[Top 10] Fallout 4 Best Environment Mods That Are Fun

Check out the best Environment Mods for Fallout 4!

Fallout 4 has a great post-apocalyptic feel present throughout that makes it an amazing RPG. The environment present in the game world is good, but with the help of some mods, it can be made even better. So, here are the 10 best environment mods for the game. 

10 . Interiors Enhanced - Darker Ambient Light and Fog

This mod modifies all cell lighting data and templates to make ambient light and fog brightness inside all interiors 60% darker, while keeping lighting 100% true-to-vanilla, except for those dark corners and unlit areas. The end result is that light feels a lot more realistic, and by cutting out some of the ambient light. Everything has a bit more color and seems a lot richer now that the direct lighting gets a chance to shine on its own.

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9 . FogOut

Interior distance fog is completely disabled with the help of this mod. This mod prevents the interior distance fog from being drawn at all. With this part of the mod, there should be no compatibility issues with weather or dark night mods. During clear weather, exterior distance fog is also reduced, making the area brighter than usual.

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8 . Diamond City Enhanced

This mod meticulously details the entire city of Diamond City. It enhances the speech stand with new bush/trees and pavement for Mayor Mcdonough. It adds more detail to the city's main gate and the alley where Valentine's office is located. Barrel fire and Lanterns are also present, complete with fire effects and sounds, as well as many other features.

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7 . Clean Water of the Commonwealth

This mod revamps the commonwealth's water. Swimming and drinking can either remove or add radiation to your system. Optional Clear water, Crystal Clear water, and Tropical shaded water are also included with this mod. There are three levels of radiation in the water as well.

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6 . Delightful Ivy - HD Vine Retexture 

The Delightful Ivy mod is an HD retexture for all of the Commonwealth's vines. This mod includes 6 different delightful colors as well as 1 MIXED version. They appear much better and make the environment appear more appealing and realistic. With this fantastic mod, the colors and textures are simply stunning to look at.

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5 . Radiant Clouds and Fogs

Radiant Clouds and Fogs replace almost all of the clouds in Fallout 4 as well as the distant fogs in the mountains. It tries to give clouds more depth and intensity, making them appear more appealing to the naked eye. Colors and textures have been completely redesigned and are extremely detailed.

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4 .  FAR - Faraway Area Reform

FAR optimizes and improves over 6,000 distant land textures, resulting in improved performance and less stutter. It improves and optimizes over 6,000 distant terrain textures. It translates to a more visually appealing gaming environment with increased performance and significantly reduced stutter. In addition, the patch includes new noise textures for the far terrain, which improves detail even more.

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3 . GRASSLANDS - A Fallout 4 Grass Overhaul

Grasslands is a game makeover that adds additional grasslands and flowers to the game. Blooms provide lovely meadows in several regions of the game, such as the woodlands, which have become much more alive because of the flowers. Not only have the forests been improved, but the cities have also been improved, with grass growing out of the piles of trash and junk, and the marshes have been improved, perhaps offering better performance than the vanilla version. Beaches and other sites have also been remodeled to improve their appearance.

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2 . Vivid Fallout - All in One

The Vivid Fallout All in One does what it says. It combines all the vivid mods including water, grass, roads, buildings, and many more into one and makes them easy for the players to install. It is definitely convenient as you don’t need to install all of the mods separately. This mod greatly improves the performance and visuals of the game to a great extent.

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1 . Roads Redone 4K-2K

This mod makes the roads present in the game look better than ever. The asphalt roads are overhauled with new high-quality textures in this mod. It adds more visually pleasing and relatively realistic textures. After installing this mod, you will notice a significant improvement.

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And with these mods, the environment in the game will look better than ever. Have fun exploring fellow Survivors!

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