[Top 5] Palworld Best Mining Pals

Blazamut standing loud and proud

Why is mining important?

Is it Pal-abuse if I make them work day and night? 

When you wake up in Palworld, or any survival game, the first thing on your To Do List is to start collecting resources for your shelter. Mining is essential, it is the only way to collect rock, ore, sulfur, coal, and quartz- all very important and crucial resources. If you thought Giga and Hyper Spheres were asking for a lot of valued resources, wait until you’re ready to start crafting Ultra and Legendary Spheres! Stay tuned, and I’ll give you the lowdown on what you need to know to better prepare yourself so you can mine efficiently from early to late gameplay. 

How do Mining Pals help?

Digtoise blasting through ore like it's butter

Leveling up your Pals can make all the difference! Similar to Ark, we have creatures we can capture and help us collect resources more efficiently. What’s so neat and special about Palworld, we can slave away our Palsand never have to mine ourselves again! The damage our pickaxe does to a node is nothing compared to what some of these mining Pals are capable of. Comparing the two, our pickaxe is weak and frail.



Rushroar ready to recklessly charge into anything that gets in his way, like that orde node!

Rushoar’s are feisty Ground Pals that have a powerful charge and love headbutting anyone who catches their attention. These are amazing Pals to acquire in early game to assist you with mining. At Level 6 you will be ready to mount your very own Rushoar and mine more efficiently than just using your frail pickaxe. Rushoar has the Partner skill Hard Head, increasing the efficiency of destroying boulders while riding upon the mighty boars back. I wouldn’t recommend using this Pal as a mount because they are not known for their speed, but they are a great addition to your early party!

How To Get Rushoar

Rushoar is fairly easy to come across, but can be a bit of a challenge to catch. My recommendation is to stay cool and collected and try not to kill Rushoar out of anger because you will probably get a good headbutt or two. They are lower level, but they do put up a fight so be prepared to dance around to avoid Rushoars charge attacks. The easiest and quickest way to encounter Rushoar is traveling northwest from the Plateau of Beginnings to the Abandoned Mineshaft, and another habitat further north to the Ancient Ritual Site. The second closest Rushoar habitat will be on the Marsh and Eastern Wild Islands, just northeast of the Plateau of Beginnings. 

Rushoar Stats

  • HP- 80
  • Defense- 70
  • Crafting Speed- 100
  • Melee Attack- 100
  • Shot Attack- 70
  • Price- 1680
  • Stamina- 100
  • Support- 100
  • Running Speed- 450
  • Sprinting Speed- 700
  • Slow Walk Speed- 70


My boyfriend showing me how badass his Digtoise is…now I’m jealous

Digtoise is a badass giant tortoise with a shell hard enough to pierce through any node. This is my personal favorite mining buddy because of his Partner Skill, Drill Crusher; you can toss Digtoise at any node and he’ll tear down anything you throw him to, and he’ll continue to follow you around and mine. You can make a Pal stronger by condensing more puny Pals of the same species in the Pal Condenser. This Digtoise, who is my boyfriend's pride and joy, is a great example! The highest a 1 star Digtoise hits a node with his headband equipped is 20, and the hardest he’s hitting as a 5 star Digtoise is 60, bumping him up to Mining Level 4.

How To Get Digtoise

Digtoise is rough around the edges, and can be intimidating to encounter…expect him to put up a fight. There are two Digtoise habitats, the easier location to obtain a Digtoise would be in the Twilight Dunes where the Aunubis Boss is located. If you’re seeking a higher level Digtoise and ready for a more difficult challenge, you can find the second habitat in the northeastern region of the Dessicated Desert. Bringing along a Grass Elemental Pal will give you an advantage in your battles against Digtoise, along with a supply of Hyper Spheres or higher for the Digtoise you find in the Dessicated Desert.

Digtoise Stats

  • HP- 80
  • Defense- 120
  • Crafting Speed- 100
  • Melee Attack- 80
  • Shot Attack- 95
  • Price- 2980
  • Stamina- 100
  • Support- 100
  • Running Speed- 300
  • Sprinting Speed- 420
  • Slow Walk Speed- 75



Aye boo boo, get to work! 

Reptyro is agiant tortoise that bleeds magma, embracing two elements, Fire and Ground. If you’re in need of a supply of ore, Reptyro is your man because he is a Ore-loving Beast! Seriously, Reptyro’s Partner Skill is Ore-loving Beast, making him a mountable pickaxe. Reptyro starts at Mining Level 3, another worthy candidate to use the Pal Condenser on. You can achieve a Mining Level 4 Reptyro by condensing a total of 129 unworthy Reptyros. rs. 

How To Get Reptyro

Reptyro has one habitat, you’ll find them on the east side of the volcanic island. They love to roam on the volcanic mountainside, the Mount Obsidian Fast Travel will be the quickest way to encounter a Reptyro. Because of they’re glowing magma, they should be fairly easy to spot. To be best prepared, come with your heat resistant armor and your Hyper Spheres or  greater will give you the best chance at catching your Reptyro.

Reptyro Stats

  • HP- 110
  • Defense- 120
  • Crafting Speed- 100
  • Melee Attack- 100
  • Shot Attack- 105
  • Price- 6940
  • Stamina- 100
  • Support- 100
  • Running Speed- 390
  • Sprinting Speed- 550
  • Slow Walk Speed- 50


Astegon shows those orde nodes who’s boss! 

Astegon, a Dark and Dragon Elemental Epic beast, is a must have to add to your collection of slaves at base. What’s so cool about Astegon is he is the second Pal that starts with Mining Level 4, and he has This Epic Pal is like a flying pickaxe, possessing the Partner Skill Black Anklyosaur, increases damage dealt to ore while riding upon Astegon’s back.

How To Get Astegon

Astegon can occasionally be seen wandering the remote island where No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary is located, northeast of the Deep Sand Dunes Fast Travel. Astegon also inhabits a dungeon on Mount Obsidian, you can find the Astegon Alpha Boss in the Destroyed Mineshaft dungeon, coordinates -576, and -421, near the Mount Obsidian Fast Travel. Astegon is a tough Pal to defeat, sitting at Level 48. To be best prepared, you’ll need to come with Ice and Dragon Elemental Pals to assist in the battle. Hyper and Legendary Spheres will give you the best chances of catching the Astegon Boss.

Astegon Stats

  • HP- 100
  • Defense- 125
  • Crafting Speed- 100
  • Melee Attack- 100
  • Shot Attack- 125
  • Price- 8200
  • Stamina- 300
  • Support- 100
  • Running Speed- 600
  • Sprinting Speed- 800
  • Slow Walk Speed- 100


Nighttime sneak attacks! 

Blazamut is considered an Epic monster known in the world of Palworld, who embraces the element of Fire. This is a must have Pal because they are one of two Pals with Mining Level 4, he also comes equipped with Kindling Level 3, so he would be a good contender for Mining and Kindling. Blazamut provides a lot, he mines and kindles efficiently so you’ll not only want one, you’ll need one!  Anubis and Blazamut make a great team at base, two beasts working together is really something special. 

How To Get Blazamut

This epic beast is known to be found in the Scorching Mineshaft on Mount Obsidian, coordinates -436, -529. It is a tight space, making it more difficult to avoid Blazamut’s attacks, so having a party full of Water Elemental Pals would be most beneficial to hopefully make it a quick battle. Blazamut is a Level 49 Alpha boss, so to efficiently catch him you will need to have a large collection of Ultra and Legendary Spheres. To avoid the battle in the small mineshaft, you could potentially come across  one on the isolated island with No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary, located northeast on the world map. 

Blazamut Stats

  • HP- 100
  • Defense- 120
  • Crafting Speed- 100
  • Melee Attack- 150
  • Shot Attack- 125
  • Price- 10520
  • Stamina- 100
  • Support- 50
  • Running Speed- 700
  • Sprinting Speed- 900
  • Slow Walk Speed- 150

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