[Top 10] Wraith Videos

She looks cute huh? Wait until she teleports behind you.

So, you hear all about Apex Legends from your friends and you decided to finally download the game and give it a shot? Or maybe you got yourself into the game already but you find it difficult to get the grasp of it and climb with any champions?

Today, we will take a look at the top 10 best Wraith videos, with a lot of gameplay! Sit back and enjoy the ride!


10. Thatpunchkid




We start  with some fun and hilarious gameplay back from the early seasons of Apex. Various exploits (Infinite Wraith portal) and bugs (Map toss bug, Land is lava) made the early seasons of Apex filled with exploit abuse and fun moments. The inclusion of memes makes everyone get in the mood for some Apex fun!

9. Ιtemp plays



Here we have the famous PS4 Apex player, "Itemp plays", with a clutch game, carrying his team and getting the victory solo versus a whole squad. Very good map awareness, not letting behind his teammates, and an all-around solid Wraith performance.

8. Sooxfar



"Sooxfar", Predator Wraith player, coming in hot and destroying normal lobbies all by himself. Top-notch portal control, paired with the deadly weapons R-301 and R-99, he is a one-man Rambo. Almost getting the win by himself, we can learn a lot about the mechanics and the way Wraith is played and should be played.


7. Mangosintrees



An all-around, perfect Season 10 Wraith guide, varying from beginner to intermediate level. You can use this guide to learn the basics and the reactions you have to get used to,to get yourself ahead with this champion!

6. Mendokusaii



Easily one of the greatest players to ever grace the game, "Dizzy" setting the first world record for the most kills in one game, with insanely fast reactions and Wingman mastery. Dizzy was the go-to player to learn how to abuse Wraith’s hitbox, which is visible throughout the whole video.

4. Aceu



With no further introduction, we get to arguably the best Wraith player, "Aceu", hitting 50K kills as Wraith. Intense movement, rapid aims and a lot of wallhops that confuse enemies helped Aceu reach the 50K mark in style!

3. iiTzTimmy



What a surprise, "Aceu" getting the first spot on the list. This time he dominates the scrims, playing against the top world players and professional teams. He manages to get 14 kills and close out the game as the top dog and indisputably the greatest Wraith player till today!


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