[Top 5] MTG Arena Best Control Decks

MTG Arena Best Control Decks

Hey there, Planeswalkers! If you're a fan of turning the tide of battles in your favor by outthinking your opponents, you're in for a treat. Control decks in MTG Arena have always been the embodiment of strategy and finesse, allowing you to dictate the flow of the game with every carefully calculated move. Whether you're countering spells, wiping the board clean, or steadily amassing card advantage, control decks put you in the driver's seat.

In this article, we're diving headfirst into the world of MTG Arena's control decks to bring you the crème de la crème. These decks aren't just about shutting down your opponent's plans; they're about asserting your dominance on the battlefield while leaving your opponents second-guessing every move. We've sifted through countless strategies, analyzed endless matches, and consulted with seasoned players to compile the ultimate list of the Top 5 MTG Arena Best Control Decks.

So, grab your favorite deck box, shuffle those cards with the precision of a seasoned Planeswalker, and let's journey through the realm of control decks that promise to make your opponents sweat. It's time to learn the art of control from the masters and emerge victorious in ways that will have your opponents in awe. Get ready to wield your spells with finesse and showcase your strategic prowess like never before. Let's jump in!


5. Orzhov Control

You'll enjoy manipulating the MTG Arena battlefield with Orzhov Control

Prepare to embark on a journey into the shadows, where the power of light and darkness converge in the mesmerizing world of Orzhov Control in MTG Arena. If you're drawn to the art of manipulation and the finesse of controlling the battlefield, then this deck might just be your ticket to strategic supremacy. Let's delve into the enigmatic realm of Orzhov Control.

Let me share a secret with you—Orzhov Control isn't just a deck; it's a mastery of the art of control itself. What sets this deck apart is its unique ability to balance between disruption and dominance, between light and darkness. Picture yourself as the conductor of a symphony, orchestrating spells and strategies to shape the game to your liking.

Esteemed players value this deck for its intricacy and adaptability. The key lies in its balance between negating your opponent's moves and asserting your presence on the battlefield. It's not just about dismantling strategies; it's about crafting the destiny of the game.

Close your eyes and envision yourself as a weaver of fate, pulling the threads of destiny in your favor. With every spell cast, every creature summoned, you're dictating the rhythm of the game. The Orzhov Control deck lets you wield the power of light and darkness, controlling the battlefield like a grand performance.

Ever experienced the satisfaction of exiling a troublesome creature with Go for the Throat or charmingly disrupting your opponent's strategy with Liliana of the Veil? That's the magic of Orzhov Control—an intricate dance of light and shadow that showcases your command over the battlefield.

What Orzhov Control Excels In: 

- Resource Management: Orzhov Control shines in managing both yours and your opponent's resources. Cards like Go for the Throat and Cut Down grant you the means to control their threats and their plans.

- Disruption and Removal: The deck's exceptional ability to disrupt opponents' strategies is a hallmark. Spells like Fateful Absence and planeswalkers like Liliana of the Veil ensure that their plans crumble.

- Late-Game Authority: As the game progresses, Orzhov Control's grip only tightens. Cards like Sorin the Mirthless and Kaya, Intangible Slayer empower you to seize control of the late game and lead it toward your victory.

There you have it, fellow tacticians of light and shadow—the Orzhov Control deck, where light and darkness collide to your advantage. Are you ready to orchestrate your moves with precision and finesse? The battlefield awaits your masterful touch. Let's cast our spells and weave a symphony of triumph!


  • 6 Plains
  • 6 Swamp
  • 4 Cut Down
  • 4 Caves of Koilos
  • 4 Go for the Throat
  • 3 Liliana of the Veil
  • 2 Ambitious Farmhand
  • 2 Fateful Absence
  • 1 Sunset Revelry
  • 3 Wedding Announcement
  • 3 Sorin the Mirthless
  • 4 Shattered Sanctum
  • 1 Farewell
  • 3 The Wandering Emperor
  • 1 Eiganjo, Seat of the Empire
  • 1 Takenuma, Abandoned Mire
  • 4 Raffine's Tower
  • 1 Urza Assembles the Titans
  • 1 Vraska, Betrayal's Sting
  • 2 Kaya, Intangible Slayer
  • 4 Sunfall


4: Jeskai Control

Master your spellcasting with Jeskai Control in MTG Arena

Ready to harness the power of fire and intellect? You're in for a treat as we venture into the realm of Jeskai Control in the magical world of MTG Arena. Picture yourself as a conductor, orchestrating spells with precision and finesse to seize victory. Let's dive in and unravel the secrets of this fiery intellect.

Buckle up, because Jeskai Control isn't your average deck—it's a symphony of strategy and spellcasting that leaves opponents agape. What sets this deck apart is its uncanny ability to blend control and aggression, making it a true force to be reckoned with. Imagine playing your spells like an artisan, countering threats, manipulating time, and unleashing the fury of fire.

Veteran players hold this deck in high regard for its versatility. The secret lies in the dynamic balance between counter magic, card draw, and creature control. It's not just about halting your opponent's game plan; it's about seizing the reins and steering the game toward your terms.

Let's paint a vivid picture, shall we? Imagine a duel where every spell you cast isn't just a move; it's a performance. A counterspell becomes a witty retort, and a fire spell is a symphony of destruction. The Jeskai Control deck lets you wield the power of both intellect and fire, leaving a trail of awe in your wake.

Ever witnessed your opponent's jaw drop as you twist time itself with cards like Galvanic Iteration or unleash a cascade of flames with Burn Down the House? That's the kind of exhilarating spectacle that Jeskai Control brings to the table. It's a dance of flames and logic, and you're the choreographer.

What Jeskai Control Excels In: 

- Spellweaving Prowess: This deck's true strength lies in its spellweaving finesse. With cards like Galvanic Iteration, you'll be weaving spells in ways that leave opponents spellbound. The combinations are limited only by your imagination, and the results are often game-changing.

- Resource Management: Jeskai Control thrives on keeping your resources intact while dismantling your opponent's strategy. Cards like Mindsplice Apparatus and Devious Cover-Up let you manipulate the board and your opponent's plans.

- Aggressive Control: The beauty of this deck is that it can play defensively and offensively at the same time. With a mix of counter magic and damage-dealing spells, you're not just thwarting your opponent's moves; you're actively pressuring them.

There you have it, fellow wizards of the arcane. Jeskai Control is your gateway to wielding fire and intellect as your ultimate weapons. Are you ready to light up the battlefield with brilliance? The stage is set, and the applause awaits. Let's cast some spells that will leave your opponents breathless!


  • 1 Plains
  • 1 Mountain
  • 2 Adarkar Wastes
  • 2 Battlefield Forge
  • 4 Shivan Reef
  • 3 Syncopate
  • 3 Seachrome Coast
  • 2 Devious Cover-Up
  • 1 Burn Down the House
  • 1 Galvanic Iteration
  • 1 The Celestus
  • 4 Deserted Beach
  • 4 Stormcarved Coast
  • 2 Sundown Pass
  • 3 March of Otherworldly Light
  • 1 Eiganjo, Seat of the Empire
  • 1 Otawara, Soaring City
  • 1 Sokenzan, Crucible of Defiance
  • 4 Big Score
  • 4 Silver Scrutiny
  • 4 Fires of Victory
  • 3 Union of the Third Path
  • 1 Brotherhood's End
  • 1 White Sun's Twilight
  • 3 Mindsplice Apparatus
  • 2 Sunfall
  • 1 Chandra, Hope's Beacon


3. Azorius Control

Azorius Control is your ticket to domination of the MTG Arena battlefield

Prepare to immerse yourself in the serene elegance of Azorius Control in the mesmerizing realm of MTG Arena. If the thought of navigating the tides of battle with finesse and precision tickles your imagination, then this deck is your passport to strategic domination. Let's unveil the serene power of Azorius Control.

Allow me to share a little secret with you—Azorius Control is no ordinary deck. It's a symphony of patience and foresight, a delicate dance of countering, negating, and sculpting the battlefield. What sets this deck apart is its uncanny ability to control the pace of the game while subtly guiding it in your direction. Imagine yourself as a maestro, conducting spells and strategies to orchestrate your triumph.

Seasoned players regard this deck as a gem in the art of control. The key lies in its ability to maintain a serene exterior while brewing a storm of calculated moves beneath. It's not just about stopping your opponent's progress; it's about steering the game toward a destiny you've carefully crafted.

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine you're at the center of an intricate dance. With each counter spell and card draw, you're stepping gracefully, always one move ahead of your opponent. The Azorius Control deck is all about that dance—the balance between restraint and release, the art of countering without flinching, and the joy of sculpting a symphony of victory.

Ever reveled in the delight of seeing your opponent's strategy dissolve with a well-timed Wash Away or Make Disappear? That's the magic of Azorius Control. It's not just about playing cards; it's about weaving a tale of tactical mastery that leaves your foes bewildered.

What Azorius Control Excels In:

- Counter Charm: Azorius Control excels in spell negation and countering. With cards like Spell Pierce and Wash Away, you're not just stopping your opponent; you're bending their strategies to your will.

- Resource Preservation: One of this deck's masterstrokes is its ability to preserve your resources while dismantling your opponent's plans. Cards like Memory Deluge and Faithful Mending ensure you're always in control of the battlefield and your deck's fate.

- Endgame Mastery: Azorius Control is a patient deck that thrives in the late game. Cards like Jace, the Perfected Mind and Sunfall grant you the power to tip the scales in your favor as the match unfolds.

There you have it, fellow Planeswalkers—the Azorius Control deck, where tranquility and mastery intersect. Are you prepared to command the battlefield with grace and precision? The serene winds of victory await your guidance. Let's cast some spells and orchestrate a symphony of triumph!


  • 7 Plains
  • 7 Island
  • 1 Spell Pierce
  • 4 Tranquil Cove
  • 4 Memory Deluge
  • 2 Faithful Mending
  • 4 Deserted Beach
  • 3 Wash Away
  • 2 Farewell
  • 3 The Wandering Emperor
  • 1 Eiganjo, Seat of the Empire
  • 1 Otawara, Soaring City
  • 1 Depopulate
  • 3 Make Disappear
  • 4 Soul Partition
  • 4 Jace, the Perfected Mind
  • 2 Mirrex
  • 3 Elspeth's Smite
  • 4 Sunfall


2. Mono-Black Control

If you like dark magic, Mono-Black Conrol is your new shadowy companion in MTG Arena

We're delving deep into the shadows and exploring the captivating world of Mono-Black Control in the mystical realm of MTG Arena. If you're intrigued by the idea of wielding dark magic to dismantle your opponents' plans, this deck might just become your new shadowy companion. Get ready to master the art of control through the shades of Mono-Black.

Allow me to draw you into the heart of the matter—Mono-Black Control isn't just a deck; it's a journey into the depths of domination. What sets this deck apart is its extraordinary ability to influence the battlefield in ways that leave your opponents spellbound. Picture yourself as the puppeteer, pulling the strings to unravel your foes' strategies one by one.

Veteran players hold this deck in high regard for its versatility and raw power. The secret lies in its dark arsenal of spell disruption, creature removal, and resource manipulation. It's not just about countering your opponents; it's about unraveling their plans and reshaping the battlefield to your advantage.

Imagine playing a game of chess, but instead of knights and pawns, you're orchestrating spells and creatures that manifest your strategic brilliance. The Mono-Black Control deck allows you to become the embodiment of shadowy control, snuffing out your opponent's hopes and dreams with every calculated move. It's not just about playing cards; it's about channeling the darkness within to master the art of control.

Have you ever relished the moment your opponent's face twists from confidence to disbelief as you cunningly destroy their creatures with spells like Go for the Throat or force them to discard with Duress? That's the essence of Mono-Black Control—a dance of shadows and dominance that showcases your prowess in the magical arts.

What Mono-Black Control Excels In: 

- Resource Manipulation: Mono-Black Control thrives on manipulating your opponent's resources while conserving your own. Cards like Duress and Cut Down not only disrupt their plans but also weaken their defenses.

- Creature Suppression: The deck's ability to remove and suppress enemy creatures is exceptional. Spells like Go for the Throat and Sheoldred's Edict ensure that your opponent's threats vanish before they become a problem.

- Late-Game Dominance: As the game progresses, Mono-Black Control only grows stronger. Cards like Sheoldred, the Apocalypse and Archfiend of the Dross grant you the means to dominate the late game and dictate the flow of the battle.

So, fellow aficionados of the shadows, there you have it—Mono-Black Control, a deck that lets you wield the power of darkness to control the battlefield. Are you ready to cast your spells, embrace the shadows, and show your opponents who truly holds the reins of power? The abyss awaits your command!


  • 19 Swamp
  • 2 Cut Down
  • 4 Duress
  • 4 Go for the Throat
  • 4 Graveyard Trespasser
  • 1 Takenuma, Abandoned Mire
  • 4 Tenacious Underdog
  • 4 Evolved Sleeper
  • 4 Sheoldred, the Apocalypse
  • 4 Gix, Yawgmoth Praetor
  • 4 Mishra's Foundry
  • 4 Archfiend of the Dross
  • 2 Sheoldred's Edict


1. 4-Color Control

Master the art of strategy in MTG Arena with 4-Color Control

Brace yourselves for a magical journey into the realm of intricate strategies with the captivating 4-Color Control deck in MTG Arena. If you're a lover of complexity and the thrill of adapting on the fly, then this deck is poised to become your new magical companion. Prepare to weave together the threads of different colors and master the art of strategic versatility. Let's dive into the harmonious unity of 4-Color Control.

Here's a revelation for you—4-Color Control isn't just a deck; it's a symphony of elements that work in harmony. What sets this deck apart is its incredible flexibility to wield the strengths of four different colors, allowing you to tailor your responses to virtually any situation. Imagine yourself as the conductor of a grand symphony, guiding your spells and strategies to craft the perfect melody of victory.

Veteran players revere this deck for its adaptability and the sheer range of options it offers. The key to its power lies in its ability to weave together the essences of different colors into a cohesive whole. It's not just about controlling the game; it's about steering it in your favor by adapting to each twist and turn.

Close your eyes and envision a kaleidoscope of colors, each representing an aspect of magic—fire, water, wind, earth—all at your beck and call. That's the essence of 4-Color Control, where each card you play adds a unique hue to your strategy. This isn't merely playing cards; it's painting a masterpiece of spells that leaves opponents spellbound.

Have you ever relished the moment of surprise when your opponent realizes you have an answer for every situation thanks to your rainbow of spells? That's the magic of 4-Color Control—a dance of unexpected brilliance that showcases your mastery of the elements.

What 4-Color Control Excels In: 

- Adaptability: The core strength of 4-Color Control lies in its remarkable adaptability. With an array of colors at your disposal, you're never pigeonholed. From counterspells to removal and everything in between, you have the tools to handle any challenge.

- Resource Manipulation: This deck is a maestro in manipulating resources. Color-based card draw and removal ensure you're not only controlling your opponent but also sculpting the game's flow to your liking.

- Mid-Game Dominance: As the game unfolds, 4-Color Control truly shines. Cards like versatile planeswalkers and spells ensure you dictate the tempo, leaving your opponents racing to catch up.

There you have it, fellow elemental enchanters—the 4-Color Control deck, where the symphony of colors forms the very fabric of your victory. Are you ready to wield the magic of fire, water, wind, and earth all at once? The battlefield is your canvas, and your spells are the strokes of triumph. Let's cast our spells and create a harmonious masterpiece of victory!


  • 5 Plains
  • 1 Island
  • 1 Negate
  • 1 Adarkar Wastes
  • 1 Field of Ruin
  • 2 Ambitious Farmhand
  • 1 Sunset Revelry
  • 1 Fading Hope
  • 4 Memory Deluge
  • 1 The Celestus
  • 4 Deserted Beach
  • 1 Farewell
  • 3 The Wandering Emperor
  • 1 Eiganjo, Seat of the Empire
  • 1 Otawara, Soaring City
  • 1 Depopulate
  • 3 Make Disappear
  • 2 Jetmir's Garden
  • 4 Raffine's Tower
  • 4 Spara's Headquarters
  • 2 Archangel of Wrath
  • 4 Leyline Binding
  • 1 Temporary Lockdown
  • 1 Rona's Vortex
  • 4 Lay Down Arms
  • 1 Soul Partition
  • 1 Atraxa, Grand Unifier
  • 2 Mirrex
  • 1 Sunfall
  • 1 Invasion of Arcavios


  • 1 Devious Cover-Up
  • 1 Farewell
  • 1 March of Otherworldly Light
  • 1 Silver Scrutiny
  • 1 Soul Partition
  • 1 White Sun's Twilight
  • 1 See Double

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