TOP 10 Best SimCity Layout

Creating a City Layout is an understatement - one wrong setup can limit the spaces of the game. If a player wants to have a successful city, a good and well-planned foundation is the key. 

Let’s look at the best SimCity Layout that a beginner, and even a SimCity enthusiast, can take inspiration from. 

10. Tamarin Island 

First on our list is Tamarin Island. The road layout is well crafted and artfully done. This design can generate and attract prospective residents because of the spacious spaces. If this city invests in green spaces, in no time this will become a metropolis. 

 I hope this exists in the real world since the urban planning of each zone and the spacious road can ease the traffic congestion of every city that has a traffic problem. 


9. Luckyring City 

It won't cross our minds to create a complex layout design for urban planning because of the risk that it might not be as effective as the other conventional layout design in terms of attracting prospective residents, waste of potential spaces, and many other reasons. But Luckyring City made it possible!

What I observe in this unconventional layout design is that the mayor invested in green spaces - trees, parks, and so on. A huge roundabout in the middle of the city is a smart move since it can help to relieve the possible traffic problem in the city.


8. #21 

This city is from the same creator of the previous city mentioned. Home of beautiful skyscrapers with a whopping 400,000 residents. How can this city manage to have a quality of living with lesser traffic jams and pollution? Here is what I observe. 

The creator invested in mega towers and roads in order to accommodate the needs and wants of the residents. In addition, this mayor chose to have pollution-free services like solar power plants. 


7. Paris, France

Bonjour, Player! The real-life city of love is considered one of the best urban planning in the world due to more pedestrian-friendly designs and fewer cars. But will this design layout work in Simcity? Let’s take a look. 

The city has the iconic runaround with the Arc de Triomphe. The creator also took inspiration from the arrondissement - the administrative division of Paris. It creates a circular road map that connects with the runaround. 


6. Highway Interchangeable 

A sign of a prosperous city is high-end buildings, magnificent infrastructures, and of course, a vast highway. In this city, the mayor of this city created roads and highways that look like a real city. 
I like how the creator of the city divides each district. The highway is spectacular with the wide roads that the mayor future-proof the city. I also observe the beachside has multiple taverns for its residents. 


5. Anaconda Bay 

Same with Luckyring City, this city has a complex urban layout, but in a subtle way. 

Anaconda Bay’s urban zoning is quite complex but well planned. The way the mayor designates where the schools, residential, and parks are in a right place. A big plus for making huge spaces for green areas.


4. Riverbend City 

It is not about huge space that matters, it is how you maximize the spaces. Just like in the case of Riverbend City. 

Having a river in a city is an advantage. It makes the city inviting and environmentally friendly to residents. The road layout is also good that it makes the city huge compared to its size. 


3. City of Future 

What does it look like living in a futuristic city? This urban layout is specifically created for the future. 

An octagon-inspired layout with eight mega towers is a definition of less is more. This design speaks that we don't really need a lot of buildings just to have a thriving city. The household services ( sewage system and alike) are in a right place. What a future we will live in!


2. Sawyer’s Crossing

Down to the second place is Sawyer’s Crossing. 

Personally, I like this city because there is a suburban zone that looks like a real-life town. Across the river is the commercial zone where the daily course of business is happening. In addition, the green spaces like the park are placed in the middle of the city which creates a livable ambiance for its residents. 


1. New York City 

For number one spot is the City that Never Sleeps, the New York-inspired city. 

The number one spot deserves its spot not because of its name, but how every zones in this city are placed. Household and commercial services like sewage systems and solar power plants are isolated from residential areas. The commercial establishments are also in the same places. How can we forget the famous landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and Central Park that are existing in this city as well.



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