavy damage bursts with Guardian Aura.

30:19 – Aghanim’s Shard.

Double Edge boost by this item is just insane and a must-have.

34:39 – Death comes with a battleaxe and so does the victory! GG!

2. Super Tank Mid by Topson

We will check one more mid-lane Centaur build, this time played by Topson. Though it’s pretty much the same build, we have a slight digression from what we’ve seen before. This guy will be super fat and armored up, and here is how.


Level 1 – Retaliate.

Level 2 – Double Edge.

Level 3 – Level 2 Retaliate.

His opponent on the lane is Windranger, a very squishy and soft hero, who can’t afford constant retaliation for her attacks. As the lane phase advances, so will her HP drain out faster.

Level 4 – Level 2 Double Edge.

Level 5 – Level 3 Retaliate.

Level 6 – Stampede.

Level 7 – Level 4 Retaliate.

Tower kills itself, and our protagonist doesn’t feel a thing. He even heals himself as T1 attacks him.

Level 8 – Hoof Stomp.

The perfect moment to use a point for a nice 2-second stun.

Level 9 – Level 3 Double Edge.

Level 10 – Level 4 Double Edge.

His regen is good so far, so he maxes his double edge out.

Level 11 - +5 Health Regen.

Level 12 – Level 2 Stampede.

Level 13 – Level 2 Hoof Stomp.

Level 14 – Level 3 Hoof Stomp.

Level 15 - +15 Strength.

Level 16 – Level 4 Hoof Stomp.

Level 18 – Level 3 Stampede.

Level 20 - +45 Retaliate Damage.

This is all about damage absorption. Everything absorbed will painfully be sent back to its source.


00:00 – Tangos, Quelling Blade.

06:42 – Vanguard.

Proven to be the first choice even before the boots, at this point of the match, Windranger can’t do much against the fatness of the horse-man.

09:24 – Phase Boots.

Run faster, kill faster.

11:32 – Hood of Defiance.

Magic resistance and health regeneration are the means to grab the golden fruit.

14:20 – Reaver.

Getting his Heart ready, but it’s just silly how fast he gets his gold and there is no one to even try and stop him.

19:42 – Heart of Tarrasque.

He is now an enormous rock running fast and slashing everything in his sight. His enemies can’t afford to focus on him in the fight, but if they don’t, DPS will kill them off easily. There just isn’t any good response to this situation and the enemy team is in a bad position.

21:54 – Platemail.

This was his idea. Not only does he have a ton of health and regeneration, but now he adds some armor layers to protect him from auto attacks. At this point, tower damage is insignificant, only 5 people can kill him if he is alone.

23:43 – Platemail.

Another Platemail to harden what is already impenetrable. The blood shall spatter.

23:46 – Crimson Guard.

Absorbs even more damage now, with an active Guard to grant his allies damage absorbing shield for 12 seconds. Those armor points are paying out.

27:26 – Aganim’s Shard.

And of course, Shard can’t be left behind. With each Double Edge that is only felt by his enemies now, his strength gets a boost that some might consider overpowered.

29:00 – Victory!

1. Offlane Centaur Max Strength By Kryptonill


Kryptonill surely loves playing Centaur. It was very hard to choose which build to review, so I’ve found this one above the others because it’s both stylish and brutal. Health regeneration, magic resistance, maximum health. Let’s get into it.


Level 1 – Hoof Stomp.

Level 2 – Double Edge.

Level 3 – Retaliate.

Level 4 – Level 2 Double Edge.

Level 5 – Level 3 Double Edge.

Level 6 – Level 2 Retaliate.

Level 7 – Level 3 Retaliate.

Level 8 – Stampede.

Level 9 – Level 4 Retaliate.

Level 10 - +5 Health Regen.

Level 11 – Level 2 Hoof Stomp.

Level 12 – Level 2 Stampede.

Level 13 – Level 4 Double Edge.

Level 14 – Level 3 Hoof Stomp.

Level 15 - +15 Strength.

Level 16 – Level 4 Hoof Stomp.

Level 18 – Level 3 Stampede.

Level 20 – +45 Retaliate Damage.


00:00 – Bracer, Tangos.

06:06 – Vanguard.

As we did before, we see players rushing Vanguard. Cheap and easily farmed, provides everything you need for a tanky hero for the early game phase.

08:29 – Hood of Defiance.

More health regeneration, magic resistance – the tools that provide him domination in his lane.

11:23 – Power Treads.

Power Treads choice was made because of that slight increase in strength it provides.

16:15 – Blink Dagger.

He is farming super fast and with his core item, he transforms into a Pegasus.

22:04 – Heart of Tarrasque.

Seeming almost like he’s using a script, he pulls out the Heart in something less than 6 minutes and is ready to take the enemy fountain down.

26:51 – Overwhelming Blink.

Indeed overwhelming it is for his enemies, but with this, he pushes his strength level further and continues molesting his adversaries.

33:20 – Heart of Tarrasque.

Here we see the sadistic mind of this player. His strength numbers are so high, that he could crush a mountain with his axe and support the falling weight without a sweat.

34:58 – With steel and strength, the throne collapses. GG!

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