[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Heroes for 1vs1 That Are Amazing! (Latest Patch)

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Win that head to head challenge by using these heroes.

Ready to fight head-to-head with an enemy? See what heroes you can use to achieve that!

In playing Mobile Legends, your team is composed of five heroes. Most of the time, teams will fight altogether. However, if you are a solo laner or someone just challenged you for a duel, you have to prepare for solo battles.

If your hero is not fit for a one-on-one fight, you will definitely get beaten to death! Find out what heroes are perfect for this situation so that next time, you can expect an immediate win.


10. Saber

One-shot King.

Saber specializes in target locking and bursting down enemy heroes. He is great whenever your enemy only has one damage dealer. You can just easily run to them and get an instant kill.

Thanks to his first and ultimate skills, he can quickly hunt down squishy heroes. The only thing about Saber is you have to be careful not to get too aggressive. Without his ultimate, he can be easily penetrated by enemies. So always think ahead whenever you plan on ganking the enemy.

Why Saber Is Great for 1vs1:

  • Great early game advantage
  • Fewer counters
  • Can target lock an enemy with his ultimate

See Saber In action: 

| 1v1 | saber v.s gusion | MLBB | replay


9. Chou

Don't ever go near him. He can instantly kick you!

Up until today, Chou is still one of the best fighters in Mobile Legends. This is because of his perfect and reliable skills. Even if you leave Chou alone, you don't have to worry about anything since he can always protect himself.

Chou has both great defense and damage. He can also use various builds like fighter build and tank build. This proves that Chou is an all-around hero.

Why Chou Is Great for 1vs1:

  • Great defense
  • Excellent crowd control skills
  • Immune to enemies' crowd control skills
  • High mobility

See Chou In action: 



8. Gusion

If you don't have fast hands, don't attempt to use him.

Gusion is already a household name in Mobile Legends. Even pro players use Gusion to dominate the opposing team easily.

Gusion is a hero that is best at performing skill combos that can kill even an enemy with full HP. If you want an assassin that will make enemies afraid to go out of their base, Gusion is the one you are looking for. He is best in chasing down squishy damage dealers.

Why Gusion Is Great for 1vs1:

  • High mobility
  • High burst damage
  • Low skill cooldown

See Gusion In action: 



7. Benedetta

Moves like a fox!

Benedetta is known for being a very quick hero in Mobile Legends. Enemies will have a hard time catching her because of her swift skills.

To master Benedetta, you just have to focus on her passive. Learn how to utilize it well, then you are good to go.If you don't want to lose on a 1 vs 1 battle, then you should definitely try Benedetta.

Why Benedetta Is Great for 1vs1:

  • High mobility
  • Excellent area of effect damage
  • A lot of blink abilities

See Benedetta In action: 



6. Lancelot

The ultimate favorite.

Lancelot is also an assassin who is very fluid. He can easily chase and take down enemies in an instant.

He is also great at dodging incoming enemy skills and attacks because of his abilities. His abilities made him able to dash in and out of combat. This lets him escape death from the enemy back up after assassinating the target.

Why Lancelot Is Great for 1vs1:

  • Can easily dodge attacks
  • High mobility
  • Excellent burst damage
  • Quick cooldown skill

See Lancelot In action: 

I'M BACK! | Lancee Lott V.s Top Supreme Pro Gusion | Who Will Win?


5. Paquito

To survive, you have to be as strong as him.

Paquito is a hero who specializes in chasing the enemy down. He also deals a heavy amount of damage, which is why marksman and mage heroes deeply avoid him on the battlefield.

He is quite difficult to use because of the complexity of his skills. But the moment you master him well, he will ensure victory for you!

Because of Paquito's abilities, most players even considered him an overpowered hero despite getting numerous nerfs.

Why Paquito Is Great for 1vs1:

  • Can enhance his own skill
  • Outstanding mobility
  • Has innate shield 

See Paquito In action: 



4. Harley

Nothing can come close to his card game.

Harley is excellent at single-handedly taking down enemies. By throwing cards against enemies, he can easily cut their HP in half. Or sometimes, he can even kill an enemy in one skill!

He also has great mobility that enables him to appear in and out of a battle. This makes him very difficult to hunt down. His ultimate skill is another reason why Harley is a powerful hero. Once he has already cast it on you, you can no longer eliminate it.

Why Harley Is Great for 1vs1:

  • Low skills cooldown
  • Great area of effect magic damage
  • Excellent blink skills
  • Deadly ultimate skill

See Harley In action: 

L3BRON Vs KIELVJ - 1v1 TOURNAMENT - Kagura vs Harley - Mobile Legends


3. Silvanna

The leader of the Lightborn squad is here.

Silvanna is a hero who is great at trapping enemies. She deals a massive amount of damage and is very tanky too.

She is not that difficult to use. You just have to be precise in casting your ultimate so that you can easily corner the enemy. 

Why Silvanna Is Great for 1vs1:

  • Decent crowd control skills
  • Great burst damage
  • High attack speed
  • Basic attack inflicts magic damage

See Silvanna In action: 

1v1 silvana vs chou


2. Karina

The best assassin for beginners.

Karina is one of the easiest assassins, but a very dominant one. She can deal a lot of burst damage, thanks to her skill combos. She can instantly chase and catch an enemy because of her speed and damage. 

If your goal is to target and take down an enemy with ease, Karina should be one of your options.

Why Karina Is Great for 1vs1:

  • Great burst damage
  • High movement speed
  • Low skills cooldown
  • Gains immunity

See Karina In action: 



1. Sun

The great multiplier!

If you want to get the upper hand in a 1 vs 1 battle, Sun is the ultimate answer. Other than the fact that he deals heavy damage, he can also summon clones that will fight alongside him! Imagine how great a disadvantage that is for your enemy?

Sun's passive now makes him capable of dealing damage even to tanky heroes. If you like to be in charge in a battle, you must try Sun.

Why Sun Is Great for 1vs1:

  • Can multiply himself
  • Great healing
  • High mobility
  • Deals true damage to a target

See Sun In action: 

Sun vs Yin 1vs1 + Savage of the Day 


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