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Check out the Fleet Arena to battle follow gamers and claim your spot amongst the best

Having a strong lead ship in Fleet arena is the key to successfully conquering the Galaxy of Heroes ship game mode. As new Capital ships are added, while older ships are being reworked, here are the top Capital ships in Galaxy of Heroes as of September 2021.

5. Home One: Admiral Akbar

The mighty Home One is ready for battle, quickly level it up to claim your spot in the elite ranks

The famous Rebel ship comes in at #5 on this list, Admiral Akbar valiantly commands his Capital ship to numerous victories in the Galaxy. This is a great ship for beginners to the game as it is one of the easiest to acquire shards for.

Home One Unique Ship Abilities:

  • Seize the Advantage: Dispel all debuffs on target ally. That ally recovers 50% Health and 50% Protection, and all allies gain Advantage for 2 turns.
  • Defiant Volley: Deal Special damage to all enemies and call two random allies to Assist.
  • Band Together: Whenever an ally attacks out of turn, they have +50% Critical Damage and gain Protection Up (30%) for 2 turns. These bonuses are doubled for Rebel allies.

4. Chimaera: Grand Admiral Thrawn

Can anyone stop the mighty Chimaera? Or is Thrawn set to become the heir to the Empire?

The ship commanded by Grand Admiral Thrawn has become a fan favorite in media and games. The Chimaera is one of my favorites, however, it is not the easiest ship to acquire. Best to start collecting shards now! This Empire ship does extremely well with other Empire ships and acts as both an offensive force and support lead. 

Chimaera Unique Ship Abilities:

  • Calculated Strike: Target ally is called to Assist with +50% Offense.
  • Art of War: All allies recover 50% Health, inflict a debuff on all enemies for 2 turns. These debuffs vary on different types of ships.
  • Phylon 07 Tractor Beam: Deal Special damage to all enemies and remove 35% Turn Meter. Inflict Speed Down for 2 turns on any enemies that Evaded or Resisted this attack.

3.  Finalizer: General Hux

The First Order commands the Galaxy with an iron fist, who dares oppose them?

The intimidating Finalizer is quite the prowess of military might it destroys its enemies as it tears through the Galaxy. In Galaxy of Heroes, this is one of the best ships you should start collecting shards for. This First Order Capital Ship can relentlessly pursue enemies and help bring an end to the Resistance.

Finalizer Unique Ship Abilities:

  • Quell: Deal Physical damage to target enemy and inflict Offense Down and Target Lock for 3 turns. If the target is Resistance or Hunted, these effects can't be resisted.
  • Lay Waste: Deal Physical damage to target enemy. If the target is Hunted, deal damage a second time. Target ally gains Critical Damage Up for 2 turns and if they are First Order they are also called to assist, dealing 30% less damage.
  • Ravage: Deal Physical damage to all enemies. This attack deals 100% more damage for each Hunted enemy. Hunted: enemy deals 75% less damage with out-of-turn attacks and can't gain bonus Turn Meter

 2. Malevolence: General Grievous

The Malevolence cruises as it prepares for a hyper space jump to avoid any further damage

General Grievous’ Malevolence comes in at #2. This new ship has quickly become one of the strongest in-game, the Malevolence ship can team up with Separatist and Droid ships alike and has the potential to shut down entire enemy fleets. 

Malevolence Unique Ship Abilities:

  • Fire!: Deal Physical damage to target enemy and Stun them for 1 turn.
  • Charging Malevolence: Dispel all debuffs on target ally and grant them 1 stack of Overcharge for 2 turns. Grant all allies 20% Turn Meter. Then, call the target ally to assist.
  • Overcharge: +20% Offense and Defense per stack (max 5 stacks), can't be copied
  • Fire the Ion Cannon!: Stun the enemy Capital Ship for 1 turn. Dispel all buffs from all enemies and remove all Protection and Turn Meter from them (including the Capital Ship). Affected enemies can't recover Protection or gain bonus Protection for the rest of the battle. These effects can't be dispelled, evaded, or resisted. This ability starts on cooldown.

1. The Negotiator: General Kenobi (Hello there!)

Kenobi leads the daunting attack on enemies of the Galactic Republic, will he and his comrades be victorious?

General Kenobi’s Negotiator takes the #1 spot. While many Galaxy of Heroes users are enamored with the powerful Jedi Master Kenobi, General Kenobi is not one to be ignored. At his command, the Negotiator is able to use Valor to bolster ally attacks and increase its Speed. Having this ship in your inventory is a must to rise into the higher ranks.

Negotiator Unique Ship Abilities:

  • Impeccable Timing: Deal Physical damage to the target enemy and grant target ally Critical Hit Immunity for 2 turns.
  • Republic Protection: Grant target ally Offense Up for 3 turns and all Galactic Republic allies Unending Loyalty for 3 turns, which can't be copied, dispelled, or prevented. Grant all allies Protection Up (25%) for 2 turns. Unending Loyalty: Can't be defeated during the first enemy attack (including assists) that would otherwise defeat this ship. When reduced to 1% Health, gain Stealth and Protection Up (50%) for 2 turns and recover 25% Health. Then, this buff expires.
  • Mobilize: Deal Physical damage to all enemies and Daze them for 2 turns. Inflict Target Lock for 2 turns on 2 random enemies that aren't already Target Locked. All allies gain 30% Turn Meter. Grant all Galactic Republic allies Valor for 2 turns, then all allies with Valor are called to assist. Valor: Grant allied Galactic Republic Capital Ship 15% Turn Meter and reduce its Ultimate ability's cooldown by 1 at end of turn

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