[Top 20] Witcher 3 Best Combat Mods For A Better Combat Experience

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Get your combat elevated with these mods for The Witcher 3.

In the world of the witcher, there are all sorts of foes to encounter in both conversation and combat. What’s a witcher without their combat abilities? Where it is possible to upgrade your combat in many ways, mods are an added plus. But which of the thousands will you choose? Here’s a list of the top 20 combat mods for the Witcher 3.


20. Better Combat Enhanced

Get ready to take on combat in a completely better form.

The purpose of Better Combat is just that: to have better combat. The Enhanced version of the mod introduces more substantial changes that are perfect for a second playthrough. This mod makes a few changes to the skill tree, allowing you more freedom with your builds. Perhaps the most major change with this mod is that Geralt’s Signs are now cheaper to cast, but will also be a lot less potent, especially the Quen Sign. This changes a lot of things….especially if you’re like this author and use Quen in basically any battle you face. Melee attacks and Signs in themselves will not be enough to defeat monsters. Stamina regeneration is a lot slower as well especially in the guard stance. Keeping these changes in mind, you will now need to be on your toes and formulate better strategies where you use attacks and signs together….so prepare yourself for difficulty.

Better Combat Enhanced features:

  • Removed all skill points requirements. Now you can mix and match the skills you prefer with no restrictions on how many points you invest in a tree.
  • Removed all skill points innate bonuses to vitality, stamina and potion duration. All the bonuses are tied exclusively to equipment and specific skills now.
  • Geralt doesn't acquire stats increases with levels anymore (apart from a minimal attack power increase that's necessary for fist fights). Every increase is to be acquired via skills and equipment. 
  • All alternate signs/swords techniques (i.e. Firestream or Whirl) usable from the beginning, without a slot reserved for the ability.
  • Ability to parry arrows usable from the beginning without investing a slot on it (but NOT reflecting arrows at the attacker as Geralt is not a sort of Jedi).
  • Overhauled stamina resource management by actions: every action will cost stamina and/or delay stamina regeneration depending on its type, especially for the actions tied to combat. No move is without cost now.
  • Revisited XP progression curve: it starts faster then becomes slower and slower as Geralt progresses in levels, to reach about 15%-20% slower progression in total by level 25 onwards (level 30 in BC is like level 35 in vanilla).
  • Revisited difficulty modes (apart easy): normal is slightly more difficult than default broken bones, broken bones is (much in many instances) more difficult than the old death march and death march is very much harder than in vanilla.
  • Revisited human strength in the game: poorly equipped enemies (as bandits) will be much less troublesome than monsters, for example, however the best equipment humans have the more sturdy they will become (as it should be).
  • Removed arbitrary bonuses given by the game to enemies of higher (or lower) level than you. In this way you will be able to fight enemies much higher than you if you can cope with their strength, without the engine setting limitations on this possibility.
  • Increased enemies' resistances reductions for death march and added them to broken bones difficulty too.
  • Increased enemies' stamina regeneration in Broken Bones and Death March (moderately on the former case, greatly on the latter), so they will use parry/dodge/roll/attacks etc. much more than in normal and easy.

Better Combat Enhanced details

Better Combat Enhanced fun factor: 70/100

19. Enhanced Edition

Get ready to cut your enemies in half in this combat mod....

If you're interested in other big overhaul mods, Enhanced Edition is another excellent option that radically changes the base experience. When using the fan-made Enhanced Edition, start a new game and make sure to turn the tutorials on (the changes are extensive). Combat, exploration, alchemy, sailing, even Roach's saddlebags, see major tweaks and changes with this mod Because Enhanced Edition shakes up so many elements of The Witcher 3, you may need to make a few other tweaks and install other mods to get it fully working (like the mod limit fix in particular).

Enhanced Edition features:

  • A complete and comprehensive rework of The Witcher 3, offering a much higher quality experience than the original game ever could

Enhanced Edition details

Enhanced Edition fun factor: 80/100

18. Improved Sign Effects

Embrace the magic with this mod.

We all love a good magic show, and this mod helps to create the illusion of that a bit more in the world of the Globe. The various Signs that Geralt can use in The Witcher 3 do a great job of making his arsenal even more diverse and enjoyable to explore. However, some people might find the effects of these Signs to be somewhat underwhelming, especially given their utility in combat. Players who don't want to be disappointed time and time again while using these Signs should definitely download the Improved Sign Effects mod. It might be a simple change, but it does make a world of difference when it comes to improving the feel of combat in The Witcher 3. 

Improved Sign Effects features:

  • Intense Igni and Ard effect from the mod Visual Immersion Overhaul, making the effects more intense.

Improved Sign Effects details

Improved Sign Effects fun factor: 65/100

17. Always Full EXP

Keep your XP supercharged with this mod.

If you want to be full throttle all the time, go for this mod. The Witcher 3 might sport stellar narratives and challenges across the majority of its questlines... but there's no denying the fact players who end up finishing a quest that they were slightly overleveled for would be kinda peeved at the fact that the experience for completing this quest is close to negligible. The Always Full EXP mod aims to change this, providing a bunch of balanced options to ensure that players don't feel like they're wasting their time with some of the quests in the game. 

Always Full EXP features:

  • Always full exp for quests
  • Alternative variants available: Always Full Exp, Always Difficulty Exp, Always Mixed Exp, Always DLC Exp, Always Neovalen Exp

Always Full EXP details

Always Full EXP fun factor: 75/100

16. Slots Slots SLOTS

Bet higher odds on yourself with lots of slots.

No no, no gambling is included in this mod, although if you find a local gwent player around who can take you down…that’s usually a gamble enough…The base game ends up limiting the total number of skill slots and mutations in order to offer more of a balanced experience. However, this limitation can be somewhat irksome for players who want to explore the entirety of Geralt's arsenal without any limitations. This mod aims to accomplish exactly that by removing these limitations on skills and mutations. All of the sudden, the player can be spoiled for choice with the sheer level of customization when it comes to Geralt's augments and movesets. Of course, there's always a balanced option for people who still want a decent level of challenge with this game. 

Slots Slots SLOTS features:

  • Up to 100+ skill slots allowed
  • Activate multiple mutations
  • Rich configuration options
  • Balanced version available
  • Gamepad friendly

Slots Slots SLOTS details

Slots Slots SLOTS fun factor: 70/100

15. Indestructible Items

Keep your weapons timeless.

The days of weapons degradation are over! Where you used to have to repair your weapons as you fought, this mod allows for you to ditch the blacksmith trips and keep doing what Geralt does best.

Indestructible Items features: 

  • Removes weapon degradation so Geralt's weapons and armor will always be at 100% durability. 
  • If you already have a broken weapon/armor and you install this mod, you just have to use the weapon or get hit while wearing the armor and it will be set to 100% durability

Indestructible Items details

Indestructible Items fun factor: 95/100

14. Auto-Apply Oils

This one's for the lazy folk.

With the Auto Apply Oils mod, the headache of finding proper oils is completely a thing of the past. This mod scans the enemies around Geralt when he gets into combat and automatically applies the appropriate oils to tackle this situation. Whether this is more fun or effective, this author sees it as a must have! So often throughout this game Geralt collects oils and, unless you take your time to thoroughly prepare for a battle, will go unused. This mod will allow you to more easily defeat multiple types of enemies as it adds the oils that best suit your enemies and sword types the best! 

Auto Apply Oils features:

  • When you draw your sword the mod scans the enemies around you, and applies the oil that will be effective most against them

Auto Apply Oils details

Auto Apply Oils fun factor: 70/100

13.Ultra Gore 2


After the nude mods and UI tweaks, somebody always comes along to amp up the gore quotient in any major open-world game, and The Witcher 3 is no exception.

Adding a dash of the explosive effects from Fallout 3, Ultra Gore 2 lets you dismember every last body part on most enemies. This mod doesn't change how combat works or modify the damage system; it's simply visual. Keep in mind that this mod doesn't work with the More Blood mod, though, and it doesn't play well with most mods that change combat graphical effects.

Ultra Gore 2 features:

  • Enhances effects associated with damage to all enemies, NPCs, and monsters

Ultra Gore 2 details

Ultra Gore 2 fun factor: 95/100 

12. Stronger Crossbow Bolts

Work it make it do it makes us all better faster stronger (crossbow bolts).

Swords aren't the only tools in Geralt's arsenal of weaponry. He also has access to the Crossbow, which gives the witcher some much-needed ranged capability. However, fans will quickly notice that the Crossbow isn't the "be-all-end-all" in a tough fight. Melee weapons remain as Geralt's primary means of dealing damage. Furthermore, as enemies become stronger as Geralt levels, the effectiveness of the Crossbow wanes a bit. The Stronger Crossbow Bolts mod attempts to keep the Crossbow as a viable weapon, even in the latter stages of the game. The damage of the bolts is increased, thereby ensuring the weapon remains dangerous in Geralt's hands. So, feel free to fire away! 

Stronger Crossbow Bolts features:

  • Base damage values for piercing damage,silver damage and armor reduction are multiplied by 10.

Stronger Crossbow Bolts details

Stronger Crossbow Bolts fun factor: 60/100

11. Better Combat Evolved 3.0

Skip the 2.0 and head straight to this.

The Better Combat Evolved 3.0….its like it’s better combat…but evolved…. This mod addresses the decreasing difficulty curve of the game as you progress through it. Geralt faces a few setbacks, but on the other hand, the enemies receive a major bonus. If you’re on your second, or possibly third playthrough, this combined with some of these other mods will give you that real oomph in battle difficulty that you’re looking for.

Better Combat Evolved features:

  • Overall, this mod completely reshapes the combat mechanics and makes it more challenging, all while also increasing the rewards that you gain from them. 
  • With this mod, the combat not only becomes more difficult, but its mechanics are also a bit more realistic. 
  • Toxic potions are now a lot more potent and Geralt’s armor effectiveness is also reduced by 25%. 
  • Moreover, practically everything you now do costs stamina, which includes light and heavy attacks, rolling, blocking, etc. 
  • Foes will have higher and improved stats. They will also be smarter and behave according to the situation at hand. They will be more aggressive if they’re in groups – less if they’re alone. 
  • Similarly, bigger enemies will block your attacks more often, while the smaller enemies will tend to dodge them.

Better Combat Evolved details

Better Combat Evolved fun factor: 80/100

10. Ghost Mode

SpooOoOOOOoky vibes with this one.

No, you’re not going to become invisible…..Ghost Mode mod focuses mainly on combat realism and balancing along with fixing a few bugs from the vanilla-ness of the base game. This mod makes combat a bit more difficult, but not by a lot since it’s meant to keep the gameplay as close to vanilla as possible…..not too chocolatey…. The mod organizes the armor into 3 different tiers – light, medium, and heavy. Geralt’s movements will be affected by the kind of armor worn. That said, heavy armor will cause an increase in the stamina reduction rate. Moreover, the stamina is further limited with attacks and Signs as they use much more than the standard amount. Overall, this mod means to make the combat system more realistic and strategic without straying too far from the base mechanics of the game. 

Ghost Mode features: 

  • The mod focuses on improving overall gameplay by fixing bugged and over/underpowered skills, balancing of crafting, loot and economy while still keeping the game as close to vanilla as possible.

Ghost Mode details

Ghost Mode fun factor: 80/100

9. MEID - Mortal Enemies Increased Difficulty

Get ready to fail!

You think you’re up for the challenge of facing the hardest enemies at a harder level? This is the mod for you. This mod makes the enemies a lot more dangerous and fights with them a lot more exciting. Unlike the previous mods, the MEID does not decrease Geralt’s fighting capabilities in terms of stamina or Signs but instead makes the enemies way more powerful. With this mod, a mere Drowner would be able to kill Geralt in a few strikes. As such, this mod emphasizes the proper use of your armor – so make sure you put on your best gear before you head out to face any monsters. With such a small change, the fights become drastically difficult and intense, and your attack strategies significantly change.

MEID features: 

  • If Death March is giving you sleep, this Mod is for you. Watch out! This mod is for witcher professionals, seeking great challenges.

MEID details

MEID fun factor: 85/100

8. No Fall Damage

Some real parkour stuff with this one.

This is a great feature we see in game series like Assassin's Creed that are super helpful when adapted to this game….I mean…technically a witcher is just a monster….assassin???The No Fall Damage mod does not make combat harder but instead makes it easier to some degree. As the name implies, Geralt is basically on steroids with this mod when falling from heights. Although this mod may not seem to have a huge impact on combat, it eradicates the constant frustration from making minor mistakes like rolling off a cliff during one. Moreover, since you do not take any more fall damage, you’re in for a fun experience freely traveling across the map. 

No Fall Damage features:

  • Removes fall damage, so Geralt can freely attempt to parkour around Novigrad without risking a trip back to a loading screen.

No Fall Damage details

No Fall Damage fun factor: 90/100

7. Remove Weapon and Armor Level Restrictions

Rules are meant to be broken.

We’ve all gone through one thing in this game for sure, and that is completing a quest to unlock a weapon and then not being able to use it for a fairly long time because we’re not meeting the level requirements yet. Even when we do meet the weapon requirements, that weapon is basically worthless at that point. The Remove Weapon and Armor Level Restrictions means to take care of this problem, obviously. With this unbalanced and frustrating mechanic now removed, you can choose any weapon and armor you like in the game and test them out without having to grind for XP first. 

Remove Weapon and Armor Level Restrictions features:

  • Removes level requirements so Geralt can equip any weapon or piece of armor, regardless of level.

Remove Weapon and Armor Level Restrictions details

Remove Weapon and Armor Level Restrictions fun factor: 95/100

6.(Next Gen Edition) Friendly HUD

...because no one likes a mean HUD.

While the original HUD is a great way to incorporate signs into every battle you face, it could use some improvement (sorry CD Projekt Red deal with it). This mod aims to make the HUD a bit more user friendly, making your battles feel less clunky and more clashy! The mod doesn't change any of the balance aspects of the game, it only provides pieces of information to the player he/she already has access to. By installing it you won't be making the game easier or unrealistic, it's an UI mod, which aims to improve quality of life and immersion in the Globe.

(Next Gen Edition) Friendly HUD features: 

  • This mod offers a lot of options to configure HUD modules as well as adds 3D markers for quest and NPC tracking and makes several improvements to game menus. 
  • You can use all of the options mod has or turn the ones you don't need off.

(Next Gen Edition) Friendly HUD details

(Next Gen Edition) Friendly HUD fun factor: 65/100

5. Fast And Deadly Combat

Fast is great and so is deadly...so why not both?

While I am sure Geralt would be offended if we told him he wasn’t already fast and deadly enough, this mod aims to make him better in both categories. This mod is especially interesting as you can adjust the damage amount you deal to enemies anywhere from a 10% to 100% scale, making difficulty scaling more appropriate for any player’s ability or playthrough.

Fast And Deadly Combat features:

  • Now you can adjust from 10 to 100% damage boost to the player, to monsters and to humans separately with the game Mods menu.

Fast And Deadly Combat details

Fast And Deadly Combat fun factor: 80/100

4. Legendary Counter Parry Combat Attacks

Don't be ordinary, be legendary.

There’s nothing as legendary as a good parry, and surely nothing as legendary as being able to perform one every time you receive an incoming blow. This mod allows you to press the block or guard button as many times as you want, and you will always counter the attack. This works for fist fights as well, so swing away! Just don’t make the same mistake this author did…we know wraiths cannot be countered…and they WILL rip right through you. Just don’t try it. Please.

Legendary Counter Parry Combat Attacks features:

  • This mod allows you to counter almost every attack that is allowed to be countered and/or parried within the game to make Geralt look and feel untouchable.

Legendary Counter Parry Combat Attacks details

Legendary Counter Parry Combat Attacks fun factor: 90/100

3. No Inventory Access During Combat

Pockets empty is a dangerous place to be.

You know what would be super evil for a mod to do? No allow you any inventory access! Wish someone thought of that for a mod…oh wait, they did! Be prepared ahead of time to face anything from a regular NPC or a boss fight…without any use from your satchel. Just Geralt, his armor and weapons….raw doggin’ it in battle….so to speak….

No Inventory Access During Combat features:

  • Prepare Or Die. Disables the inventory menu during combat.

No Inventory Access During Combat details

No Inventory Access During Combat fun factor: 80/100

2. Ranged Combat Redone

You'll be Robin Hood 2.0. with this mod.

If the increased crossbow bolts weren’t enough for you, this is a great additional mod to up your Robin Hood abilities in the Witcher world. This mod hopes to extend this idea into a full ranged combat overhaul that will make the crossbow a much more viable alternative in combat. What I'm going for with this mod is to give each ammunition type a distinct use case, extend customizability of bows and broaden the range of damage types and effects available.

Ranged Combat Redone features: 

  • Improves and changes damage, statistics and effects of all bolts and crossbows in the game making them a far more viable option in battle.

Ranged Combat Redone details

Ranged Combat Redone fun factor: 85/100

1. Advanced Combat System

A completely different look at the Witcher's already original combat system.

Get ready for a total overhaul of the combat system with this mod. The primary purpose of this mod is to grant the player the ability to use all humanoid NPC combat animations available in the game. Geralt's default moveset/behavior/animations are available for use at any time.

ACS does not edit them in any way, and allows for full compatibility with other mods that alter them. Just take this combat system to battle and see how much swiftly Geralt moves.

Advanced Combat System features:

  • ACS grants the player the ability to use all humanoid NPC combat animations available in the game, such as Eredin's, Olgierd's, Dettlaff's, spear, halberd, etc, along with numerous special abilities. 
  • Enhances the AI and behavior of certain human enemies, adds various NPC weapons as enemy loot, and spawns custom monsters into the game world.

Advanced Combat System details

Advanced Combat System fun factor: 90/100


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