[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Heroes for Kills That Are Feared! (Latest Patch)

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Get that kill streak!

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In Mobile Legends, heroes fight against one another. Some focus on supporting the team, while some aim to get the most kills. If you prefer the latter, then you should know what heroes will help you with that goal.

Mobile Legends offer a lot of heroes with different specialties. Choosing the right one will give you the chance to achieve your objectives. With that, let's find out the best heroes that are perfect for extreme killings in the field!


10. Hilda

Prepare to hide!

Hilda has been doing well after the adjustments she received in the latest patch. Although she's no longer that powerful in the late game like before, her early game advantage spiked.

Despite the nerf in the late game, her damage scaling is still pretty good. Not only that, but Hilda is also a good pick against most meta heroes right now, like Karina and Natalia.

Why Hilda Is Great for Kills: 

  • Great chase and escape abilities
  • The higher the max HP of an enemy, the greater her damage
  • Does well in solo

See Hilda In action: 

18 Kills!! Hilda Post Buff Gameplay - Build Top 1 Global Hilda ~ MLBB


9. Clint

Wherever you are, he can always aim at you.

Clint is already known for being a hardcore marksman hero. With Clint, you can experiment on different items to maximize his skills. 

Thunder Belt is good equipment for him since it gives a decent amount of HP, defense, and cooldown reduction.

Overall, Clint is an excellent marksman hero with great survivability.

Why Clint Is Great for Kills: 

  • Great mobility
  • Excellent crowd control skills
  • High burst damage

See Clint In action: 



8. Beatrix

Yup, she's still in the meta.

Beatrix is a very dangerous hero in the current meta. Her various weapons give her an edge in the game, causing her to be unpredictable.

Even if in close combat or long-distance fights, Beatrix can excel in both aspects. This makes her an ultimate killer and great damage hero.

Why Beatrix Is Great for Kills: 

  • Can burst down tank and fighter heroes from afar
  • High outplay potential
  • Has different sets of weapons
  • Has an all-around skills

See Beatrix In action: 



7. Wanwan

Once she's up, you can never bring her down.

Wanwan still remains superior even in Season 24. Her ultimate skill that enables her to get a savage is what makes her dangerous on the battlefield.

At first, players had a hard time mastering her abilities. But ever since her ultimate was reworked and became much easier to control, her popularity peaked!

Why Wanwan Is Great for Kills: 

  • High attack speed
  • Ultimate skill makes her invulnerable to all attacks
  • Very agile hero

See Wanwan In action: 

100% Unstoppable, Killing Machine Wanwan [ Top Global Wanwan ] Ghost's Student - Mobile Legends


6. Karina

She's everywhere, so don't ever let your guard down.

This list will not be complete without the most famous assassin. Karina is very much feared on the battlefield that when she's an enemy, squishy heroes will have a hard time gaining a gold advantage.

Just make sure that you get to farm first before initiating some battle. Today, a lot of heroes can already counter Karina in the early game. However, she still remains superior and unstoppable in the late game.

Why Karina Is Great for Kills: 

  • Low skills cooldown
  • Can easily chase and hunt enemies
  • Gains immunity
  • Regenerates health

See Karina In action: 

Gosu Zero Karina HyperCarry Auto Win Karina Killing Spree | MLBB


5. Cecilion

In just one skill, he can instantly cut your HP into half!

Cecilion continues to climb on top of the best killer mage heroes because of his ultimate. This makes him one of the most efficient mage heroes in terms of applying debuffs, especially against thick heroes.

Cecilion also has a decent early game advantage. But what's indeed true is that he is very deadly in the late game. Once he gets full equipment build, he can kill enemies with one skill.

Why Cecilion Is Great for Kills: 

  • Can regenerate health
  • Excellent crowd control skills
  • Can deal burst damage from a distance

See Cecilion In action: 

16 Kills! One Shot Combo [Top 1 Global Cecilion] By xεvεησυs - Mobile Legends


4. Xavier

Meet the defier of light.

Xavier is a hero to die for, not only because of his damage output but also because of his range and control abilities.

The only thing about Xavier is he is squishy. So always try your best to remain hidden on the map and only come out for last hits or join in team fights. To maximize his potential, great map awareness is the solution.

Why Xavier Is Great for Kills: 

  • Good in poking
  • High burst damage
  • Perfect for harassing enemies
  • Decent crowd control skills

See Xavier In action: 

29 Kills!! New Hero Xavier Best Build & Emblem - Build Top 1 Global Xavier ~ MLBB


3. Valentina

The replica is here!

Valentina is still one of the most dangerous heroes in the current meta. Her ability to nullify or counter other heroes has been and will always be her charm.

She can also quickly adjust in any lineup and works great both in the exp and mid lane. In playing Valentina, just make sure to poke enemies first and attack them in order to gain an advantage and scale faster than others, thanks to her passive.

Why Valentina Is Great for Kills: 

  • Can replicate the ultimate of her enemy
  • Main burst damage
  • Low skills cooldown

See Valentina In action: 

META ANALYSIS For EXP Lane Valentina - Gameplay Tips And Trick / Mobile Legends Tutorial 2022


2. Natalia

Who knows? She might just be beside you.

Natalia is very versatile. She can be a jungler or an aggressive roamer. She is also a very independent hero. A tank does not necessarily have to be next to her at all times since Natalia has a great early game advantage against most heroes. 

Her ability to be invisible is a problem all throughout the game. This makes the enemy team anxious since Natalia has always been known to have very aggressive skills.

Why Natalia Is Great for Kills: 

  • Very hard to catch and kill
  • High mobility
  • Can attack from behind
  • Excellent escape abilities

See Natalia In action: 


You're Never Safe !! NonStop Ambush Natalia - Top Global Natalia Gσ тσ ѕℓєєρ - Mobile Legends


1. Ling

Catching him is one in a million chance.

Ling is still going to be included in today's list of best heroes for insane kills. He is a great ally, especially in singling out backlaners, because of his agile skills and great damage.

In using Ling, you both have an offense and defense advantage. Ling is also the only hero in Mobile Legends who can step and walk on walls.

Why Ling Is Great for Kills: 

  • Can easily gank and escape because of his mobility and unique skill
  • Has the ability to be invincible 
  • Insane critical damage

See Ling In action: 

PERFECT SAVAGE FAST HAND LING [ Top Global Ling ] BTR Kenn. - Mobile Legends Gameplay And Build.


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