[Top 35] The Sims 4 Best Mods For Realistic Gameplay

Some sims enjoying an exciting game!
Experience a tonne of new gameplay options!

35. Grannies Cookbook

This mod is essentially a slew of new recipes for your sim to experiment with, ranging from main courses and desserts to toddler food! The mod itself takes the form of a cookbook, as shown above, and all you have to do is click on it to see all of the delectable dishes that you can prepare. 

Not only can you choose from a variety of swatches and colours, but you can also name and describe the book. It is compatible with the base game and can be given as a gift if you have seasons! 

If you enjoy cooking and want to feed your Sims meals that are more realistic to real life, this mod is definitely worth a try.

What’s Great About Grannies Cookbook:

  • lots of new recipes that your sim can cook or bake
  • desserts, mains, drinks, toddler food, and more
  • new cookbook item, which looks great in the kitchen and is stackable
  • lots of different swatches for the cookbook, so it can look however you want
  • rename and describe the book however you would like to
  • base game compatible
  • give the book as a gift to others (if you have the seasons expansion pack)

Grannies Cookbook Details: https://www.patreon.com/posts/grannies-35854516


34. Choose High School Classmates

This mod is for you if you're tired of constantly changing classes and want a more consistent environment for your teens. When the High School Years expansion pack was released, Rex's Place created this mod. 

Any teen sim can now select their classmates by clicking on a mailbox. To make this mod work, you must assign roles to your classmates: a high school meanie, a football player, an E-sports player, a chess player, and a cheerleader.

What’s Great About Choose High School Classmates:

  • choose your teen sims classmates
  • several different roles for NPC’s (meanie, football, E-sport, chess, and cheer)
  • allows you to easily build friendship with specific sims, rather than them constantly switching and changing

Choose High School Classmates Details: https://konansock.tumblr.com/post/691133958378979328/small-mod-choose-high-school-classmates


33. Ring Up Customers at Register

This useful mod is ideal for those who own their own store and despise pesky customers who have them running around all over the place! This is a fun little mod that causes NPCs in your store to form a line. 

Your customers will no longer bother you when you are doing tasks around the store once they have been downloaded. Instead, they'll form an orderly line and patiently wait! This improves the game's realism.

What’s Great About Ring Up Customers at Register:

  • Handy for sims who own stores (Get To Work - Retail Expansion pack)
  • customers will now line up at the register to buy items, instead of bothering your sim around the store
  • Fun little queue animation
  • Much easier to deal with busy stores

Ring Up Customers at Register Details: https://modthesims.info/d/649661/ring-up-customers-at-register.html


32. Customer Carry Bag After Shopping

This mod does exactly what it claims! It complements the previous mod by adding a little something extra to your retail experience. Customers who buy items from your store will leave with a gift bag in their hand! 

Although it doesn't add much to the gameplay, it's a nice addition to the game that makes it more life-like and realistic with a cute animation.

What’s Great About Customer Carry Bag After Shopping:

  • after shopping, customers will leave with a gift bag in their hand
  • this adds realism to the game and goes well with other retail-based mods

Customer Carry Bags After Shopping Details: https://hanalinori.tumblr.com/post/650084496391258112/customer-carry-shopping-bag-after-purchase


31. Urban Social Mod

This is a large mod that adds social interactions inspired by cities to The Sims 4. These new interactions will affect your sims' mood, and depending on which one you use, they may get a strong moodlet! 

You can also give your sims new personality and lot traits, which will have an impact on their lives and relationships. This mod adds realism to your game and is ideal for players who enjoy experimenting with storylines! 

Overall, this mod adds some levity and depth to the game's otherwise dull interactions.

What’s great about Urban Social Mod:

  • Adds a range of different urban social interactions
  • Social interactions affect your sims mood and gives them moodlets
  • New personality and lots traits
  • Perfect for players who like creating storylines
  • Funny and adds a little NSFW content

Urban Social Mod details: https://muvasimmer13.tumblr.com/post/633807889245552640/urban-social-mod-usm-now-free-to-public-after

30.  Cartoon Override Mod

This mod essentially adds dozens of new real-life cartoons to your sim's television! If you're tired of the same old shows that the game has had for a long time, this is definitely worth a shot. 

The mod enhances the game's realism by allowing your sims to watch all of your favourite cartoons, from Spongebob Squarepants to Rugrats! The cartoon of your choice will appear on TV in high quality, as if you were watching it in person.

What’s Great About Cartoon Override Mod:

  • watch your favorite cartoons from the real world
  • very realistic image on the TV - as if it was real life
  • makes a nice change from the standard in-game programmes

Cartoon Override Mod details: https://midnitehearts.tumblr.com/post/189974736167/cartoon-override-mod-for-the-sims-4-this-is-my


29. Give Me Some Talent

This mod is like marmite - you either love it or you hate it! With Give Me Some Talent, as soon as you create a sim they will be loaded up with some talents (or lack thereof)! These talents appear as children and influence adult skills greatly.

These talent traits are randomly assigned, but if you raise your sim from a child then you can influence their skills and talents later in life. This mod can be infuriating, and yet it is one of the most realistic out there due to its random talent distribution, just like in real life.

What’s Great About Give Me Some Talent:

  • creates a realistic gradient of talents across your game
  • randomly assigned talents that makes your sim more or less likely to excel in certain skills
  • child talents and skills affect adult talents and skills, so you have a certain amount of control

Give Me Some Talent details: https://modthesims.info/d/660507/give-me-some-talent.html


28. Storytelling Socials v1.6

This mod is a little darker than usual! The massive mod adds over 60 new interactions, with a focus on storytelling. Many of these interactions are derogatory or accusatory, so proceed with caution! 

Do you want to accuse your sim's parent of incompetence or your spouse of woohooing excessively? This is the mod for you! 

Check out the dark version of this mod if you want an even darker experience.

What’s great about Storytelling Socials v1.6:

  • over 60 new social interactions
  • adds a lot of mean interactions
  • great if you’re into storytelling

Storytelling Socials v1.6 details: https://www.patreon.com/posts/66745083


27.  School Activities

This entertaining mod expands your playtime with your child and teen sims by adding 12 new after-school activities! Your child will disappear off to their activity when it is scheduled, whether it is sports, yearbook, or any other hobby you can think of. 

This is a lot more fun and emphasises family gameplay than your child or teen simply coming home after school and doing nothing!

What’s Great About School Activities:

  • 12 new activities for children and teens, weekdays after school
  • Gain skills and obtain more scholarship opportunities
  • Make friends and socialize after school

School Activities details: https://kiarasims4mods.net/school-activities/


26. Child Birth Mod

This childbirth mod adds realistic animations to when your Sims give birth! Not only that, but with new interactions and moodlets, your sim's pregnancy journey will be far more realistic. 

You have more options for your birthing experience, such as a C-section, epidurals, and using a birthing pool! This is an extremely detailed mod that you must have in your game if you want realistic storytelling.

What’s Great About Child Birth Mod:

  • Realistic pregnancy and childbirth animations
  • new interactions, moodlets, and options
  • great for storytelling and realism

Child Birth Mod details: https://www.patreon.com/posts/child-birth-mod-67576110


25.  First Impressions

With this mod, whenever your sim meets someone new, they will form an opinion about them! It is extremely detailed, but this first impression may not always be favourable. 

After only one meeting, these can turn into feelings. They might even develop feelings for each other! This mod is excellent for storytelling because it is far more realistic and close to reality.

What’s Great About First Impressions:

  • when your sim meets someone new, they will get a first impression on them
  • this may be positive or negative, and brings lots of new moodlets and sentiments
  • this is great for storytelling
  • very realistic

First Impressions details: https://lumpinoumods.com/2020/12/08/first-impressions-mod/


24.  SNB – Sim National Bank

This mod includes an entire banking system that alters how your sim's finances are managed. It enables you to deposit personal funds into a bank account, keeping them separate from household funds. 

This is a fantastic way to keep track of your spending and pay your bills! It's extremely realistic, and it even includes a custom bank lot. This is fantastic for storytelling, so give it a shot.

What’s Great About SNB – Sim National Bank:

  • Sims can manage bank accounts, take out loans, pay bills individually, and more
  • Main account for each sim in your household that has access to a cell phone
  • Direct deposit for income (career pay, freelance pay, royalty income and lifestyle brands income)
  • Basic death handling
  • SimoleanGram on the phone
  • Fabulously Wealthy and other Monetary Aspiration Support
  • Autopay within Bills
  • Property Tax settings
  • Thermostat costs, pay rent, collect child support, custom alimony system, government benefit programs and more

SNB – Sim National Bank details: https://www.simrealist.com/snb


23. Insurance Company Life Insurance

If you have elders in your family, this mod is a must-have. If you apply for life insurance on their behalf, you will receive a call allowing you to purchase a policy (as you would in real life). This plan can be expanded to include family members, and anyone with life insurance will receive new moodlets. 

You can claim and receive simoleons when the sim dies! The amount you receive is determined by how much you contribute to the plan and the age of the deceased family member. This works similarly to real life, providing some fantastic opportunities for storytelling. 

What’s Great About Insurance Company Life Insurance:

  • Purchase a life insurance policy and receive a payout when your sim dies. Include family members in this policy. 
  • receive new moodlets as a result of this 
  • Buy a life insurance plan, and receive a payout when your sim dies
  • add family members to this plan
  • receive new moodlets based on this
  • Just like real-life
  • great storytelling opportunities

Insurance Company Life Insurance details: https://modthesims.info/d/665111/insurance-company-life-insurance.html


22.  Social Bunny Overhaul v1

This mod essentially expands on the Social Bunny app included with the most recent expansion pack, High School Years. If you're tired of the app's monotonous posts, this mod is for you. 

The update makes the app far more interesting and provides a realistic look into the minds of high school students! 

This mod essentially expands upon the Social Bunny app that comes with the latest expansion pack, High School Years. If you’re getting tired of the monotonous posts that you get with the app, this mod is for you.

The overhaul makes the app far more interesting and gives you a realistic look into high-schoolers' brains!

What’s Great About Social Bunny Overhaul V1:

  • expands on the Social Bunny app (from the High School Years expansion pack)
  • brings you interesting posts, as opposed to the standard posts you would otherwise get from teenagers and children expands on the Social Bunny app (from the High School Years expansion pack)
  • brings you interesting posts, as opposed to the standard posts you get otherwise
  • more realistic in terms of teenagers and children

Social Bunny Overhaul V1 details: https://www.patreon.com/posts/social-bunny-v1-70846301


21. Beg For Money

If you're playing the Rags to Riches challenge and have homeless Sims, this mod will come in handy! You will be able to beg for money from other Sims and even pretend to be an alcoholic. 

It includes a slew of new animations that help you immerse yourself in the game by making it far more realistic. 

What’s Great About Beg For Money:

  • Makes the game more challenging
  • beg for money from other sims
  • very realistic by adding real-world problems
  • works well when playing the Rags to Riches challenge
  • new animations and interactions

Beg For Money details: https://modthesims.info/d/608186/beg-for-money-mod.html


20. Confess To Cheating

This small mod introduces a "Confess To Cheating" interaction that will undoubtedly strain your sim's relationship! This action will result in sentiments, moodlets, and your sim may even break up with their significant other! 

This mod adds a touch of realism to your game and is ideal for those interested in storytelling! 

What’s Great About Confess To Cheating:

  • New “Confess To Cheating” interaction
  • It will affect their relationship
  • new sentiments, moodlets, and interactions
  • realistic and great if you’re into storytelling

Confess To Cheating Details: https://kiarasims4mods.net/2022/01/31/confess-to-cheating/


19. Foraging Mod

If your sims live off-the-grid, this mod is perfect for them! It enables them to forage for food, wood, and a variety of other items that will come in handy in your sim's life. 

They can receive both positive and negative buffs and moodlets, and you won't always be able to find what you're looking for! This adds realism, and the moodlets add a nice touch to off-the-grid living. 

What’s Great About Foraging Mod:

  • Forage for food, supplies, and more
  • receive positive or negative moodlets
  • success isn’t guaranteed - sometimes you won’t find what you’re looking for!
  • realistic moodlets and effects on your sim’s life
  • perfect for an off-the-grid lifestyle and storytelling

Foraging Mod Details: https://tinyurl.com/54j9saca


18. Longer Parties & More Guests

This is a fantastic mod if you host a lot of parties and events! It does exactly what it says, allowing you to invite more guests (up to 200! ), including sims you've never met before, and extending the festivities! 

This makes it much easier to achieve goals, meet new sims, and adds a sense of realism to your events. 

This is a great mod if you throw lots of parties and events! It does what it says on the tin, allowing you to invite more guests (up to 200!), including sims you’ve never met, and lengthening the festivities!

This makes it far easier for you to reach goals, meet new sims, and adds an overall touch of realism to your events.

What’s Great About Longer Parties & More Guests:

  • invite up to 200 guests to events
  • invite sims that you’ve never met to events
  • longer party times
  • easier to meet event goals
  • adds realism

Longer Parties & More Guests Details: https://modthesims.info/d/558097/longer-parties-amp-more-guests.html


17. Simoleonz Online Jobs

This mod enables your sim to work online from a computer, earning money for their time quickly! Pay varies by job, but it is a quick way to increase your household income. 

It's simple to do with sims who have full-time jobs because you can do it from home as little or as frequently as you want! 

What’s Great About Simoleonz Online Jobs:

  • base game compatible, for teens and up
  • earn money quickly, from any computer
  • can do it as little or as often as you’d like
  • exercise a range of different skills and hone your money-making ability with lots of different opportunities and tasks

Simoleonz Online Jobs Details: https://www.patreon.com/posts/simoleonz-online-67646297


16. Meaningful Stories

'Meaningful stories' is a mod pack that redesigns The Sims 4's mood and emotions system. These modifications make your sims feel more human and their life events more meaningful, resulting in a more realistic gameplay experience.

What’s Great About Meaningful Stories:

  • Smarter, subtler, more varied emotions
  • In-game Tutorial and Settings Menu
  • Your sim’s emotional state will be less predictable but more stable
  • Less likely for a sim to flip from intense sadness to intense happiness without passing through the emotions in-between
  • Changes in mood will be more significant and last longer, but getting your sim to feel the emotion you want can be more challenging
  • Happiness will no longer be the default state; they will only feel truly happy only when something worthy happens to them
  • Artwork and objects with an emotional aura won’t affect your sim’s moods immediately (more subtle – building up and falling over time)
  • Some sources of emotional moodlet will sometimes give stronger or weaker effects - unpredictable
  • This mod is extremely realistic due to its subtle changes and varied effects on gameplay. This is a great mod to have and can impact your storytelling greatly!

Meaningful Stories details: https://roburky.itch.io/sims4-meaningful-stories


15. Wonderful Whims

This mod brings many features that affect relationships, menstrual cycles/pregnancy, woohoo, and several other aspects of the game. Wonderful Whims will pad out your sim’s lives so they can live the life that a real human lives.

Some of my favorite game-altering additions are the boredom addons, the ability to differentiate between romantic relationships (committed/non-committed), the fully functioning menstrual cycle, fertility changes, and STDs. 

What’s Great About Wonderful Whims:

  • Attractiveness changes
  • Personality/social changes
  • Boredom
  • Committed/non-committed relationships
  • Jealousy
  • Fully function menstrual cycle
  • Pregnancy additions (fertility, hormonal effects, fertility treatments, donate to science, miscarriage, modify pregnancy duration)
  • Woohoo enables pregnancy for all interactions (avoid using condoms/birth control)
  • Catch STDs and cure
  • Sweating overlays
  • Very realistic, bringing real-life experiences that The Sims 4 was missing out on!

Wonderful Whims Details: https://wonderfulwhims.com


14. Sim Services

The Sim Services mod adds the 'Sim City Department of Sim Services.' They provide homeless shelters, homes for youths without guardians, assistance to sims in need, and additional help for elderly sims. 

This mod adds two challenge lot traits, an aid programme, and a SimSecurity benefit programme. It's just like in real life; here's how you can help those sims who are struggling and suffering!

What’s Great About Sim Services:

  • Homeless Shelter Challenge Lot Trait (provide sims with protection from exposure to the weather. Sims may feel ill if they stay too long)
  • Youth Group Home Challenge Lot Trait (group homes provide baby, toddler, child, and teen sims with safety in a home environment. Sims may feel sad if they do not have a “real” family)
  • SimAide (provide benefits to sims who may be unemployed, giving them weekly benefits and resources)
  • Available to unemployed sims
  • Sims can perform odd jobs and sell crafted items for additional income
  • SimSecurity (benefits to elderly sims. Weekly benefits)
  • Realistic, for sims in need
  • Two new careers

Sim Services Details: https://modthesims.info/d/667435/sim-services-mod.html


13. Child Prodigies Bundle

The Sims 4 lacks opportunities for gifted children and teenagers. This mod adds new gameplay for young musicians with the potential to become stars! 

It includes a new aspiration, Child Prodigy, for children who want to be the best musicians they can be. The Child Prodigy trait, which allows your sim to learn adult music skills much faster, is the reward. 

It also includes an after-school music class and music competitions. This will earn your Sims money (and fame if you have the Get Famous expansion pack), trophies, and other rewards.

What’s Great About Child Prodigies Bundle:

  • New aspiration
  • New after-school activity
  • New reward trait
  • Music competitions
  • Earn money and fame
  • Allows for gifted children and teens

Child Prodigies Bundle Details https://modthesims.info/d/667008/child-prodigies-bundle.html 


12. Drug Mod

The Sims 4 Drug Mod allows your sim to experiment with drugs, which is unfortunately very true in real life. 

Custom drugs and animations such as altered walking styles, moods, needs, peaks, hangovers, addiction, rehabilitation, comedowns, and more are included in this mod! This realistic mod includes the pitfalls and drawbacks that come with use.

What’s Great About Drug Mod:

  • Realistic
  • Become a dealer or make an NPC a dealer
  • Pits and downfalls
  • Addiction/rehabilitation
  • Lots of new animations

Drug Mod Details: https://basementalcc.com/


11.  Explore Mod

The Explore Mod is a rabbit-hole mod that allows your sims to explore the world alone or with friends. They'll go on adventures, learn new skills, meet new people, and return with new moodlets and more! 

This adds realism to the game by allowing your sim to go out into the world and do the same things you do!

What’s great about Explore Mod:

  • Entertaining activities like gambling, getting your nails done, doing temporary work (for extra §), getting takeout, experience attractions, education and more.
  • Get a license or a bus pass

Explore Mod details: https://www.kawaiistaciemods.com/post/the-explore-mod


10.  SimDa Dating App

We all wish dating and finding partners is as easy as it is in The Sims 4. Well, now your sims can use dating apps just like we do. The SimDa dating app is like tinder, allowing your sims to set up blind dates, meetups and even one-night stands!

Each of these interactions has its own unique set of possibilities! You can find your soulmate, and even get pregnant by accident. This mod brings a whole new romantic aspect to the game.

What’s Great About SimDa Dating App:

  • Dating app on your sims phone, under the social menu
  • Specific date (pick your sim’s NPC date)
  • Blind date (random NPC)
  • One night stand (quick hookup, even with no previous relationship!)
  • Sims can have a bad date, a good date, or an awesome date. This can produce powerful moodlets, depending on how the date went!
  • Hook up calls from NPCS (takes your sim into a rabbit hole for a couple of hours, bringing them back with a smile on their face).

SimDa Dating App details: https://littlemssam.tumblr.com/post/175413426238/simda-dating-app-simda-dating-app-can-help-you


9.  Go to School Mod Pack V4

This mod, which requires the Get to Work expansion pack, makes the game's education system more interactive! Your child sims will no longer disappear down the rabbit hole; instead, you can accompany them to school and assist them in reaching their full potential! 

Going to School implies that your child will interact with NPC teachers, classmates, and other staff members. They will study five different subjects, and they will be able to complete social tasks to gain skills and build relationships.

What’s Great About Go to School Mod Pack V4:

  • Real classrooms
  • NPC staff such as teachers, a principal, caterers, janitors, and classmates
  • School counselor that can eliminate boredom
  • Both high schools and elementary schools for teens and children respectively
  • 5 subjects (personal development, problem solving, creative arts, health and fitness, and technology), each day offering a different one
  • Special moodlets
  • Activity-based goals
  • Unlockable aspirations
  • Earn emblems
  • New social interactions and skills
  • No more rabbit hole school!
  • Play more with children and teen sims

Go to School Mod Pack V4 details: https://zerbu.tumblr.com/post/160319209200/the-sims-4-go-to-school-mod-pack-v4


8.  Extreme Violence

This mod adds blood, gore, and horror to The Sims 4. It comes with the ability to murder other sims in a variety of ways, as well as engage in illegal activities such as drug dealing and gang activity. 

This gruesome mod adds many different gameplay options that are realistic to real-life horrors.

What’s great about Extreme Violence:

  • Gruesome animations
  • New interactions
  • Blood (!)
  • Sims can now murder one another in various ways
  • Engage in illegal activities
  • Deal with the police
  • Join gangs
  • Acquire new traits

This mod brings a hefty dose of realism to the otherwise happy sims game. Beware– this mod is not for children.

Extreme Violence details: https://www.sacrificialmods.com/downloads.html


7.  After School Activities

This mod expands educational opportunities for children and teens by including over 30 after-school programmes! Children who participate in these activities will learn new skills, make new friends, and may even be eligible for scholarships based on their overall performance in school. 

It works well with the aforementioned mods and provides numerous opportunities to play as your child sims. It adds a level of realism that the base game lacks.

What’s Great About After School Activities:

  • 30+ programs for children and teens, weekdays after school
  • Begin as an applicant and progress through each program
  • Gain skills and obtain more scholarship opportunities
  • Make friends and socialize after school

After School Activities details: https://www.kawaiistaciemods.com/post/after-school-activities


6.  Life’s Tragedies

People encounter tragic and difficult situations in real life. This mod captures that by adding a variety of tragedies that can happen to your sim. These tragedies occur at random, though the likelihood of their occurrence can be determined. 

This mod adds kidnappings, being hit by a car, being jumped, and more! These life-altering tragedies will undoubtedly add realism to your sim's life!

What’s Great About Life’s Tragedies:

  • Random tragedies such as getting jumped, being run over by a car, or contracting a life-threatening disease
  • Control how often these random incidents happen
  • Far more realistic gameplay

Life’s Tragedies details: https://sacrificialmods.com/life-tragedies-release-notes.html


5.  Slice of Life

Slice of Life is a very popular mod that adds a lot of realism to your game. It alters your sims' appearance (based on their mood), personality, and the way they interact with others. 

Your Sims will be able to drink, have their period, and do other things! This is a must-have mod for anyone who thinks The Sims 4 can be a little naive.

What’s Great About Slice of Life:

  • New emotions
  • Appearance can change based on mood (blushing, sweating, bruises)
  • Getting drunk!
  • Menstrual cycle
  • New interactions
  • New moodlets, affecting mood greatly

Custom Traits details: https://www.kawaiistaciemods.com/post/slice-of-life-mod


4.  SNB – Sim National Bank

This mod includes an entire banking system that alters how your sim's finances are managed. It enables you to deposit personal funds into a bank account, keeping them separate from household funds. 

This is a fantastic way to keep track of your spending and pay your bills! It's extremely realistic, and there's even a unique bank lot!

What’s Great About SNB – Sim National Bank:

  • Sims can manage bank accounts, take out loans, pay bills individually, and more
  • Main account for each sim in your household that has access to a cell phone
  • Direct deposit for income (career pay, freelance pay, royalty income and lifestyle brands income)
  • Basic death handling
  • SimoleanGram on the phone
  • Fabulously Wealthy and other Monetary Aspiration Support
  • Autopay within Bills
  • Property Tax settings
  • Thermostat costs, pay rent, collect child support, custom alimony system, government benefit programs and more

SNB – Sim National Bank details: https://www.simrealist.com/snb


3.  Memorable Events

This mod expands your game with 40 new social events. The events included are significant in everyone's lives, and our sims deserve to be a part of them. 

This is a mod that simulates real life in ways that the base-game events do not, resulting in emotions and memories that vary from event to event.

What’s Great About Memorable Events:

  • 40 new events such as baby showers, stag parties, engagement parties and more!
  • Seasonal events are much more realistic
  • New items and moodlets
  • Create memories
  • Just like real-life

Memorable Events details: https://www.kawaiistaciemods.com/post/memorable-events-mod


2.  Mental Health

This mod adds a complex mental health system into the game that allows your sims to struggle with mental health difficulties. Sims can now suffer disorders such as clinical and general depression, anxiety, OCD, eating disorders, and more.

These chronic disorders can be cured and managed by visiting a psychiatrist and getting meds or therapy sessions. This mod is incredibly detailed and definitely represents these illnesses well, making for a very realistic gameplay experience.

What’s Great About Mental Health Mod:

  • Lots of mental disorders represented (depression, anxiety, OCD, eating disorders, and more)
  • Psychiatrists
  • Medications
  • Therapy sessions
  • Serious, real-life illnesses
  • Very complex and realistic

Mental Health Mod details: https://www.patreon.com/posts/41976388


1.  50% lower salaries

You are not mistaken if you believe your sims are extremely well compensated. While the rest of us are struggling, our sims are living the good life! 

This mod will cut your sim's salaries in half, making the game slightly more difficult and realistic. But you'll have to be more frugal!

What’s Great About 50% Lower Salaries:

  • Makes the game more challenging
  • Cut salaries to match real-life salaries
  • Very realistic

50% Lower Salaries details: https://modthesims.info/d/609496/realistic-prices-lower-career-salaries.html

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