[Top 5] GTA 5 Best Handling Cars

Cars in GTA 5
No race is a straight road, we need better handling for better performance.

Cars in GTA 5 are a class apart, whether you’re looking for a powerful muscle car, a fast supercar or a simply better handling car which is easy to maneuver in tight corners; GTA 5 has it all! Although the cars that came in the original GTA 5 release were great, the updates kept on adding even more amazing cars to the game which is a plus for every GTA 5 fan out there. Let’s check out the top 5 best handling cars in GTA 5.


5) Pegassi Infernus:

Starting with the all-rounder, the classic beast in the Grand Theft Auto series; the Pegassi Infernus is one of the best cars in GTA 5 story mode. With all the upgrades done from Los Santos customs, it is one of the fastest and best handling cars in the game. Not to mention, it resembles the Batmobile with its aesthetic shape and fast pickup speed.

Details of Pegassi Infernus:  Here.

4) The Cyclone

The Cyclone is a plane resembling vehicle, not physically but in its function too! It has amazing handling and out of this world top speed. It drives like an airplane on the road. It has amazing acceleration and handling with respect to its top speed, you can easily push above 100 and still get into tight corners without a problem. It is an amazing vehicle to get you out of a sticky situation with the police.

Details of The Cyclone: Here.


3) Grotti X80 Proto 

We got introduced to the Grotti X80 Proto in the Cunning Stunts DLC of GTA online. This vehicle looks something like a car from the future. The X80 proto is ridiculously fast and you might feel that the handling is off in the beginning, but it needs getting used to, before you can handle it properly. Get it fully upgraded at Los Santos Customs to bring out the best in this amazing car.

Details of Grotti X80 Proto: Here.


2) Krieger

The Krieger is one of the few vehicles in GTA 5 that has no major modifications and upgrades through Los Santos Customs. The reason being, Rockstar has already polished this beauty to the max and performance is the major highlight of this car. You cannot upgrade its engine, suspensions, turbo, etc. from LSC because this vehicle already has it all! It is extremely expensive and worth every penny.

Details of the Krieger: Here.


1) Ocelot Pariah

The number one on this list of the best handling GTA 5 cars is the Ocelot Pariah which triumphs over every other car in GTA 5, pre or post DLC. It has no second in handling but that doesn’t mean it lacks in speed or design. It looks amazing and has a high-top speed and maintains its incredible turning even at its highest speed. This car does not come cheap, but its performance is topnotch, and it can help you win a lot of GTA online races.

Details of the Ocelot Pariah: Here.



GTA 5 has a plethora of amazing vehicles that you can buy and drive. You can use these cars as getaway vehicles or for GTA online races. When you are up against the cops or other players, you simply need the best! I hope you found this post fun to read, let me know in the comments below if you think any other car in GTA 5 deserves to be on this list.

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