Top 15 Best Movies Like Transformers

Transformers: Optimus Prime

15. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

As the city crumbles due to unmatched attacks of giant robots and drones, Sky Captain is called into action to save the day. He needs to stop them and protect the city from Dr. Totenkopf. Sky Captain was aided by Commander Franky Cook and Polly Perkins, a reporter, to defeat Dr. Totenkopf’s plans to rebuild humanity through the “World of Tomorrow”.

Sky Captain: He needs to protect the world from the evil plans of a doctor.

14. Chappie

In a world where Police Robots are heavily used to implement the law, one Robot (Chappie) will rise to the challenge. He was reprogrammed to think and feel like a human. The authorities think that a thinking robot is a threat. Now, Chappie needs to fight back for his sake and for the lives of his newfound friends.

 Chappie: The Robot who will fight for humanity

13. AXL

 Miles Hill found a cyber robotic dog with artificial intelligence in the desert and formed a connection with it automatically. However, everything starts to go awry when the creator wants the robot dog back. Miles will go through anything to protect his new best friend, A-X-L, and to protect their bond.

A.X.L.: A robot dog and a man will go through anything to protect their friendship.

12. I, Robot

What if the robots that we created to make our lives easier are the ones who will make it harder?

When Dr. Alfred Lanning fell off the building, Detective Del Spooner thought there was foul play, so he investigated. NS-5 Robots began attacking Spooner and later every major city. Spooner is now on the move to save the world with the help of Dr. Susan Calvin, and a robot named Sonny.

I, Robot: Spooner is going to save the world against the uprising of robots.

11. Wall-E

When the world became unbearable to live, the humans decided to reside in outer space and the barren Earth was left to Wall-E, a robot, to clean up the earth. Wall-E and Eve, an intergalactic robot officer, found a plant that confirms that the Earth is now habitable. The two robots are now tasked with the mission to help mankind return home.

Wall-E: Your friendly robot that will safely guide humanity home.

10. Independence Day

Have you ever wondered if aliens do exist? And if they exist and decided to take our freedom away, what will you do?

When an alien mothership enters the earth’s atmosphere and threatens the very survival of the human race, it is up to Steven Hiller and what remains of humanity to fight back and take our Independence. Millions have died but few never lose hope.

 Independence Day: When our Independence is at stake, humanity will never lose hope and faith.

9. Battle: Los Angeles

This is a story of brave soldiers who are willing to risk everything to save Los Angeles from an alien invasion. Staff Sergeant Nantz led a platoon to safely recover civilians from a bombing zone. After having a successful mission, other troops around the world followed their strategy and started to take our home back.

 Battle LA: Their story marks the point in time to take back what is ours.

8. Blade Runner

Rick Deckard, a blade runner, has a task to retire humanoids known as replicants. He was hired to look for other replicants who illegally entered the Earth. However, Deckard falls in love with one of the replicants, Rachel. What now?

Blade Runner: Deckard must choose to follow orders or follow his heart

7. Battleship

Amidst the peace, there are beings that will resurface on the ocean. Their arrival means destruction to our world. Alex Hopper and groups of warships must battle on the ocean with these aliens to protect our home.

Battleship: The battle begins and ends on the ocean.

6. Real Steel

There came a time when the rules of sports have changed. The boxing we all grew up with has revolutionized. Now, they use robots. A sparring robot with the help of Charlie and Max rises to the challenge in the world robot boxing.

  Real Steel: A former boxer helps a robot win a boxing tournament

5. Edge of Tomorrow

Humans are on the verge of extinction, yet all is not lost when Major William Cage starts to find himself in a time loop where he keeps reliving the same day over and over again. As time passed by, he became more skilled as he lived through each loop until he met Rita Vrataski. Now, they must work together to win the war against invasive beings called Mimics.

 Edge of Tomorrow: For each day he lives is a chance to change the fate of everyone.

4. Pacific Rim

A moment in time came when the world succumbed to large creatures called Kaiju. These creatures left massive destruction along its way and now the power to decide the fate of humanity. Of course, humanity will never surrender and created massive weapons of their own to fend off these monsters. Now, it is machines versus monsters.

 Pacific Rim: Humans will leave their fate upon the hands of the massive machines.

3. Iron Man 2

After revealing himself as Iron Man to the world, Tony Stark gained so much popularity. Consequently, Vanko, a rival, rises to challenge Stark. At the present time, it is up to Stark to protect those whom he cares and save the day once again.

Iron Man 2: Tony Stark must defeat Vanko to protect his loved ones.


2. Avengers: Age of Ultron

The Avengers faced a new threat, Ultron. Ultron believes that he must destroy the world to save humanity. The Avengers have to work together once more to thwart Ultron and his army from disturbing the peace they worked hard to keep.

Avengers: Earth’s mightiest heroes must protect our world once again from a new adversary, Ultron.

1. Avatar

There is a new world to explore to obtain resources. But humanity needs to adapt and befriend a tribe of humanoid species to get what they want. Because of this, they developed Avatar to blend in with the Navi tribe. But when Jake Sully, a human Avatar, falls in love with someone that belongs to the Navi Tribe of the humanoid species, it is hard to decide. Jack must choose between his people or protect whom he loves.

Avatar: Jake Sully must choose between abandoning or protecting humanity.

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