[Top 10] Fallout 4 Best Decoration Mods That Are Fun

Check out the Best Decoration Mods for Fallout 4!

Fallout 4 is a beautiful and immersive game to blend yourselves into. The threatening Wasteland is not for the faint-hearted and building settlements in all of that is certainly not. The settlement building is a fun pastime in the game but after a while, it all looks bland and uninteresting. That’s why here are the 10 best decoration mods for your settlements in the game!

10 . Build Your Own Pool

Want to relax after a tough day battling Deathclaws? This mod allows you to create your own swimming pool in the dreadful post-apocalyptic Wasteland. It adds four water planes to your settlement workshop. The water markers snap together, as well as with most structures. It also includes showers, waterfalls, and splashes. It is usable by NPCs, who will automatically undress and redress when exiting. Another fantastic feature is the Rad-Away Showers, which remove radiation.

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9 . OCDecorator - Static Loot

After placing movable objects in a specific location, OCDecorator allows you to lock them in place using the in-game settlement builder. That is, they cannot be knocked over once a specific area has been properly designed. Strong will also no longer be able to knock over your Bobblehead collection which is a huge relief.

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8 . Craftable Halloween Decorations

If you want to channel the spooky spirits of Halloween, this mod is perfect for you. This mod enables the player to make several Halloween banners and decorations that are not normally available. This unlocks the Halloween decorations seen on several of Sanctuary's homes and allows the player to construct them from the workshop. Decorations->Wall Decorations->Paintings are where you'll find the decorations.

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7 . Old World Decorations

This mod adds 30 brand new voice-acted radio stations to Fallout 4 with high production value. Over 1500 sound effects were used in the mix. Over 300 hours of new radio programming. It includes celebrities, stand-up comedians, and some familiar YouTuber voices. You will also receive 97 new posters, 78 new billboards, 78 new animated flags, and 194 new light-up posters if you install the decoration mods for this. All decorations are either lore-friendly or relate to Old World Radio or both.

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6 . HZY-furniture and decoration

This mod enhances the game by adding new furniture and decorations. They make your settlements more vibrant and enjoyable than ever before. This mod also includes various types of display cases, workbenches, and food displays.

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5 . NorthlandDiggers Resources 

Do you require additional resources for making various things while the settlers help you in nothing? Then this mod is unquestionably the one for your settlement. Workstations that generate resources with the assistance of settlers. Each workstation will have one settler who will generate resources at a rapid pace. Animals will be available for harvesting as well. Overall, it's a fun mod to immerse yourself in.

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4 . Dino's Decorations - clutter arrangements for your settlements

This mod adds 40 different clutter arrangements ranging from kitchen items to lab tools to office supplies - and more. All items have been added to the decorations -> miscellaneous category and are static. These will make your settlements appear much more lived-in than before, and will undoubtedly increase immersion.

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3 . Crafting Fury 9000 GTX

This mod adds a set of craftable items to the settlement build mode. There are epic armor stands are made for the most amazing ones in the game. It includes armor stands, furniture, decorations, picture frames, potted plants, and props. Desks, dressers, beds, tables, containers, a Silver Shroud mannequin, premade baskets, bins, shelves, and many other items are included.

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2 . Immersive Decor

Immersive Decor is most likely the first mod to include interactive decorations as it adds over 100 new items. The scripted custom menu includes three sets for decorating your dining room, armory, and garden. It includes snappable tables, S.P.E.C.I.A.L. boosting dishes, main dishes, snappable utensils, vases with flowers, pitchers, bottles, and candles. When enabled, each of the dishes will gain an edible variant. There are shelves and snappable ammunition that add a small amount of ammo There are also snappable, harvestable wasteland flora and static greenery as well as craftable pots. When you rejoin the area, each interactive item will vanish and reappear. Every decoration item is lore-friendly, and the crafting recipes are well-balanced.

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1 . Workshop Decorations Pack

This mod adds a large number of decoration objects and decorated furniture to the workshop in its own menu under the decorations tab. It includes things like stuffed bookcases and shelves, makeshift graves, and stuffed vendor counters, among other things. It includes a variety of items that make the settlements appear much better and more organized than ever before.

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With these mods, your settlements, and finally, the world will definitely look better than ever. Good Luck fellow Wastelanders!

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