[Top 10] Fallout 4 Best Enemy Mods That Are Fun

Check out the Best Enemy Mods for Fallout 4!

The enemies in Fallout 4 are impressive considering the game came out in 2015. But engaging or interacting with them doesn’t seem so enjoyable when you have been a veteran of the game or have been playing RPGs for a long time. Luckily with the help of the modding community, you can have the luxury of using mods and make the game much more enjoyable. That’s why here are the 10 best enemy mods for the game!

10 . Nightstrikers

This mod adds a new type of enemy to the Commonwealth called A Nightstriker, which is loosely based on the Nightstalkers from Fallout: New Vegas. All Nightstriker variants deal and are immune to Poison Damage, just like their Mojave cousins. Nightstrikers are available in five different variants, each with its own distinct texture and abilities. The legendary version of all five variants comes with its own distinct mutation effect.

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9 . Better Locational Damage

This mod completely overhauls Fallout 4's combat, making it crisper and more intense. Headshots are scripted, and helmets can help prevent them. NPC health has been adjusted to avoid bullet sponges. Obtaining a good balanced armor rating is critical for survival, as health no longer scales with level as a result of this mod. The weapons have also become much more lethal so you have to plan ahead of every encounter

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8 . Institute Centaurs

The Institute centaurs are added to the game by this mod. These are based on a scrapped concept art from Fallout 4, which can also be found in the concept art book. The centaur was never included in the game because they were replaced by mutant hounds. This new creature has custom animations, a brand new sculpt, and a classic spit attack.

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7 . True Legendary Enemies

This mod gives Legendary Enemies unique names that reflect their status as wasteland legends. To keep things interesting, there is a mix of intimidating/serious names and goofy ones. This is a simple mod to make the game more interesting and fun.

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6 . Deadlier Deathclaws

The Deathclaws of the Commonwealth become much deadlier and tougher as a result of this mod. It has increased the stats of all Deathclaw variants. It also includes 19 new Deathclaw variants. These varieties are based on a combination of the eight vanilla archetypes. It re-added the cut Quantum Deathclaw, scaled its stats, and included it in the NukaWorld Deathclaw spawn points. All Deathclaws' max level has been removed, and stats are now calculated based on player level.

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5 . D.E.C.A.Y - Better Ghouls

D.E.C.A.Y. is a full feral ghoul overhaul for the game. Ghouls have become creepy and unpleasant, with a lot of detail and variety with the help of this. There will be no more bland, patternless leathery old men serving as worthless NPCs. They make the ghouls much more realistic and frightening. Textures and movements have also been greatly improved for them.

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4 . Arbitration

The Arbitration mod does a complete overhaul of the game’s combat system. It makes the enemies much more aware of their surroundings and much more dangerous in combat. In short, they make the enemy intelligent and strategic. Other features like increased grenade detection distance, increased walking speed and realistic fall damage are also present with this mod. It also makes small refined changes to the overall combat environment.

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3 . The Deadly Commonwealth Expansion

The Deadly Commonwealth Expansion mod overhauls all of the major factions in the base game. The AI has been much more refined along with addition of new armors, weapons, outfits and different types of bosses. If you’re looking for a challenge because you think the factions are way too easy , then this mod will definitely be to your taste. The bosses all have unique features and have been voice acted separately to make the game feel much more realistic.

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2 . SKK Combat Stalkers

Ever feel the enemies in the game are too forgiving and annoying? Well, this mod fixes it for you. Now enemies will randomly spawn and engage in dangerous and unforgiving combat with you. Other than that they will also ambush and stalk you whenever you’re roaming the Wasteland. You have to be much more aware of your surroundings that’s for sure. It randomly increased the difficulty of the game when encountering these enemies which is a challenge in itself.

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1 . SKK Settlement Attack System

This mod replaces the default settlement attacks with a fully customizable combat attack system based on SKK combat stalker spawning technology and user experience. It also has Vertibird combat and settlement patrols as options. The attack lasts as long as it takes for the player to arrive at the settlement to begin. Patrols between owned workshops in the same external world space that have settlers or defense are generated by the settlement patrol option.

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With these mods, you will now have a different experience fighting and encountering various enemies of the game and it won’t be the same every time. Good Luck fellow Wastelanders!

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