Super Mario Party Best Dice [Top 10]

Super Mario Party Best Dice
Jump On It! Let's Roll with the Mario Bros!

A super cool, new to the series feature of Super Mario Party is that each character has their very own Special Dice Block. Which characters have the best dice blocks to catapult you around the board collecting stars? Don’t worry. This gamer mom won’t let you take a gamble on choosing your fav way to roll. Keep reading for a list of the Top 10 Best Dice in Super Mario Party. 

10. Bowser 

Roll Risk + Reward with Bowser's Dice Block!

His is a power-packed special dice that can put you on the move. It does come  with a downside, though. It’s possible to lose three coins per roll (on two different faces!), and in addition to those sweet high rolls, there’s also the real bummer of chance that you could roll a 1. That said, it’s 50/50 here. Your turn is gonna be awesome or awful, and that’s pretty much it. 

What’s Great about Bowser’s Special Dice

  • High roller! Three faces that will let you move 8, 9, or 10 spaces, means you have a decent shot at getting a move on. 
  • Power pair! With those kinds of numbers, all you need is the right ally to roll alongside, Find Dry Bones or Mario, and you can hit double-digit moves easily. Or at least, maybe your ally’s roll will make up for your loss if you land that -3. 
  • Be the Bad Guy! It’s hard to resist the fun of playing any Mario game from the perspective of the abominable Bowser. Plus, you can make up for those coin-costing rolls by slaying in the mini-games. 

Bowser Dice Roll Details 

  • - 3, -3, 1, 8, 9, 10

9. Donkey Kong  

High Roller DK!

I’m a fan of DK, and this dice block has the power to move you. But it’s just too high risk, high reward for my overall playing style. The possibility of good gains exists in the +5 that you might hit, but you can earn coins by owning the mini-games, so, meh? Two faces will advance you ten spaces on the board, but the odds aren’t that high that you’ll land them. And in all honesty, I’m way too impatient a player for those triple 0s. 

What’s Great About DK’s Special Dice

  • You’re a 10!  Ten is the highest number of spaces you can move when rolling a single dice block. You’ll traverse a lot of ground if you can manage to roll  the 10 (but that’s a big if!)
  • Cash grab! Sometimes you’re just shy of the coins you need to snag that star in front of you. Getting these five coins from a roll can be a bonus if you’re running short on cash. 
  • Stay put! Maybe you’re trying to avoid an obstacle ahead, like a Bad Luck Space, or you’re trying to wait it out and earn some extra coins in the next round of mini-games. Either way, if you’re not in a hurry to advance around the board, rolling a 0 can be a great way to catch a break when you need one. 

Donkey Kong Dice Roll Details

  • +5, 0, 0, 0, 10, 10 

8. Tie - Wario & Boo

Baddie Buddies who Roll Almost Alike!

Wario and Boo are ranked together because they have Special Dice Blocks so remarkably similar that they’re the same in my book. The deal with these dudes is that you can advance a fair amount on the board since 5, 6, and 7 are all pretty solid rolls. Four faces on either of these special dice will offer you this kind of movement. But the other two? That’s where they hit you with a loss. It’s -2 coins when you roll these. 

What’s Great About Wario & Boo’s Special Dice Blocks

  • Decent distance! With 4 out of 6 faces moving you forward, neither one is a horrible choice for gaining ground with some consistency. Wario is straight 6s, and Boo gives you an equal chance of 5s and 7s. So that shakes out even in the end. 
  • Low(-er) risk! The -2 loss somehow seems much less awful than Bowser’s -3. Probably because with these guys, all 4 of the other faces aren’t bad rolls, so it feels like the risk is more proportionate to the reward. 
  • Pair ’em up! Like Bowser, Wario & Boo’s flaws are all forgiven if you can pick up the right ally.Pick someone like Goomba, Rosalina, or Hammer Bro., who can score you back the coins and help you pick up the momentum.

Wario Dice Roll Details 

  • 6, 6, 6, 6, -2, -2

Boo Dice Roll Details 

  • -2, -2, 5, 5, 7, 7 

7.Dry Bones 

Baddie to the Bone!

Dry Bones comes in ahead of the previous names on our list so far, mainly because he doesn’t represent a risk of loss. None of the faces of this dice will cheat you out of coins, but three of them (and that’s half!) will get you nearly nowhere, moving just one space. The other half of the time you’ll move forward a substantial six spaces. 

What’s Great about Dry Bones’ Special Dice 

  • Nothing to lose! But maybe nothing to gain either? Half a dozen of one, six  of the other. 6 isn’t a bad roll for half of your dice block, but neither is 1 a fantastic one. You’re gonna get going or practically stay put with this half and half dice block, and that’s the long and the short of it.
  • Slow and steady! You know, slow and steady wins the race, the tortoise and the hare? Dry Bones is a skeleton Koopa Troopa, kinda like a tortoise… you follow? . Either way, advancing one space or six, you’ll keep moving right along! 
  • No surprises! This one is a reliable choice. No tricks up the sleeve and no guessing games. No bones about it, you always know what you’re in for with this dice. 

Dry Bones Dice Roll Details 

  • 1, 1, 1, 6, 6, 6 

6. Mario

Make Your Move with Mario!

He may be the game’s namesake, but he didn’t land higher on this gamer’s list because his Special Dice Block is slightly underwhelming. It’s better than the standard dice block, but only somewhat, in that it levels the playing field a bit, swapping 2 and 4 for 3. Talk about adventure and excitement. You can also roll 5 or 6, which isn’t terrible, but there’s also the chance that you could roll the dreaded, inconsequential 1. Overall, this is a no-risk no-reward, middle of the road dice block. Although,  if you love playing it safe, this classic character’s dice block could be your best bet. 

What's Great About Mario's Dice Block

  • Ally alert! This one is the perfect dice to buddy up with. It will only improve the rolls of the higher risk guys like DK and Bowser because you’re super likely to roll double digits if their dice hit the big numbers. Andif they hit those 0s or minus coin faces, Mario will still keep the pair moving. 
  • Strolling along! You definitely won’t have to worry about surprises, and you’ll probably move around the board with consistent distance. Overall, not a bad gig. This dice block is stability and security, in all ways. It’s an excellent choice for those who love the reliability and safety of the classics. 
  • Super Mario! Just like it’s fun to play the baddie with Bowser, there’s something super satisfying about playing the hero. And because he’s the hero, nothing can go wrong with this dice of dependability. After all, the life of the champion can’t be all daring princess rescues and fireworks. For once, Mario gets to relax and play a supporting role. 

Mario’s Dice Roll Details 

  • 1, 3, 3, 3, 5, 6

5. Monty Mole 

Can You Dig Monty's Dice?

Effectively, this is an ultra-basic dice block, but with a built-in bonus. In the place of the usual 1 is a +1, and everything after is the same as a standard-issue dice. Honestly, this is a pretty great thing because somehow rolling a 1 can be worse than a 0. So, this dice block cuts out the disappointment of more-or-less-not moving and replaces it with the joy of extra coin. 

What’s Great about Monty Mole’s Dice Block

  • Cash it in! This statement may be redundant, but the extra coin in place of the single space move is by far the best feature of this dice block. I’ll keep it short and sweet and leave it at that because by now I’m sure you get the point. Okay, one last time. Yay extra coin instead of moving one measly space! 
  • Old reliable! Other than that teeny, tiny detail that’s so well-documented above, this is the same Mario Party Dice Block you know and love. Take your chances on moving 2-6 spaces and trust that you’ll get where you’re going eventually. (Just like we used to have to do in the old days before fancy individual character dice blocks.) 
  • We’ve got a Mole! It’s fun that Monty is a playable character in Super Mario Party. Plus, since his dice block is ultra-safe and reliable, playing as Monty is bound to be a good party! You’ll advance at least as well as you would with an ordinary dice block, and when you don’t, you’ll pocket a little extra cash. 

Monty’s Dice Roll Details

  • +1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

4. Daisy 

Feel Fresh as a Daisy Rolling with this Princess!

Daisy’s Special Dice Block solidifies her as the girl next door to Princess Peach’s pomp and posh in the castle. But notice Peach didn’t make our list? (Her dice block is similar but features a 0, and we all know how I feel about that.)  So, with Daisy, maybe you won’t book it around the board, but you’ll keep on keepin’ on with this dice block that omits both the lower and upper numbers and sticks strictly to the middle ground. 

What's Great About Daisy's Dice Block?

  • Heads or Tails? Daisy’s dice block is almost more like flipping a coin, you’re getting a 3 or a 4, and there are no two ways about it. Rather, these are the only two ways about it.  This dice is a pretty great deal when you’re looking for steady advancement around the board. 
  • Excellent Ally! Daisy’s dice block is made to be matched up with another ally’s. Pair Daisy up with Dry Bones or DK to ensure maximum movement opportunity. Plus, with DK, there are also those five bonus coins!
  • Royal Procession! Daisy may be a different kind of princess than Peach, but she can hold her own in any royal court, and the Super Mario Party game boards are no exception. Daisy and her dice block deliver reliability with poise. 

Daisy’s Dice Block Details

  • 3, 3, 3, 3, 4, 4

3. Hammer Bro. 

Can't Touch This Hammer Bro!

Hammer Bro.’s dice block has the highest earning potential of the bunch, with the option to score +3 coins. Yes, there are two possibilities to roll only a 1. Even though I don’t love the 1 roll, sometimes you do wanna land on that space just in front of you. Think Lucky Spaces and tunnels to other areas of the board! Plus, all the other faces show 5, which is a super decent number of spaces to advance. 

What’s Great about Hammer Bro.’s Dice Block

  • Golden opportunity! That’s right. This hammer-hurling turtle baddie indeed has the potential to rake in the riches. Even though it’s only one face of the dice block, no other single roll of the dice will net you this many coins. 
  • Partner up! Score Hammer Bro. as an ally and improve every single dice block duo that you can imagine. From Bowser to Rosalina, there’s an obvious upside to bro-ing it up with this dude.
  • Go old-school! Like some of his other bad-guy buds, this classic baddie has been after Mario from the very beginning. And he’s finally getting his day in the sun in Super Mario Party. It’s Hammer Bro. for the win with a dice block that accelerates your advantages all around!

Hammer Bro.’s Dice Block Details 

  • +3, 1, 1, 5, 5, 5 

2. Goomba 

Meanie Mushroom with Might!

This familiar favorite baddie scored a pretty sweet gig in this version of Super Mario Party. To be honest, I considered giving him first place over Rosalina, but in the end, her option to roll higher now and again was the deciding factor. And that’s pretty much the entire difference between these two. Goomba will also help you rake in the coins with two +2 faces, and he’ll keep you teetering around the board on his tiny baddie feet with options to move 4, 5, or 6 spaces.

What's Great About Goomba's Dice Block

  • Coin appeal! There’s a lot of money to be made rolling with this meanie mushroom. Even for a player like me who doesn’t like to sit still on the board, getting two coins in exchange for staying put is a win. 
  • Pairs well! Goomba is your go-to guy to match up with pretty much any other ally. Give him a go with Monty Mole for a powerhouse baddie combo team who guarantee fortune and flow around the board.
  • Mushroom madness! Good ol’ Goomba deserves a chance to be in the spotlight. He’s best known as one of Mario’s first foes, but you know, this just goes to show you, even the baddies can be buddies now and then. 

Goomba’s Dice Block Details 

  • +2, +2, 3, 4, 5, 6

1. Rosalina 

Sail Along with Rosalina's Stellar Rolls!

Rosalina’s dice block shines like the Lumas she protects from her Comet Observatory. Earn coins with the two faces that boast +2 and float enchantingly around the board, mostly in short bursts of 2, 3, or 4 spaces. You’ll still get an occasional rocket boost from that 8, though, making Rosalina’s dice block the all-star of this list!

What's Great About Rosalina's Dice Block

  • That’s how we roll! Rosalina’s got it all here,coin count boosting power, dependable odds of movement, and the chance to get ahead now and again. She’s out-of-this-world, outrageously outstanding! A standing ovation for Rosalina!
  • Pick me! There’s not a dice block among them that Rosalina’s wouldn’t compliment. Partner this stellar dice with a pal like Goomba above, for example, and you’ll strike it rich while rocketing around the board. 
  • Shining star! Shining from all the coins you’ll carry around, that is. This dice block is an undeniable money maker, which helps if you fall behind in the mini-games, or if you like to hit up the shops for items along the way. 

Rosalina’s Dice Block Details 

  • +2, +2, 2, 3, 4, 8

There you have it! These are my picks for the Top Ten Best Super Mario Party Dice. Armed with my expertise, you’re ready to conquer the game boards with any of these dynamic dice blocks! Plus, if you love Super Mario Party, you can party on by checking out these additional articles from 

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