[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Early Game Heroes That Are Powerful! (Latest Patch)

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Get that instant win with these early-game experts!

Do you want to secure the upper hand immediately?

Mobile Legends is a mind game. But more than that, you must also be familiar with the available heroes. These heroes vary in all aspects. Some are lethal in the late game. However, some already deal damage even in the earlier part of the game. 

If you want to dominate the game immediately, you should pick heroes who can help you with that goal. We will save you the trouble of checking them out one by one. Refer to this article and find out the best earlygame heroes in Mobile Legends at the moment!


10. Franco


At the start of the game, everyone gets the same footing. Because of that, Franco is a deadly tank in the early game. He can easily hook marksman and mage heroes who are still farming to gain gold. He can also lurk in the bushes and just use his hooking skills to trap enemies.

As much as Franco is very useful at the start, he can weaken in the latter part. In the late game, your enemies would now be able to buy items that can give them immunity against Franco's hooks. Late game items can also increase their movement speed, so that's a disadvantage for Franco.

What makes Franco Great In Early Game:

  • Can regenerate health
  • High mobility 
  • Excellent crowd control skills


9. Valir


Valir Best Attack! One Of The Best Early Game

Valir was almost a forgotten mage hero until his revamp. He became so powerful that he could easily dominate the game, giving tanks a hard time fighting against him.

Vali is mostly played in the middle lane. He is great at taunting enemies by casting his skills. This gives him a chance to reduce their HP. After doing that, he can then go for the instant kill. His skills are perfect in the early game, where enemies are still trying to gain enough power. He can also be a great asset for the team in distracting enemies.

Valir's skills enable him to delay enemy’s farm routines, steal buffs, and secure first blood.

What makes Valir's Great In Early Game:

  • Excellent poking skills
  • Great stun abilities
  • Long-ranged hero
  • Can push enemies away


8. Yu Zhong


Yu Zhong has a great amount of stamina and regeneration. These factors made him an excellent early-game fighter. 

Yu Zhong is not that complicated to master since he only has one famous combo technique. However, that does not mean that he is weak. You can slow the target with his second skill, then jump on the enemy with the third skill. When the target is already knocked up, use his first skill to deal damage. 

In using his first skill, make sure that its edges touch the enemy to deal more damage. You can then use the ultimate for the kill. Just repeat this combo to ensure your early game dominance!

What makes Yu Zhong Great In Early Game:

  • Unique passive skill
  • Extreme crowd control skills
  • High mobility


7. Chou


Chou is very strong in the early game, given that he is a fighter. Just make sure that you will not be feeding yourself to your enemies. Always get buffs from jungle monsters and clear enemy minions wave.

His skills are the reason why players fear him in the early game. He can Shunpo his way towards an enemy hero and then unleash The Way of Dragon to kick them towards his tower. This early game technique has been effective, especially since marksman and mage heroes at this time still do not have enough defense and offense items.

What makes Chou Great In Early Game:

  • Difficult to catch
  • High mobility
  • Manaless hero
  • Great in pushing towers
  • Insane crowd control skills


6. Selena


Selena is a famous early-game hero. Her trapping skills and early damage are so high that they can easily kill enemies. This is the reason why she can instantly dominate the game.

The thing to remember about Selena is she's not a team fight hero. She is only excellent at killing individual enemies. You also have to aim for her skills properly to dominate early. So always be confident in hitting arrows. Do not also forget to set traps all over the place to gain vision and damage enemies. 

What makes Selena Great In Early Game:

  • Has shape-shifting skills
  • Can set excellent traps
  • Great area of effect damage
  • Has stun abilities


5. X.borg

Offlane Monster X Borg with War Axe 100% BURN - Build Top 1 Global X Borg ~ MLBB

X.Borg is known as the great lane harasser. If you are against him in 1v1, you are most likely to get beaten up. What's excellent about X.borg is he is great both in early and late games. With his fiery skills, he can easily burn down squishy heroes. 

You do not need to worry if you want to be aggressive with X.Borg because he has a decent amount of sustain damage. His movement speed is also great in ganking, which is perfect for outplaying your enemy. 

What makes X.Borg Great In Early Game:

  • High durability
  • High burst damage
  • Great HP regeneration skills
  • Massive damage skills


4. Mathilda

Tips and tricks on how to fly high with Mathilda

Mathilda is a versatile mage. This is the reason why she has a great early game damage for a mage. She can be played as an assassin or support. Either way will still make her an annoying hero against opponents.

Mathilda gained popularity because she is often being used in professional competitions. Her combo was shown to the world, which exposed her early game potential. To use Mathilda, you must have a great sense of timing. It might take a while for you to master her. 

Remember that Mathilda's damage lies greatly in her first skill. ou can also utilize her ultimate to increase the stacks of her first skill. That way, she can deal maximum damage and can push back enemies.

What makes Mathilda Great In Early Game:

  • Gives buffs to teammates
  • Great mobility
  • Easy-to-control skills
  • Has invincibile skill


3. Fanny


Every time you fight against an enemy Fanny, your team will immediately find ways to counter her. That is because if you cannot stop Fanny in the earlier part of the game, your team will be doomed!

As much as possible, you must not let Fanny get her blue buff if you want to weaken her. But if you're an ally, then you should make sure to protect her blue buff.

If Fanny gets her blue buff, she can instantly activate her second skill. With the combination of her Tornado Strike skill, she can easily target marksman and mage heroes on the map. 

What makes Fanny Great In Early Game:

  • One of the most slippery heroes in the game
  • High damage output
  • Can move anywhere on the map
  • Can farm fast


2. Natalia


Natalia is a very deadly assassin because of her invisibility. This skill gives the hero a great opportunity to harass squishy enemies in the early game, especially those who are farming. 

She can also easily steal jungle monsters on the enemy side since no one can see her coming. Natalia has great ganking potential. If you are fighting against her, do not ever leave the base with half HP!

What makes Natalia Great In Early Game:

  • Counters marksman and mage heroes
  • Difficult to catch
  • Great ganking abilities
  • High mobility


1. Thamuz


Thamuz is the strongest early game hero. He is very terrible to fight against at the start, and this has been proven in the professional league! 

Thanks to his damage and sustenance, anyone just can't control him at the start. That is why it is better to hold out until the latter part of the game if you are fighting against Thamuz.

Thamuz can also be the mass damage dealer in a clash since his ultimate makes him very durable and mobile. More than that, he is also flexible since you can use him as the initiator or the fighter.

What makes Thamuz Great In Early Game:

  • Great area of effect damage
  • Excellent crowd control skills
  • Fast blink skills
  • Can regenerate HP


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