[Top 10] Rocket League Best Wheels That Look Great

The wheels are one of the most important parts of your car that you'll have to pick well.


10. Aero Mage Pro

Aero Mage Pro offers a unique modern look with highly contrasted vibrant colors that definitely encourage painting creativity.

9. Cyberware

The Cyberware offers a futuristic cyberpunk look with a variety of colors where you will definitely find something that suits your taste. The cyberpunk style has been having a constant growth recently with people especially since the release of Cyberpunk 2077.

8. Automaton

The Automaton’s look reminds me of The Transformers for some reason. And for the right reasons. It’s likely a reference to automated robots that perform daily tasks in The Transformers Animated series. Nevertheless, it looks great with most of its colors and it has a great range for compatibility.

7. Bella-Carra

The Bella-Carra offers a mix of a classy and modern look which the Paige color is perfect for.
With the dynamic hologram for the final icing on the top.

6. Asik

The Asik wheels just have that minimalistic simple look that will fit easily with almost anything and still look great. It’s an easy pick that no one needs to think twice about.

5. I0

Somehow I think I0 has a mix of a futuristic and an industrial look at the same time.
The tire has those neon lights with the futuristic modern city look. While the wheel has this industrial look that contrasts very well with the tire. The Orange-Blue combination offers a great chance for a lot of color variation.

4. Cutter Inverted 

The Cutter simply looks great. It has a very simple minimal design that easily captures your eye with its intense colors.

3. Yankai Infinite

The Yankai has one of those very special and unique abstract looks that you rarely see in Rocket League. It will definitely be the big eye-grabbing piece in your car.

2. Zomba

It might not have been what you expected when you read the name. But the Zomba is one of the most popular wheels in the game’s community. It has very saturated vibrant colors and a dynamic animation that will definitely hypnotize your opponents into letting you win.
1. Ferris
For whoever might like it. The Ferris is a rollercoaster of colors. It will fit greatly will all those decals saturated with colors you didn’t know what you’d pair them with.

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