[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Gold Lane Heroes That Are Amazing! (Latest Patch)

best gold lane heroes, gold laners in mobile legends
Dominate the gold lane with them!

Ready to dominate the gold lane with these heroes?

In the gold lane, you will receive additional gold for every creep you kill. Marksman heroes mostly go on this lane since they are often weak at the start of the game. If a marksman can outplay the opponent in the gold lane, they can instantly level up and upgrade. 

Though it is true that everyone gets the same footing at the start of the game, some heroes just have an innate advantage in the gold lane. With that, let us enumerate the best heroes you can use to pull off being a gold laner!


10. Benedetta

Feel her vengeance!

Benedetta is a very versatile hero, so it is no wonder why she can still dominate the gold lane. This assassin deals a great amount of damage that she can instantly kill whoever her enemy is on the gold lane.

When Benedetta finally gets a massive amount of gold, expect an extreme killstreak on the map. Because of her skills, she can pass off as the sidelane core and help the main core hero in dealing damage to the enemy team.

Why Benedetta Is Great for Gold Lane:

  • Great burst damage
  • Fast offensive gameplay
  • Has immunity
  • Great escape skills

See Benedetta In action:

Goldlane Benedetta MVP Build - Top Global Benedetta Lemme solo - Mobile Legends Gameplay And Build


9. Layla

Weak? Just watch her in the latter part of the game.

Layla seems to be everyone's favorite, especially for beginners. Layla is fun to play with, so if you are still training to become a gold laner, you can try her. 

Layla comes off as this weak and delicate hero at the start. But once she gains a gold advantage, she becomes an unstoppable canon. Layla is also great at pushing, so you can also rely on her regarding that matter. 

With her, you just have to be reminded not to get close to your enemies at the start of the game.

Why Layla Is Great for Gold Lane:

  • Long-ranged basic attack
  • Great for late game
  • The farther her range is, the greater the damage she deals

See Layla In action: 



8. Hanabi

This ninja warrior is on her way to dominating the battle.

Hanabi has very easy skills compared to other marksman heroes. She can just aim her attacks on one enemy and still deal a great amount of damage to enemies nearby. 

With Hanabi, you just have to remember that without Berserker's Fury, she will have a hard time in the clash. Always make sure that she is already equipped with items. She is squishy and is often the target, so always be careful in your positioning.

Why Hanabi Is Great for Gold Lane:

  • Burst area of effect damage
  • Great crowd control skills
  • Has immunity to control skills
  • Can disrupt the enemy formation

See Hanabi In action:



7. Lesley

Her sniper's ready!

Lesley can greatly harass and poke enemies even at a distance. Just by using her passive, she gains increased range and damage. Lesley can offer a massive amount of damage very quickly, making her a great assassin/marksman hybrid.

During the early part of the game, always use her range advantage to poke enemies. Try to cripple them down so that you can get the upper hand on the gold lane. During team fights, stay at the back and be strategic in aiming your attack. 

Why Lesley Is Great for Gold Lane:

  • Has a very long range
  • Decent mobility
  • Insane burst damage

See Lesley In action:

Lesley New Gold Lane Build (PLEASE TRY) - Build Top 1 Global Lesley ~ MLBB


6. Granger

Ready to fight this monster?

Granger is a marksman hero who does not need more than three damage items. Defense and cooldown reduction are highly recommended for him to slay the gold lane. 

Granger is indeed strong from early to late game. However, you need to have great map awareness to bring the best out of him. He can spam his skills with enough cooldown reduction and can consistently harass enemies. Positioning is extremely crucial for him.

Why Granger Is Great for Gold Lane:

  • Long-range attacks
  • Very high burst damage
  • Great area of effect damage
  • Excellent crowd control skills

See Granger In action:



5. Beatrix

You will never know her next move.

Beatrix is a hero with so many weapons. This made her very unpredictable and hard to catch.

With Beatrix's weapon, use Wesker when farming or in dueling. It gives you an advantage in close combat. Use Renner when poking enemies from a distance. The Bennett and Nibiru can be used in various situations. With these weapons, Beatrix can release an insane amount of damage and kill enemies instantly. 

Why Beatrix Is Great for Gold Lane:

  • Manaless marksman 
  • Unique skills
  • Great in close combat and long-range fight

See Beatrix In action: 

(AUTO SAVAGE) Beatrix Gold Lane Best SAVAGE Build - Build Top 1 Global Beatrix ~ MLBB


4. Brody

This lone star is ready to knock you out!

When on the gold lane, try hitting enemies through the minion wave with your first skill. Your main damage will come from your build, so try to complete it first before engaging in a team fight. Try to focus on farming and gaining the gold advantage.

It is also better if you do a quick rotation in the mid-lane because Brody is also good at ganking. 

Why Brody Is Great for Gold Lane:

  • Great in 1v1 fight
  • High mobility
  • Strong in the early game

See Brody In action: 

Gosu General's Brody Gold Lane Tips | Mobile Legends


3. Clint

A marksman to die for.

Clint is a marksman hero who is also strong in the early game. You can optimize Clint's first skill to clear minions and harass enemies. This way, you can immediately have the upper hand in the gold lane. 

Always save clint's second skill for escaping. This is the only dash skill he has. Overall, Clint is quite simple to navigate compared to other marksman heroes and also deals a big amount of damage.

Why Clint Is Great for Gold Lane:

  • Can quickly clear minions
  • High burst damage
  • Can immobilize enemies
  • Long-range attacks

See Clint In action: 

91.7% WIN RATE S23, GOLD LANE CARRY BUILD [ Top Global Clint ] BANG SANNIN - Mobile Legends Build


2. Natan

The teleporter is here!

Natan is a great hero. He is difficult to counter, which is why he is among the top gold laners at the moment. 

The only thing about Natan is he has mobility issues. So always make sure that you position him strategically, away from lurking assassins and fighters.

Why Natan Is Great for Gold Lane:

  • High attack speed
  • Deals hybrid damage
  • Aggressive skills
  • Powerful in the late game

See Natan In action: 

Post Buff Gameplay!! Natan Best Build Gold Lane!! - Build Top 1 Global Natan ~ MLBB


1. Wanwan

She is just unstoppable!

Wanwan tops today's list of gold lane heroes. She is a very agile hero, which makes her a deadly opponent in the gold lane.

When you are up against her, always make sure that you have full HP. Wanwan's Tiger Pace passive is the secret ingredient for her unmatched mobility. This allows her to jump after every skill. 

Wanwan's ultimate is the deadliest part of her. Once this is activated, she has a high chance of getting a savage. 

Why Wanwan Is Great for Gold Lane:

  • Excellent mobility
  • Specializes in reap and burst damage
  • High skill ceiling
  • Has the ability to attack while walking

See Wanwan In action: 

Gold Lane Wanwan Best Build | Top 1 Supreme | MLBB


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