Gears 5: Best Horde Weapons for Every Character

Gears 5 Best Horde Weapons
Horde Requires You To Know Your Role and Master Your Skills

Gears 5’s Horde mode has been an iconic part of the franchise since the first game’s launch. While Horde has evolved from earlier games, the approach has not. Horde pits players against 50 waves of enemies to provide an action-packed strategic experience.

To survive, you’ll need to know how to play your role. Each character contributes to the group in a different way. Abilities are unlocked by upgrading “skill cards”, which are earned through experience and at the end of matches.

Horde skill cards impact your character’s ability and the types of weapons that they are most proficient with. The bonus that each card provides increases by the level of the card. Today, I'm going to teach you the best horde weapons for each of the playable characters.

1. Kait


  • Laceration — Damage from the Overkill inflicts bleed damage.
  • Overkill Stock — Overkill recoil is reduced.
  • Shotgun Speed Loaders — Overkill reload speed is increased.
  • Blood Resonance — Enemies that are bleeding will take 50 percent more damage from the Overkill.
  • Overkill Ammo Capacity — Overkill ammo capacity is increased.


  • Laceration — Damage from the Gnasher inflicts bleed damage.
  • Shotgun Speed Loaders — Gnasher reload speed is increased.
  • Blood Resonance — Enemies that are bleeding will take 50 percent more damage from the Gnasher.
  • Custom Gnasher — Gnasher damage and active effects are increased.

2. Del

Del, the engineer of Gears 5, excels in skills far beyond weaponry. Rather than receive cards dedicated to weaponry, Del’s skills lie in his ability to build and maintain powerful fortifications.

Del’s Best Skill Cards

  • Ingenuity — Repair efficiency increased.
  • Flow — Grants damage resistance while repairing fortifications.
  • Efficient Fabricator — Reduces the cost of fabrications.
  • Efficient Sentry — Reduces the cost of sentry ammo refills.
  • Overclocked Locker — Increases the rate that weapon lockers reload stored weapons.

3. JD

Lancer GL

  • Lancer GL Mastery — Increases to headshots and recoil reduction when using a Lancer GL.
  • Launcher Capacity — Increases ammo capacity for the Lancer GL.
  • Razor Hill — Explosive hits from the Lancer GL inflict bleed damage.
  • Custom Lancer GL — Increases active effects and damage when using the Lancer GL.


  • Custom Boomshot — Increases active effects and damage.

4. Fahz


  • Steady Hand —Reduces camera shake while aiming.
  • Longshot Handling — A critical hit with a longshot has a chance to provide an automatic reload.
  • Master Marksman — Improves reload speed.
  • Modified Longshot — Increases active effects and damage.


  • Modified Embar — Increases active effects and damage of the Longshot.
  • Embar Ammo Capacity — Increases the ammo capacity of the Embar.

5. Marcus


  • Lancer Stock — Provides a reduction to recoil for the Lancer.
  • Custom Lancer — Increases the active effects and damage of the Lancer.
  • Extended Rifle Mag — Increases ammo capacity of assault rifles.
  • Rifle Feedback — Shooting enemies with a rifle increases the amount of time Marcus can keep Living Legend active.
  • Brutal Efficiency — Reduces Living Legend recharge rate with chainsaw kills.

6. Sarah Connor


  • Modified Frag — Increases blast radius and damage of grenades.
  • Grenade Capacity — Increases the number of grenades you can carry.


  • Follow Up — Shotgun streak recharges Heavy Hitter.

7. Emile-A239


  • Big Knife — Increased melee damage.
  • Bloody Blade — Melee damage inflicts bleed damage.


  • Gnasher M45 Mod — Increases active effects and the damage of the Gnasher.

8. Kat-B320

Similarly to Del, Kat-B320 is considered an engineer. While commonly considered less powerful than Del, Kat’s best skill cards include:

  • Flow — Grants damage resistance while repairing fortifications.
  • Repair Efficiency — Increases repair efficiency.
  • Top Of The Line — Fortifications that are undamaged inflict more damage.

9. Keegan


  • Grenade Pouch — Carry additional grenades.
  • Shredder — Explosive damage inflicts bleed damage.


  • Modified Hammerburst — Increases active effects and damage.

10. Lahni


  • Brawler — Increases melee damage.
  • Shock Chain — Electroblade affects a nearby enemy.
  • Shock Shield — Using electroblade grants Lahni stim.


  • Banana Clip — Increases the Talon’s magazine. 
  • Deep Pockets — Increases ammo capacity of the Talon.

11. Mac


  • Boltok Bandolier — Increases ammo capacity.
  • Bloody Shot — Pistol bullets inflict bleed damage on active reloads.
  • In Your Face — Headshots taunt enemies.

12. Cog Gear

12. Cog Gear


  • Suppressive Recharge — Grenade kills reduce the recharge rate of team revive.


  • Custom Lancer — Lancer damage and active effects are increased.

13. Baird

Baird is a newer addition to Gears 5 Horde. This engineer offers a variety of skill cards that increase the effectiveness of fortifications on the battlefield. Some of his best skill cards include:

  • Combat Engineer — Repair speed is significantly increased for longer repairs.
  • Global Sentry Upgrade — Sentry fortifications do more damage.
  • Nerves of Steel — Repair speed is increased when enemies are nearby.
  • Global Overclock — Weapon lockers recharge weapons more quickly.

14. Lizzie

Heavy Weapons (Buzzkill, Trishot, Mulcher, Etc.)

  • Exploding Buzzkill — Buzzkill kills deal additional splash damage.
  • Bleeding Mulcher — Hits with mulchers inflict bleeding damage.
  • Healing Trishot — Trishot damage is converted to healing for the Silverback.

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