[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Heroes for Pushing That Are Amazing! (Latest Patch)

best mobile legends heroes for pushing, ml heroes for pushing turrets
Taking down towers in just seconds is possible if you have the right hero.

Ready to master the art of pushing lanes?

Just like in any MOBA game, the concept of pushing is a very essential aspect to consider. Often overlooked, pushing is a play that helps your team secure objectives, which is the key to winning the game. Theoretically, you can still win the game even if you contribute 0 kills to your entire team. Listed below are the top-ranked heroes in MLBB that specializes in pushing turrets. 


10. Bane

Even the strongest of currents fail to claim me!

Bane is the King of the Frozen Seas who infuses his blade with tidal energy, drinks ale and spits venom, and summons a school of sharks. 

Proprietor of the infamous “Bane push strat” that is being used by streamers and even MPL teams, Bane is a force to be reckoned with. With his recent adjustment in the current patch, this pseudo-fighter/mage hero deals high physical and magic damage that penetrates through the turret’s defenses. 

To top it off, he is also the only hero whose ultimate could be used to damage turrets. A very formidable asset for a pushing role! When leaning on to a pushing strategy, the spell Arrival could be used for more mobility in hunting turrets all around the map. 

What makes Bane a great hero for pushing: 

  • High damage output all throughout the game
  • Excellent movement speed provided by his 2nd skill 

See Bane in action: 

KEEP AN EYE ON THE MAP!! BANE SPLIT PUSH COMEBACK - Build Pro Player Bane - Mobile Legends [MLBB]


9. Zilong

It would take an army to stop me!

Inuyasha’s favorite, the dragon boy, Zilong. He is one of MLBB’s pioneering heroes that can be acquired freely when you start playing the game. A very powerful assassin/fighter-type hero that is capable of dealing an immense burst of physical damage in a matter of seconds. 

This ‘one-hit’ capability makes him very dangerous to squishy heroes and turrets. To complement his high physical damage output, his ultimate gives him insane movement speed to go in and out of objectives and clashes. This makes him a very good choice for split-pushing line-ups or strategies.

Remember to always check for Zilong’s icon on the mini-map as he could already be tearing down turrets behind your back. And also, do not face him alone, just don’t, he already said that it takes an army to stop him.

What makes Zilong a great hero for pushing:

  • High damage output
  • Excellent mobility
  • Has extra attack speed from his passive

See Zilong in action:



8. Natan

It is in despair that I see the fondest hopes.

One of the rising marksmen of the game, Natan is a time-traveler by lore and a marksman that can deal both physical and magic damage. His rise to stardom started when he was utilized in the jungle role. Being capable of dealing hybrid damage in high attack speed, thanks to his passive, Natan can melt down turrets with ease. And if that is not enough, his ultimate creates a reverse clone that inherits up to 40% of his attack attributes. 

He may not have high burst damage capabilities, but he makes up for it as he is good at continuously dealing damage that outlasts enemies in team fights and quickly melts down turrets and objectives.

What makes Natan a great hero for pushing:

  • High attack speed
  • Tremendous damage
  • Hybrid damage output

See Natan in action:



7. Moskov

I am vengeance incarnate!

One of the most overpowered heroes in the current meta, Moskov is a legitimate threat to both heroes and turrets. He is given the moniker “late-game monster” as when played properly and with good item sense, he becomes totally unstoppable. He has an insanely high attack speed statistic and can clear lanes easily with his piercing passive ability and increased damage penetration. When equipped with the right items, Moskov reduces turrets to atoms in a matter of seconds.

The newly adjusted Inspire battle spell greatly amplifies Moskov’s statistics, hence increasing his turret pushing potential

What makes Moskov a great hero for pushing:

  • Highest attack speed among other marksmen
  • Insane late-game damage
  • Penetrating basic attack

See Moskov in action:



6. Claude

Let me introduce you to my partner… Dexter!

Claude could be considered one of the OG heroes in MLBB. He is known in the Land of Dawn for being a marksman with a very high attack and movement speed and AOE damage, which makes him a solid side laner. Despite the huge nerfs on his overpowered movement and attack speed, Claude is still a formidable pushing hero when he could acquire his core items: Demon Hunter Sword and Golden Staff. He can clear lanes quickly using his ultimate, which sets up his minions for a turret push attempt. Just be patient with this bad boy and he will definitely reward you approaching mid to late game. 

What makes Claude a great hero for pushing:

  • High attack speed
  • High movement speed
  • High in and out potential with 2nd skill

See Claude in action:



5. Argus

Overbearing clerics, be ready for my fury!

One of the most fearsome heroes in MLBB given its devil-like appearance, Argus is a pretty complete fighter in terms of damage, crowd control, mobility, and survivability. Its pushing capabilities rely heavily on his damage and extended survivability given by his ultimate. He has been given a revamp in the current patch which increased the mobility of his first skill, giving him the qualities needed for an efficient and effective pushing hero. 

You just need to use his ultimate wisely when turret diving or pushing and just watch turrets crumble to pieces one by one.

What makes Argus a great hero for pushing:

  • High mobility 
  • Extended survivability 
  • High physical damage and penetration

See Argus in action:


4. Popol and Kupa

Popol and Kupa are the best partners in the world!

Dogs are man’s best friend indeed, and in this case, wolves! This Popol and Kupa tandem must not be overlooked as the combo poses huge threats to the turret’s health points. A unique marksman that can pretty much handle himself alone in the game. With decent crowd control, vision, sustainability, and damage skills, he is an annoying matchup in the gold lane. Given his capabilities, he can hold his lane while bullying his opposition at the same time. It is an automatic 2v1 in the lane.

Popol could use Kupa to dish out continuous physical damage to turrets especially when in enraged form. Give both these best friends a shot to start dominating lane match-ups and gnaw turrets to pieces.

What makes Popol and Kupa a great hero for pushing:

  • Both deals continuous physical damage to turrets
  • Kupa can deal turret damage
  • Has solid lane survivability
  • Outstanding lane control capabilities

See Popol and Kupa in action:



3. Zhask


Either submit to me, or get devoured by the swarm.

Arguably one of the most versatile and annoying mages in the current meta. The king of swarms, Zhask, spreads chaos to his adversaries. It takes a lot of time and dedication to master this hero but if done so, he is a scary match-up in any lane. His turret pushing capabilities exceeds all other mages as he deals high amounts of damage to turrets using his turret-like spawn and ultimate. Just like Popol and Kupa, Zhask can bully opposing mages using his spawn in which he can relocate to harass them on their comfort zone. An easy automatic 2v1 situation.

Also, when paired with the newly adjusted inspire spell, Zhask devours turret health points in a span of seconds. 

What makes Zhask a great hero for pushing:

  • Highest damage to turrets among all other mages
  • His ultimate causes spawns to deal more damage to turrets
  • Outstanding lane control

See Zhask in action:



2. Masha

My hands are made for fighting!

To cap off the list with a bang, we have a very freakish turret decimating hero, Masha. She is arguable the best split pushing hero in the game given her high movement and attack speed, high turret damage, and insane longevity. With her 3 HP bars, she can focus on attacking turrets regardless of how many hits she sustains like the unbothered queen she is. 

She barely needs to go home and heal up because of her ultimate, allowing her to stay in battle longer. She excels at split pushing as she could just easily go in and out of team fights whenever she may please. 

Those hands are indeed made for fighting so don’t you dare take your eyes off Masha in a match and step up your map awareness or she could melt down turrets without you batting an eye on her.

What makes Masha a great hero for pushing:

  • Insane movement speed
  • High attack speed
  • Top-tier survivability
  • Queen of split pushing 

See Masha in action:



1. Sun

I hope they're stronger than me.

First on the list, we have the monkey king Sun. Sun has been undisputed and has always been top in the conversation when it comes to pushing turrets. He is arguably one of the best fighters as he specializes in 1v1 duels, pushing, and melting turtles and lords. Also, with the new item and other battlefield changes, Sun also now deals more damage to turrets and enemy heroes relatively.

His doppelgangers give him his scary ‘objective melting’ capabilities, which also aid him in confusing and outnumbering his enemies. 

What makes Sun a great hero for pushing: 

  • He could produce a maximum of 2 clones that benefit from item effects
  • His new revamped 1st skill makes it easier to engage and disengage in split pushing.

See Sun in action:



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