Rainbow 6 Siege Best Loadouts For Each Operator (Updated 2019)

Rainbow 6 Siege Best Loadouts For Each Operator
Rainbow 6 Siege Operators

For our readers that have been keeping up with the recent articles there is no doubt that you have seen Rainbow Six Siege peeking its head into the Esport community. This is for good reason as Rainbow Six Siege offers intense, heart pounding gameplay for our tactical FPS fans out there. Siege is a 5v5 style shooter with 2 teams; defenders and the attackers. Siege comes with a few different game modes to keep you entertained. You can play hostage, secure area, or bomb. Each game mode will have the 2 teams taking turns defending or attacking the objectives (the hostage, area, or bomb sites). If you have not checked out this title yet stop what you are doing, play it and be prepared to fall in love with Rainbow Six Siege. However, before you do let us break down each operator’s loadout and give you what we think are the best options to dominate the competition.


Rainbow 6 Siege Best Attacker Loadouts


Maverick Best Loadout

Maverick – Ranked in the top 2% in intelligence. He enlisted with the U.S. Army after High School and was promoted to high ranking officer in a short amount of time. 

Primary: M4 assault rifle

It is a difficult choice, but the M4 rifle takes the cake. The AR- 15.50 has higher damage but takes a hit in the low rate of fire. The  M4 has less damage but not by much, with AR 15 has 62 compared to M4’s 44 damage output. If you include the M4 rate of fire of 750 RPM you can’t help but pick it. It only gets better with an ACOG scope, flash hider, and vertical grip attachment.

Secondary: 1911 TACOPS

The only choice here is the 1911 handgun. Luckily it isn’t bad, but with a muzzle break, it could get better.

Gadget: Claymore

Personally, if the claymore is available I would get it. Maverick is more efficient when he sneaks up to the walls and makes holes for him to get some kills from. A claymore when be a good idea to place around a corner just in case of an unexpected attack from the enemy.


Nomad Best Loadout 

Nomad – Joined the military at age 19 and specializes in Counterterrorism.

Primary: ARX200 assault rifle

With the damage of 47 and 750 RPM, it is clearly the best choice. Plus, add an ACOG scope to it and sprinkle in a muzzle break and you got yourself a good loadout.

Secondary: .44 Mag Semi-Auto handgun

Same as Kaid it is the only choice of secondary guns. Same gun, same attachment. Add a laser if you really desire it, but I prefer no laser.

Gadget: AirJab launcher

Knock down enemies who get too close and flush out those who are hunkering down.


Gridlock Best Loadout 

Gridlock – After university, Fairous joined the Army branch of the Australian Defense Force, where she honed her mechanical prowess. 

Fairous also has expertise in a range of weapons, intelligence gathering and close protection duties, and has the ability to adapt to unexpected situations and remain calm in dangerous situations

Primary: F90

The rate of fire is what makes this gun better of the two. While this has slightly lower damage, it overall is a better gun with the moderate recoil and nice rate of fire.  I believe currently in this state of the gun, a flash hider is a better option. Also, slap on that vertical grip and you got yourself a decent gun!

Secondary: Super Shorty

You have a choice between a handgun or a shotgun. It’s best to go with the shotgun in most cases as it would give you the to blow open walls and get some sweet kill holes.

Gadget: Breach Charge

You usually can never go wrong with a breach charge. Unless you feel like a smoke grenade will go nicely with your strategy then I say go for it.


Sledge Best Loadout

Sledge – A Physical Powerhouse That Holds The All-Time Speed And Strength Record For The S.A.S. Entry Exam.

Primary Weapon: L85A2 Assault Rifle

The L85A2 is really your only option here. Not to say that you could not run with the M590A1 Shotgun, but the L85A2 gives you the ability to win medium to long range fights with 47 damage, 670 rounds per minute (RPM), and a 30 round magazine. Plus shotguns do not come with a 4x ACOG sight to allow for peaking angles enabling you to pick off defenders while maintaining your distance. Add a vertical grip and compensator to create a tight shot grouping.

Secondary: SMG-11 (Submachine Gun)

This submachine gun is one of the best secondary in the game, I think the SMG-12 is better, but we will get to that. The SMG-11 will give you 33 damage, which is pretty good for an SMG. The best part about this weapon is the 1270 RPM rate of fire that will have you shredding opponents into pieces. The 16 round clip is a slight downfall, but if you land your shots it should not matter for you anyway. For this SMG I like to add a compensator since there is only 16 rounds and the rate of fire is pretty quick, you won’t burst fire this one too much.

Gadet: Frag Grenade

I like frag grenades with Sledge since he can decimate soft walls and barricades in an instant.You can follow that up with a cooked frag grenade for a devastating effect.


Thatcher Best Loadout

Thatcher – Was The Oldest Operator In The S.A.S. Until Being Recruited By Rainbow.

Primary: L85A2 Assault Rifle

Yes, this is the same weapon as used by Sledge, however, it is still the best choice for Thatcher as well. The other assault rifle is the AR33, which only gives you 41 damage compared to the 47 of the L85A2 and only 25 rounds per clip. The AR33 has a slightly higher RPM at 749 (compared to L85A2’s 670), however, the recoil on the L85A2 I feel is a little bit more manageable. I would go with the compensator to be able to lay down accurate rapid fire and a vertical grip to ensure a tight shot group. Don’t worry about the shotgun in this loadout, unless you are feeling really crazy.

Secondary: P226 MK 25

This is a really easy choice, because it is the only one. That said this pistol is a fine choice to be stuck with. It will dish out 50 damage and has a modest 15 rounds per clip, where you will have to make sure you land shots, but you have enough to adjust fire. With the higher damage put a muzzle break on this beast to keep those single shots on target.

Gadget: Claymore

If you are running Thatcher then chances are you also have a breacher that you are supporting (i.e. Hibana or Thermite). With that said I would run claymore to protect your flank or rear as you and your breacher are focused on the reinforced barricade.


Ash Best Loadout

Ash – Although She is an FBI Operator, Ash was born in Israel And Spent Time In Israel’s IDF

Primary: R4-C Assault Rifle

The R4-C is a great assault rifle for medium range engagements, it has a 41 damage and a 30 round clip that comes out at 860 RPM. Manage the recoil with a compensator and vertical grip for nailing those headshots. For Ash use a Holo sight instead of an ACOG. Ash is a breach and clear type of operator. She does not typically hold down long angles that an ACOG is needed for.

Secondary: 5.7 USG Pistol

I prefer this sidearm over the M45 MEUSOC pistol. Yes, the M45 hits harder, at 58 damage, but it only has 7 rounds with a vicious recoil. The 5.7 USG will still give you 42 damage and allows you to shoot 20 rounds before reload. Put a muzzle break on for a tighter shot group just in case you have to pull this guy out.

Gadgets: Stun Grenade

Since Ash already has the ability to breach soft walls and wood barricades there is no reason to really run her with breach charges, but hey it’s your loadout and at the end of the day I am just here for moral support. Roll with stun grenades, they compliment Ash’s quick breach and clear capability nicely and can also be used to support the team’s push.


Thermite Best Loadout

Thermite – Is A Former Marine That Earned A Degree In Chemistry After His Military Service. After His Schooling He Decided To Join The FBI.

Primary Weapon: 556XI Assault Rifle

Thermite only comes with 2 choices for your primary option and one of them is a shotgun. The 556XI is the choice we recommend since it offers 47 damage at a 690 RPM pace and 30 rounds per clip. For attachments run with an ACOG, vertical grip, and a flash hider. Without the vertical grip this weapon has a pretty nasty kick, more than most assault rifles, and you want to be able to hold long angles after your charge detonates. The flash hider will compliment your peaking after you open up that nice shooting lane. It will keep your shots tight while firing in those short bursts.

Secondary: 5.7 USG

Thermite’s secondary loadout is the same 2 pistol choices as Ash, so nothing changes here. Attach a muzzle break for good measure as well.

Gadgets: Claymore

As Thermite you will be approaching barricades in order to use your charge. When you do this it makes you a nice target for defenders to try and flank you while you are vulnerable. Equip a claymore to cover those flank routes and rely on your teammates to supply the stun grenades.


Twitch Best Loadout

Twitch – She Competed In Many Computer Programming Competitions, Which Led Her To Join the Army Cadets At Sixteen.

Primary Weapon: F2 Assault Rifle

Not that this is a popularity contest, but we would get some complaints if we did not recommend this weapon, this is for good reason though. The F2 assault rifle is one of the best assault rifles in the game. It does not have the most damage, but clocks in at a modest 40 damage. You will have 30 round clips like most other assault rifles, but the game changer is the rate of fire. With the F2 you are getting 960 RPM and if you attach a vertical grip you are still getting a low recoil (a win, win). With a higher rate of fire go with a Holo sight (ACOG is too bulky on the top rail), and a flash hider since you should be using this one in short bursts.

Secondary: P9 Pistol

This is really your only choice, the Magnum is just too big of a beast to handle and not worth the slot. The P9 comes with a very low recoil compared to the hand cannon and comes with 16 rounds per clip, plenty of chances to finish off that kill. Adding a Muzzle break will make this your trusty sidearm.

Gadgets: Claymore

Protect those flanks and equip a claymore. They will get you more kills than you think.


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