Top 10 Games That Never Get Boring (High Replayability and Awesome Content)

Games That dont Get Boring
Some games are worth playing over and over.

To keep players coming back for more, a game must start awesome, stay awesome, and constantly provide new experiences.

It’s a difficult feat, but with everything from huge worlds to large character rosters to fan mods, some games have managed to pull it off.

Below are ten games that stay good no matter how much you play them.

10. Grand Theft Auto V 

Grand Theft Auto V (mod) gameplay

Grand Theft Auto V is hardly a small game on its own, but even its original content will run out. The fan-made modifications, on the other hand, aren’t stopping any time soon.  

Mods range from improving the graphics to importing new vehicles to throwing in superheroes and zombies to play as or fight. Some also find creative new ways to manipulate the physics engine. Whatever new experience you’re looking for, there’s probably a GTA V mod for it. 

Shiny new ride: The Pinnacle of V mod ups the graphics to glossy new heights.

Modding of magnetism: The Magneto mod adds the X-Men villain to the chaos.

9. The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online gameplay

Escape from the prison of the soulless to explore the whole continent of Tamriel. Take storyline quests or roam as you please. Level up your character skills and craft items, all while trying to stop the conquest of the land and recover your soul.

As a sandbox MMORPG, The Elder Scrolls Online gives players a huge world to explore and play through with a variety of character builds, so every playthrough is different. And with eleven downloadable content packs a new expansion chapter every year, it keeps getting bigger. 

Character creation: Customize your skills and appearance.

Fighting with friends: Group up with other players to take down powerful foes.

8. Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege Gameplay

You are a member of an elite counter-terrorism unit. Smash through walls, coordinate with your team members, and disarm explosives to save the hostages. Or kill them all, if you’re playing as the defenders.

While Rainbow Six Siege has single-player situations, most gamers focus on the competitive multiplayer stages. Different game modes in multiplayer keep matches from being too similar, and the destroyable environment adds a nice touch of chaos.

Cooperative play: Keep an eye on your teammates to work with them.

Trap tactics: Set traps to slow down the opposing team.


RUST gameplay

Survive in the wilderness armed with only a rock and torch. Collect resources and craft weapons to protect yourself from wild animals. Form clans with other players, build a safe home together, and raid your rivals for supplies.

The scariest opponent, however, is nature, which will kill you through hunger, thirst, the cold, or wild animals. Thanks to procedurally generated maps, there’s no way to predict what you’ll find next. It’s hard to get a hang on RUST, but learn to survive and it becomes a rewarding and ongoing experience.  

Don’t starve: Hunt animals to survive in the wild.

Survival in numbers: Work with other players to seize supplies.

6. Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World gameplay

Traverse twelve huge environments for quests or just to explore. Collect natural resources to build and upgrade equipment. Find your favorite weapon out of the different schools, and wield it to battle up to fifty monsters.

Even after you clear the over forty hours of story mode, there are still jobs to take as you please. Continue the hunt with downloadable content and limited-time events, and by joining other players  in online co-op play.

Gear up: Craft and upgrade weapons and armor for the hunt.

King of beasts: Thirty new monsters means a whole herd of new challenges.

5. Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight gameplay

Escape the map with your fellow survivors before the Killer can find you. Your only ways out are to fix the generators and open the gates, or to find the key to unlock the Hatch, all while staying out of sight. Or, if you’d rather seek than hide, switch to the Killer and sacrifice the Survivors to the monstrous Entity. 

Every character has their own unique skillset, along with a procedurally generated leveling tree, so every round is slightly different. There’s no way to be completely certain about what you’re facing as a Survivor or Killer, upping the thrills. And as a bonus for horror fans, the DLC packs include some familiar faces like Freddy Krueger and Laurie Strode.

Hide and seek: Up to four Survivors must hide from and escape the Killer.

Hooked on horror: The Killer must hang the survivors on hooks to summon the Entity and win.

4. Apex Legends

Apex Legends gameplay

Fall onto the map in a squad of three to survive this battle royale. Scavenge weapons and be the last team standing in the shrinking safe zone. Even if you die, the game isn’t over, as your team mates can revive you, assuming they want to.  

With eight different Legends to master and different opponents every match, no two games are the same. The cosmetics available through loot boxes and crafting materials provide extra incentive to keep playing.

Legends of battle: Each Legend has their own abilities and playstyle.

Stand up and fight: Squad mates can revive each other if they’re quick enough.

3. Fortnite

Fortnite gameplay

Drop into Fortnite’s famed hundred person battle royale and fight and build your way to the top, either alone or with a few allies. Save the world together by collecting resources, constructing your fortress, and defeating Husks in story mode. Or just build what you like and invite others to  enjoy it in Creative.

With Fortnite’s three different modes, there’s already so many different things to try, but limited-time events provide even more new ways to play. The slew of cosmetic goodies to win and show off aren’t a bad incentive either.

Tis the season: Holiday events dress up the game.

Build it up: Create a fort and take cover.

2. League of Legends

League of Legends gameplay

Choose your champion and join the rest of your team to claim the map. Between fights with enemy players, farm minions and monsters for experience and gold to buy more abilities. Get through the opposing team’s defenses to destroy their Nexus and win.

With over 140 champions currently available, no two matches will have the same lineup. And the more you play, the more your account levels up, unlocking new rewards.

Monster bash: Defeat NPC monsters to earn gold.

Turret defense: Destroy enemy turrets to get closer to their Nexus.

1. Dota 2

Dota 2 gameplay

There’s nowhere better to look for repeatable gameplay here. Pick from over one hundred heroes, each with their own abilities to carry or support the team and all available from the start. Keep the enemies away from you base while breaching their defenses to destroy the Ancient within.

So many heroes and players to face would already guarantee how different every match is from each other, but the skill trees mean that each hero can level up multiple ways too. And fittingly for a game that started out as a Warcraft III mod, fans can build custom maps, games, and costumes to expand it themselves. Once you get the hang of it, you have a game to play again and again. 

Heroes assemble: A variety of different heroes makes for a flexible team.

Level up: Get stronger and unlock new abilities in the midst of battle.

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