[Top 5] Palworld Best Pals For Base

I wumbo, you wumbo, He she me wumbo"

Why are Pals important for base activities?

Of course we all know the best part about Palworld are the Pals, but how big of a role can these Pals have at base? One of the key features to Palworld is having the ability to put your Pals to work; they will gather resources, protect the base, and with the right Pals, keep your base running smoothly.  Pals were made to work for us, so we might as well utilize the best Pals for the variety of jobs that are at base. This can ease your mind knowing you’ll come back home to fresh resources waiting for you!

How can they help?

Pals have specific jobs they can be assigned to, some Pals can do the job more efficiently than others. Having a base full of the best Pals for the laborious jobs can not only save you time and unnecessary sweat, but can ensure you have all the resources you need. As you get farther along in the game and levels, the items in our Technology Tree get steep in needed resources. I’m going to break down the best Pals for the jobs at base



Big boy Jormuntide spewing away

Jormuntide is known to be the Emperor of the Sea, he possesses both Dragon and Water Elements. He is quite mighty and hasa limitless supply of water. This Pal will be your best friend when it comes to all jobs requiring water. 
Jormuntide has one job and one job only, and he is the best Pal for the job! What’s nice about him only having one job, it keeps him from getting distracted from other duties. He is a Water Elemental Pal, so he will focus on everything that needs water. There is an issue that needs to be discussed about some Pals having numerous jobs, it can make them whack and they don’t stay on track. I have a personal issue with Relaxaurus because he failed to provide me Paldium Fragments.

Why is Jormuntide Good for Base

  • Jormuntide is sits at Level 4 Watering, he is a watering beast. This is the number one watering Pal for your base. This Pal will be best equipped for watering crops. 
  • We rely on watering for r breaking down rocks in The Crusher to produce Paldium Fragments at base. With Jormuntide, you can count on an endless supply of Paldium Fragments. 
  • The Mill also requires water. The mill is important because this is how we make flour. No flour, no cakes. No cakes, no eggs! 

How to Get Jormuntide

Jormuntide’s main habitat can be found east of the Mossandra Forest Fast Travel. They are water Pals, so they will be found in and near the lakes. This is the only Pal in Palworld with two Alpha Boss locations. The exact locations for the alpha’s are -175,-265 and the second one can be found at 350,-85. Both Alpha’s sit at Level 45, so I would recommend bringing your best Electric Pals to help you take down Jormuntide’s health. 

Jormuntide Stats

  • HP- 130
  • Defense- 100
  • Crafting Speed- 100
  • Melee Attack- 150
  • Shot Attack- 120
  • Price- 9320
  • Stamina- 100
  • Support- 100
  • Running Speed- 525
  • Sprinting Speed- 700
  • Slow Walk Speed- 100


Jormuntide Ignis

If this isn’t a face of love and affection, I don’t know what is!

Jormuntide Ignis, The Volcanic Emperor, has both Fire and Dragon elements. He is the fire version of our big boy Jormuntide, with the ultimate breath of fire. Some Pals get distracted and don’t finish a task before proceeding, especially when it comes to kindling, and watering as I have already complained about. Jormuntide Ignis is a professional chef that loves to cook, and loves to kindle, so you will have endless cakes and ingots available if you add one of these fiery beasts to your base! He isn’t only a hard worker, he works fast and efficiently. 
Why Jormuntide is Good for Base

  • Starts at Level 4 Kindling, making him the best Kindling Pal in Palworld. He can provide Pal Metal Ingots lickity split!
  • With Level 4 Kindling, he cooks too! Cakes take an excessive amount of time to make and will need a Pal that can do the job fast. 
  • Jormuntide Ignis is efficient with his job, but he is a strong Pal as well. Having Pals that can protect your base from invasions can keep your mind at peace while you’re away. 

How to get Jormuntide Ignis

If you’re ready to grind, Jormuntide Ignis can be found north of Mount Obsidian on the remote island, this where the No. 2 Sanctuary is located. You may be traveling back and forth for some time before a Jormuntide Ignise spawns, so don’t give up! Pals here are level 40 and up, so you will be best prepared with Hyper Spheres. At all costs, avoid being caught while on the preserve because there will be an endless fight!  

Jormuntide Ignis Stats

  • HP- 130
  • Defense- 100
  • Crafting Speed- 100
  • Melee Attack- 150
  • Shot Attack- 130
  • Price- 9500
  • Stamina- 100
  • Support- 100
  • Running Speed- 525
  • Sprinting Speed- 700
  • Slow Walk Speed- 100



Lyleen radiates a glowing energy with her nurturing energy

Screenshot from LaserBolt on Youtubue

Lyleen is a nurturing Pal who takes on the care of other Pals who are orphaned. My heart goes to Lyleen for her selflessness. Lyleen is a Leaf elemental Pal with multiple jobs that can all tie together, making her the ultimate Pal for gardening. 
She will take good care of you if you decide to add her to your base! Her jobs consist of gathering, producing medicine, handiwork, and planting. If you’re looking for a glorious garden on your base, Lyleen is your girl to help you make those dreams come alive! 

Why Lyleen is Good for Base

  • Lyleen has four valuable jobs that all tie together, this can be handy as she doesn’t get very distracted and gets her jobs done efficiently. 
  • This is your best Pal for Medicine Production at Level 3, we all know that can be just as time consuming as making cakes. 
  • Planting and Gathering go together well, like peanut butter and jelly. Lyleen will be your number one Pal taking care of Planting (Level 4) and Gathering (Level 2) on your base. 
  • Lyleen has Handwork of Level 3 that can be, well, very handy. 

How to get Lyleen 

Lyleen is protected on the remote island on the northeastern edge of the world map, at the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary. Pals on this island will be Level 40 and above with strong attacks. Having a party with Fire Elemental Pals will best assist you in your battle. Lyleen is a docile Pal, so she will not attack until you attack first. 

Lyleen Stats

  • HP- 110
  • Defense- 105
  • Crafting Speed- 100
  • Melee Attack- 100
  • Shot Attack- 110
  • Price- 7160
  • Stamina- 100
  • Support- 100
  • Running Speed- 450
  • Sprinting Speed- 550
  • Slow Walk Speed 60


Anubis is in the house!

Anubis was once seen as a symbol of nobility, but is now seen as a token of death. Anubis is an Earth Elemental Pal, having a resemblance to Lucario with an egyptian attire. He is known to be an aggressive Pal, so if you get too close, be ready for a fight!
Anubis is known to be an absolute beast at base for his handy skills. This is a Pal that has three jobs he can rotate, but most known for his Level 4 Handiwork. Hyper and Legendary Spheres ask for a lot of time to be made, so having an Anubis around can be very helpful for keeping up on your supply of Spheres.

Why is Anubis Good for Base?

  • Most known for his Level 4 Handiwork, you will never run out of Spheres again with Anubis on your base!
  • Mining is another important task at base, Anubis starts with Level 3 Mining.
  • If you don’t have any Pals transporting, you won’t have any of your resources available in your chests for use. Anubis has Transportation Level 2, which can tie together with his other jobs.

How to Get Anubis

There is an Anubis boss that can appear intimidating, but if you have the right party and Spheres you should be able to capture Anubis. Ground Pals are weak against Grass Element Pals, so having a party full of your strongest Grass Pals will give you the best fighting chances against the Alpha Boss Anubis, sitting at Level 47. The Alpha Anubis is located in the Twilight Dunes. 

Anubis Stats

  • HP- 120
  • Defense- 100
  • Crafting Speed- 100
  • Melee Attack- 130
  • Shot Attack- 130
  • Price- 4960
  • Stamina- 100
  • Support- 100
  • Running Speed- 800
  • Sprinting Speed- 1000
  • Slow Walk Speed- 80


Orserk flexing his power 

Screenshot from Levas on Youtube

Orserk is known to be a ferocious thunder dragon, with, as you may have guessed, Dragon and Electric Elements. These birds are electrifying and powerful, and can power up the most intricate base you can imagine. He is not a friendly Pal when you first encounter him, but once tamed he is a great addition at base! They are hardworking, efficient, and the number one Pal you want to help give your base the electricity it needs for later game items from your Tech Tree. 

Why is Orserk Good for Base?

  • Orserk is going to be the best Pal for Generating Electricity on your base, they start with Level 4 Generating Electricity. This should be his main job on base. 
  •  Orserk starts with Level 3 Transporting. We discussed the importance of transportation, and it can be beneficial to have multiple that can do the job. Him being a flying Pal is an extra bonus, he won’t get in the way of others while transporting.
  • Orserk’s third job he can assist with is handiwork, starting at Level 2 Handiwork. 

How to Get Orserk

No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary is the only habitat you’ll find Orserk. The best of the best can’t be easy to capture, right? This Sanctuary is located on the small island northeast of the Dessicated Desert. Orserk is vulnerable against Ice Elements, so I recommend having some Ice Pals in your party when you’re ready to capture Orserk.

Orserk Stats

  • HP- 100
  • Defense- 100
  • Crafting Speed- 100
  • Melee Attack- 100
  • Shot Attack- 130
  • Price- 8320
  • Stamina- 100
  • Support- 100
  • Running Speed- 900
  • Sprinting Speed- 1200
  • Slow Walk Speed- 100

Wumpo Botan

Wumpo can apparently make anywhere look comfy. 

Wumpo Botan is like a grassy Tototoro, he can snooze on pretty much anything.
Wumpo and Wumpo Botan are almost the same, except Wumpo Cools, and Wumpo Botan Plants instead. You could have either, or both because you’re going to want them for Lumbering and Transporting anyway. I personally think Wumpo Botan is easier to capture because there is a Level 39 boss available to fight and capture. Knowing his exact location saves time hunting them down. 

Why is Wumpo Good for Base?

  • Wumpo is a lumberjack, and will be your number one Pal for Lumbering at base. All Wumpos start with Lumbering Level 3. 
  • Wumpos are strong and can carry a lot, and even have a Passive Skill to increase your carrying capacity if you add them to your party. They start with Transporting Level 4, and will make sure you're always stocked!
  • They won’t be used much for handiwork, but it never hurts to have another Pal with this skill. Wumbo starts at Handiwork Level 2. 

How to Get Wumpo

The Wumpo Botan Alpha Boss… wow that’s a mouthful, sits at a lower level than most of the Pals on this list, that’s why I think he’s an easier catch compared to most of the Pals on our list. He’s only a Level 38, and can be found on the Eastern Wild Island, on the northern beach(coordinates 449, -52). 
The plain Wumpos thrive in colder climates, their habitat is in the Astral Mountains north of the world map. 

Wumpo Stats

  • HP- 140
  • Defense- 100
  • Crafting Speed- 100
  • Melee Attack- 100
  • Shot Attack- 80
  • Price- 5900
  • Stamina- 100
  • Support- 100
  • Running Speed- 365
  • Sprinting Speed- 550
  • Slow Walk Speed- 70



Loud and proud. 

Astegon is a fierceful and deadly dragon born of the abyss. He is a Dark Dragon Elemental Pal, and his dark looks are not something to be taken lightly. 
This Pal may surprise you with how life changing his Mining skills are. His Partner Skill can be very useful outside and inside base, making him the ultimate flying pickaxe! Astegon loves to mine, this is your number one Pal to mine for your base. I hope you’re ready for a lot of ore because Astegon is ready to deliver! 

Why is Astegon Good for Base

  • Astegon is going to be doing most of the mining at your base, he is the best Mining Pal at Level 4 Mining.
  • Astegon is the most efficient mining Pal in Palworld, he can also be used as a mount and you can quickly mine ore because his Partner Skill increases damage dealt to ore while mounted on his back
  • Astegon does have Handiwork Level 1, but you won’t be using him much for that. Astegon is a strong Pal that you can count on to help protect your base against any invasions or random attacks by wild Pals. 

How to Get Astegon

The quickest way to come across Astegon, defeat, and capture him will be hunting down the Alpha Boss in the Destroyed Mineshaft. The Destroyed Mineshaft is located on Mount Obsidian, this is the volcanic island. The mineshaft can be a bit tricky to discover, the exact coordinates are -580, -415, so you can mark this on your map. 

Astegon Stats

  • HP- 100
  • Defense- 125
  • Crafting Speed- 100
  • Melee Attack- 100
  • Shot Attack- 125
  • Price- 8200
  • Stamina- 300
  • Support- 100
  • Running Speed- 600
  • Sprinting Speed- 800
  • Slow Walk Speed- 100



This is what happens when you turn Pal Spawn rate up to a 2… 

Frostallion is a cold blooded Pal, but is quite docile until provoked. This pegasus like Pal is one of the four Legendaires of Palworld. Frostalliaon is an Ice Elemental Pal, and the absolute best at what they do. This Pal will be your number one Pal at base for cooling, and can be quite beneficial because they won’t be pulled away, except to sleep. They won’t be an easy catch, but rewarding to say the least. 

Why is Frostallion Good for Base

  • Frostallion is the best Pal for cooling, they have Level 4 Cooling.
  • Although Frostallion doesn’t have other skills for base, it is beneficial because they won’t leave their spot by the fridge. It’s frustrating to come back and half your food spoiled because your cooling Pal decided to do something on their own accord. Not okay!
  • Frostallion is a legendary Pal, making them one of the strongest Pals. This is another amazing Pal to keep your base safe. 

How to Get Frostallion

Frostallion is a Level 50 Alpha Boss, this might be the most challenging Pal on the list to capture. You need to prepare for cold conditions because the Legendary Boss struts around a frozen lake east of the Land of Absolute Zero Fast Travel. You can mark the coordinates -357, 508 on your map to save yourself time wandering. Fire Pals will be the strongest and best equipped against Frostallion. 

Frostallion Stats

  • HP- 140
  • Defense- 120
  • Crafting Speed- 100
  • Melee Attack- 100
  • Shot Attack- 140
  • Price- 8440
  • Stamina- 300
  • Support- 70
  • Running Speed- 1000
  • Sprinting Speed- 1500
  • Slow Walk Speed- 120


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