[Top 10] Summoners War Best Nat 4

Summoners War Best Nat 4
Your Best Buddies

Can’t get the Nat 5 that you want? Worry no more, 4 stars are here to save you!

     4-star monsters are the next best thing that you can get after Natural 5-star monsters. Although their basic stats are slightly lower compared to 5-stars, it doesn’t mean that they are inferior. Most of them are even more powerful than Nat5s due to their unique skillset and uses and even with a low investment they can significantly make your gameplay so much better. Here are the 4-star monsters that you should build:


10. [WIND] Dryad, Mellia

Double Mellia is very popular in farming Dungeons currently.


Dungeons: 5/5   RTA: 3/5    Arena: 3/5   TOA: 5/5   Guild Content: 3/5

    Mellia is a monster you want to get when you start playing. She earned a spot in the meta DoTs team that clears High level dungeons in under a minute. She is an irreplaceable unit for Giants B12 DoTs Team and she is also very useful in TOA and helps you clear stages.

  • You don’t need to evolve her to 6 stars. Even in her 5-star form she is an awesome dotter.
  • She doesn’t need a high rune quality to work.
  • Her passive allows her to rain DoTs on the enemy when she has enough Accuracy.


Rune Recommendation:    

Despair / Focus

Violent / Focus


Slot 2: Speed - Slot 4: HP(%) - Slot 6: Accuracy(%)

Slot 2: Speed(%)- Slot 4: HP(%) - Slot 6: HP(%)



9. [WATER] Boomerang Warrior, Sabrina & [FIRE] Chakram Dancer, Shaina

Any variety of Chakram Dancer and Boomerang Warrior works!


Dungeons: 5/5   RTA: 4/5    Arena: 4/5   TOA: 4/5   Guild Content: 4/5

Although they are two different monsters, they are sharing this ranking spot because they are twins! The twins just don't work with just one because when they fight an enemy, they attack together. They really excel in dungeons, especially in Dragons B10 and Necropolis B10. Sabrina’s passive allows the twins to receive 20% less damage from enemies that has beneficial effects while Shaina’s passive allows her to consistently decrease the enemies’ defense making them powerful damage dealers in many contents of the game.

  • By being on the same team, they can double their initial damage when they are attacking.
  • Their passives can be applied with each other so if they attack together, they have two functional passives.
  • They are not hard to rune and can help you progress in many contents of the game.


Rune Recommendation:    

Fatal / Blade

Violent / Blade

Slot 2: Speed - Slot 4: Crit Damage(%) - Slot 6: Attack(%)

Slot 2: Attack(%)- Slot 4: Crit Damage(%) - Slot 6: Attack(%)



8. [WATER] Pirate Captain, Galleon

Make sure to pay attention to Galleon's Accuracy or else he will...


Dungeons: 5/5   RTA: 4/5    Arena: 4/5   TOA: 3/5   Guild Content: 5/5

Galleon is a convenient unit to have. He is usable in many contents of the game because of his 3rd skill. This skill is an AoE defense decreasing effect and at the same time, it boosts all your allies' Attack power. This specific support in his skill is needed by many AoE monsters that don't ignore the enemies’ defense. He is a go-to buffer in Dragons B10 and also a perfect pair for the Tiana combo in Arena. 

  • His Leader skill is very important in Guild Wars because only few units can offer 24% Speed boost in that content.
  • He is compatible with many Arena and Guild War cleave Teams
  • There are many rune options and alternatives for him making him a flexible unit.


Rune Recommendation:    

Swift / Focus or Will

Violent / Shield or Focus or Will

Shield / Shield / Will

Fight / Fight / Will

Slot 2: Speed - Slot 4: HP(%) - Slot 6: Accuracy(%)

Slot 2: Speed(%)- Slot 4: HP(%) - Slot 6: HP(%)



7. [Water] Brownie Magician, Orion

Orion is well known for soloing powerful Nat5s like Perna and Raki.


Dungeons: 3/5   RTA: 4/5    Arena: 4/5   TOA: 3/5   Guild Content: 5/5

    Orion is the most annoying opponent in the game because you just can’t predict what he’ll do next. His 3rd skill which is called ‘Harmless Prank’ is more harmful than harmless. With this skill, He can remove a beneficial effect, stun, decrease the enemies’ defense, and at the same time boost his teams’ attack bar gauge making their turns cycle faster. He has two more annoying skills which made him a very popular unit especially in Guild Wars. 

  • His first skill allows him to get additional turns even when he isn’t runed with a violent set making him able to solo strong monsters.
  • His skillset is suited to most cleave teams for Arena, RTA and Guild Wars.
  • You don’t need complicated runes to make him work. You only need to focus on his speed. The faster the better. 


Rune Recommendation:    

Swift / Will or any offset

Violent / Will or any offset

Slot 2: Speed - Slot 4: HP(%) - Slot 6: Accuracy(%)

Slot 2: Speed(%)- Slot 4: HP(%) - Slot 6: HP(%)



6. [WIND] Giant Warrior, Skogul

People usually build multiple Skoguls for Guild Siege offense and Defense.

Dungeons: 3/5   RTA: 4/5    Arena: 4/5   TOA: 3/5   Guild Content: 5/5

    Skogul is an HP type damage dealer that can easily wipe out an entire team. His skill, which is called Atlas Stone, allows him to deal fixed AoE damage based on his Max Hp. Because of this skill, Skogul ignores any complex damage reduction mechanics and just throws stones with pure damage. This makes him a very powerful unit in many contents in the game like RTA, Guild Wars and Raids. 

  • Crit rate and Crit Damage doesn’t apply on Skogul making him easier to rune compared to most of the damage dealers in the game.
  • You can build him with pure HP stats which not only amplifies his damage but also makes him tankier.
  • Any rune set works on him but he is popular with Vampire runes so that every time deals damage he can regain some HP back.


Rune Recommendation:    

Vampire / any offset

Violent / any offset

Slot 2: Speed - Slot 4: HP(%) - Slot 6: HP(%)

Slot 2: HP(%) - Slot 4: HP(%) - Slot 6: HP(%)



5. [WIND] Harp Magician, Triana

Triana can easily reverse the tide of the battle against cleave teams.

Dungeons: 3/5   RTA: 5/5    Arena: 4/5   TOA: 3/5   Guild Content: 5/5

    Triana is the ultimate team saver in many contents of the game especially in Guild Wars and RTA. Her passive ‘Salvation Song’ allows her to save an ally whenever they take fatal damage that could kill them. She can also provide Cleanse and Immunity which makes her very effective in sustaining her whole team in both offensive and defensive teams.

  • Her passive is reusable in 5 turns when maxed
  • You can easily skill her up by fusing a Harmonia from the fusion Hexagram
  • She is a notorious Arena Defense and Guild War Defense because she is the counter to most one shot cleave teams in PvP.


Rune Recommendation:    

Violent / Nemesis

Violent / Will

Slot 2: Speed - Slot 4: HP(%) - Slot 6: HP(%)



4. [LIGHT] Mermaid, Molly

Molly + Vigor comp can stack up to 65% Anti-crit Buff.


    With her recent buff Molly is now a Tier S support monster that can be paired with many PvP teams. Her passive skill ‘Glaring Mists’ makes her a very effective support in terms of survivability and protection. This skill allows her to heal an ally in every turn and lowers the enemy's chance of landing a critical hit by 15%.

  • She can protect one ally by removing all harmful effects and granting a shield that is equal to 55% of her max Hp.
  • Molly is a very good Guild war and Arena defense especially when paired with Vigor or Tesarion.
  • She can also be used as a healing Tank in Raids.


Rune Recommendation:    

Violent / Will or Endure

Slot 2: Speed - Slot 4: HP(%) - Slot 6: HP(%)



3. [WATER] Slyph, Tyron

Due to having shorter cooldowns,Tyron is much easier to use that most Natural 5 stars monsters.


Dungeons: 3/5   RTA: 4/5    Arena: 4/5   TOA: 5/5   Guild Content: 3/5

    Tyron is now known as the Tower of Ascension king, overtaking Baretta and Verad. He is the best crowd control unit that can Freeze and slow the enemy at the same time. Also his second skill has a glancing effect and reduces the opponents’ attack bar to zero. And with the leader skill of 19% speed in all aspects of the game, he can be also great at Arena and RTA.

  • Short skill cooldowns.
  • Skill ups are farmable by summoning multiple Barettas at the Fusion Hexagram.
  • He is usable from early game to late game contents


Rune Recommendation:    

Violent / Focus or any offset

Despair / Focus or any offset

Slot 2: Speed - Slot 4: HP(%) - Slot 6: Accuracy(%)



2. [FIRE] Vampire, Verdehile

You can achieve faster dungeon runs by changing Verdehile's appearance with Halloween Verdehile.


Dungeons: 5/5   RTA: 4/5    Arena: 3/5   TOA: 5/5   Guild Content: 4/5 

    Verdehile is a must have monster in the game. He can be obtained through normal summon and Fusion Hexagram. Verdehile is a unique monster that can boost the attack bar of all allies once he lands a critical hit. He can help you progress until late game. With the proper rune setup verde can manipulate the turn order of the team and his leader skill 28% speed at dungeon makes him even more awesome.

  • He is necessary in Dragons B12
  • He doesn't need skill ups for his utility skills to work
  • He can also help in higher difficulty Dungeons by pairing him with Icaru / Tricaru Team.


Rune Recommendation:    

Violent / Revenge

Rage / Blade or any offset 

Slot 2: Speed - Slot 4: Critical Rate(%) - Slot 6: HP(%)

Slot 2: Attack(%) - Slot 4: Critical Rate(%) - Slot 6: Attack(%)



1. [WIND] Joker, Lushen

Lushen is used in all Dungeons available in the game even when it is his counter element he can still carry his team.

Dungeons: 5/5   RTA: 5/5    Arena: 5/5   TOA: 4/5   Guild Content: 5/5

    Lushen is the best unit in the game. He has been strong since 2014 until now. He is the only monster that can deal AoE damage that ignores enemies’ defense. He is best for dungeons because of his leader skill that increases the attack power of ally monsters by 33%. If you pull this unit it is mandatory to build him first because he can greatly contribute to your progress.

  • He doesn’t need speed. You can focus on his Attack stats for pure damage.
  • Lushen is a must-have hero to clear Dungeons in under a minute
  • With the proper runes, He is usable in all available Dungeons. (GB12, DB12, NB12, PC10, SF10)


Rune Recommendation:    

Fatal / Blade

Rage / Blade

Slot 2: Attack (%)- Slot 4: Critical Damage(%) - Slot 6: Attack(%)



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