Top 15 One Piece Best Moments Worth Watching Again

One Piece Best Moments
Nami Crying

15. Luffy defeats Bellamy with One Punch.

Sometimes, never challenge the future Pirate King.

Of all the opponents Luffy had, Bellamy is the unluckiest one for sure. As the title suggests, it only took one punch to take Bellamy down who has 55 million berry bounty at that time. Again, one punch!

This event was one of the iconic moments that showed how really strong Luffy is. This is a testimony to his true power. Because this is one of the very few moments Luffy won with a single punch, One Piece fans will never forget this awesome moment. 

14. Zoro vs. Mihawk

Another epic battle you will watch again in a heartbeat.

This is the very moment Zoro has been waiting for all his life. This is the moment to become the strongest swordsman in the world, yet it was never his time, unfortunately.

This fight is one of the most important fights in the world of One Piece. It showed us how great the difference was between Zoro and Mihawk which means Zoro has a lot of improvements to make.

However, the climax of this event was the oath that Zoro made to Luffy. This is the moment we saw Zoro’s loyalty to Luffy from here on out.

I bet you will watch this again soon. Plus, they made improvements on this scene because that is just how amazing this fight is!

13. Luffy’s execution

Definitely, one of the most iconic scenes in One Piece. Just ask Bartolomeo the Cannibal.

Before entering the Grand Line, the strawhats had to stop at Loguetown, the town of the beginning and the end. It is called that way because that is the town, where the Pirate King was born and executed.

Luffy wants to see the execution platform. Unfortunately, Buggy and his crew almost executed him if it wasn’t for a lightning that seems to be a sign from the heavens above. 

However, the best moment of that scene was when Luffy proclaimed on that platform where Gold Roger was executed that he will become the Pirate King. Fascinating, right?

Not only that. When his head is about to be cut off by Buggy, he smiles just like how Roger smiled before he died. There’s no way Luffy is not worthy to become the Pirate King!

12. Whitebeard’s last words

Does everyone remember Whitebeard’s last words?

“One Piece does exist!” the old man said.

Whitebeard’s last words sent chills to everyone once again. It took it again to the time when the Pirate King said the same thing. That is the reason why they showed Roger’s face when Whitebeard uttered those lines.

This scene marked the death of the old era and the beginning of the new era.

11. Kuma vs the Strawhats

When everything seems lost for the strawhats…

For sure, this moment was truly unforgettable. This is the first and hopefully the last moment we’ll see that the strawhats were undeniably and utterly defeated.

Do you remember how desperate the look in Luffy’s face was? Do you remember the reactions of the strawhats when Zoro was the first one taken away by Kuma? We all know what happened but the experiences and the feelings everyone felt will be unforgettable. 

Just imagine if they were really not sent flying but rather completely disappeared. How devastating that would be!

This scene made us realize that the strawhats do really need improvements. Each one of them needs to improve their skills to protect one another.

This is also a wakeup call for Luffy that he needs to get stronger so that he will never lose anyone ever again.

10. Usopp Lost

Who can forget the time when Usopp challenged Luffy? Can you believe that?

Luffy and Usopp were fighting over Merry at that time. Merry can no longer travel anymore yet Usopp refused to believe. After all, it was a gift from Kaya’s family. 

However, some things you just have to accept and move on. Usopp doesn’t get that. The two fought. But joking aside, you would’ve thought that Usopp had a chance to win. 

After the fight, Usopp quit and everyone was devastated.

How hard could it be especially for the captain? 

This is truly one of the most epic moments in One Piece.

9. Dr. Hilukluk’s speech and death

No one would argue that Dr. Hilukluk’s death speech and tragedy is one never to forget.

Dr. Hilukluk’s speech about dying surely relates to any of us. A man only dies when the people around him forget him. But, as long as those people remember, man lives within their memories.

Those words that Hilukluk uttered gave hope. Death is never the end.

Truly, his life story is sure to give us innumerable lessons about life and worth watching over and over again.

8. Zoro takes Luffy’s pain

If you think that Zoro’s promise to Luffy is already the highlight of Zoro’s loyalty, you’re dead wrong.

When the shichibukai Bartholomew Kuma attacked the strawhats just when they had finished fighting another shichibukai, Gekko Moriah, it was just all too much for Luffy to handle.

However, Luffy never realized that Bartholomew Kuma came because he was fast asleep. The Strawhats were all taken down soon enough by Kuma.

When Kuma is about to take Luffy’s head, Zoro and even Sanji actually offer their life on behalf of Luffy. Sanji, however, was already too weak that Zoro took him down so easily and he ended up taking Luffy’s place.

This scene was so epic because we know how much the strawhats loyalty to Luffy that they are ready to offer their life for the sake of their captain. Because of this, we highly commended Zoro for doing so.

I mean he took all Luffy’s pain away from the result of the fight. How amazing is that. Zoro is truly befitting for being the second in command.

No doubt.

7. Bon Clay’s sacrifice

One of the few memorable moments in One Piece was when an enemy becomes a friend. However, what if that friend sacrifices himself?

Luffy already befriended Bon Clay way back in Alabasta. In fact, Bon Clay’s sacrifice in Impel down was not the first time. Actually, it was the second time!

But Bon Clay’s sacrifice in Impel Down seemed to be the most heartbreaking of the two. He sacrificed himself so that Luffy and the others could escape. It also means that Bon Clay gave up on his dream to ever leave Impel Down once and for all. Everyone knows that he is the only one who can pull that off.

That moment when the gates were about to close and knowing that he will be left behind is exceptional. 

One Piece is full of complicated but fascinating characters that truly reflects how humans can be so complicated.

6. Strawhats’ goodbye to Vivi

Another moment in One Piece that you should watch again is the farewell the Strawhats gave to Vivi.

Everybody thought that Vivi would be the next Strawhat; however, she chose to stay behind. It was dissatisfying at first.

But, the way the Strawhats made a promise to Vivi is surely one to remember. They made a cross symbol along their arms to symbolize their friendship and to mark that anyone who doesn’t have that would be an impostor.

Seeing each strawhat raised their arms to tell Vivi that they will always be friends is fascinating. No matter where they go, they will remain as friends

Ain’t that real friendship?

5. Robin: I want to live

Another iconic moment in One Piece was when the strawhats stand against the whole World Government for the sake of Robin.

Luffy even went far to shoot the World Government flag declaring war with the World Government just to save Nico Robin. How amazing is that!

Robin saw this and marveled at Luffy’s gutsiness. For once, she felt important. For once, she felt loved and needed. For once, she felt alive

This is worth watching again because we all can relate with her wanting a purpose in life despite everybody being against us.

That is why Robin said, “I want to live”

4. Portgas D. Ace dies

This list won’t go away without mentioning the first death of a prevalent character, Ace.

Ace is the first main character to die in the present time of the series which is truly tragic. Plus, the one who died was Luffy’s brother.

It truly was a devastating moment, especially for Luffy. Ace died in his arms and it made Luffy paralyzed and depressed.

It was another moment for Luffy to realize that he needs to get stronger to protect those whom he loves.

Honestly, every One Piece fan cried the first time they watched this. Probably, they cried the second time too as well.

3. Nami crying for help

Do you remember when Arlong fooled Nami and Nami hated him so much that he stabbed her Arlong Pirate Crew symbol tattoo on her shoulder?

It is so memorable that it even got its own special episode with an updated version. You just can’t simply ignore the strong emotions that the scene gave off.

Also, it is the first and maybe the only time we saw Luffy letting someone else wear his treasured hat. How cool is that?

No wonder many fans ship Luffy and Nami.

2. Rumbar Pirates: Bink’s No Sake

Brook’s past was by far the most tragic of all the strawhats.

One of the saddest moments in One Piece is the death of the Rumbar Pirates which is Brook’s former crew. Their death only proves how cruel the Grand Line can be to pirates. Yet, the way they die is one to remember. 

All of the crewmembers of the Rumbar Pirates were severely beaten and poisoned by the enemies. However, everyone sang Bink’s No Sake before they fall down one by one from the poison.

I don’t know about you but seeing your friends fell one by one is a heartbreaking moment for Brook. We all felt that too.

I’m sure we want to watch it again, especially if the song is catchy! It truly befits a pirate’s song anyway!

1. Farewell Going Merry

Since when a series made you so emotional for an inanimate object? Only Oda can make you cry for that one. 

Saying goodbye to Merry is one of those moments that you will surely look back over and over again. It just is.

When you watch it, tears will surely roll over along your face because it will make you remember the adventures the strawhats went with Merry. Somehow, it will make you feel that you, too, went on adventures with Merry.

Do you also remember when Merry’s spirit spoke? Oh, how it broke our hearts! You just can’t believe that it will speak to the Strawhats thanking them for everything. 

For some reason, you will also hear Merry’s voice echoing your head after you watch it.

You will be missed, Going Merry!



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