[Top 10] Fallout 4 Best Enclave Mods That Are Fun

Check out the Best Enclave Mods for Fallout 4!

The Enclave is the remnant of the pre-war US government and they possess some of the most powerful items in all of the Fallout world and are present only in Fallout 3. So, it's natural that bringing them into Fallout 4 through mods would make the game even more exciting. That’s why here are the top 10 Enclave mods you definitely should try out.

10 . Enclave Settlement Kit and Colonel Autumn Duster

The mod includes an Enclave Bunker in the Glowing Sea, near which you will receive a strange signal on your radio, tune in, and be able to follow it to the source and discover the fate of this Government outpost, as well as gather hints to some of the Enclave's plots down south, in Miami Beach. When you finish the Dungeon, you will receive a brand new Enclave Colonel Coat (Colonel Autumn's Duster) and Enclave tech to use in your settlements.

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9 . Enclave Radio Freedom

The mod replaces the vanilla Radio Freedom with American anthems from enclave radio. It is an exact replica of Fallout 3's Enclave Radio. The radio features eight original tracks discovered in the Fallout 4 game files. While roaming the Wasteland, you can now easily bask in the glory of the Enclave.

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8 . Enclave Officers Uniform

This mod adds the officers’ uniform of the Enclave from Fallout 3. It has a complete set for both male and female Sole Survivors. So, you won’t have any problem roleplaying as part of the Enclave and show the Commonwealth who are the superior faction. The hat and the uniform is highly detailed and textured which make it a treat to look at. 

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7 . Enclave X-02 Black Devil Power Armor    

According to mod lore, this armor was thought to be the pinnacle of Power Armor Protection until the dreaded Hellfire was spotted in the Capital Wasteland and the stats reflect! There is no lining option for this armor, so its stats are the same as X-01 MK.VI the moment you step inside. The armor can be found inside Sentinel Site, behind a forklift inside the tunnels, in its own little dungeon area.

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6 . Enclave Plasma Rifle Prototype

This mod adds a new enclave plasma rifle prototype with numerous changes to its features and appearance. A few modifications can be attached to any part of the weapon. The reload animations are unique to this rifle. It also has a custom ammo type that can be crafted at chemistry workbenches.

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5 . Enclave Remnant's Armor

This mod adds an Enclave heavy Armor Suit to the game, similar to the Fallout 3 style. It is made up of two parts: the body and the helmet. Currently, there is only one male and female version, similar to the ones in FO3 and NV. The Sanctuary Basement contains this Enclave Remnants Armor.

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4 . Enclave Resurgent

This mod adds the Enclave to the Commonwealth as a join-able faction. It adds a submarine faction HQ/ customizable player base just outside of The Castle. you can also summon Enclave soldiers, officers and eyebots that follow you on your adventures. It also adds voiced Enclave quests and actors to the world and adds a unique Enclave companion. There are also many more features present in the Commonwealth.

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3. Vermillion Frost - Former Enclave General

This mod adds a new fully voiced companion with over 300 speech lines to the commonwealth. Vermillion Frost is a former enclave general with the name Vermillion. She has an Affinity system and over 300 voice lines. She's received feedback on every group in the game, as well as every monster/mutant.

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2 . America Rising - A Tale of the Enclave

In the Tale of the Enclave mod, you must endeavor to resurrect the Enclave's broken fragments in a two-hour quest. A quest storyline, two friends, and multiple new places are among the new features.There are almost 1,000 lines of voiced dialogue in the film. Unique characters, an Enclave Radio Station, and a Pip-Boy Skin are all included.

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1 . Enclave X-02 Power Armor

This mod adds the X-02 Power Armor used by the Enclave's forces in the Capital Wasteland to the game. It makes a comeback as a medium-level Power Armor in Fallout 4. This armor can now be found in a Red Rocket Station in the middle of the Glowing Sea. Storm Servos is an entirely new upgrade that allows Enclave soldiers to move swiftly in battle and perform powerful bursts of speed at the cost of the wearer's health.

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These mods will definitely help you in being part of the Enclave in the Commonwealth and be the superior being of them all. Good Luck fellow Survivors!

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