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Ryu gives Luke a vicious uppercut from the Shin Shoryuken.
Street Fighter 6 is yet another great entry in Capcom’s long-running... Read More
JP looking as mysterious as he ever could.
Street Fighter 6’s cast is full of virtuous and valiant characters,... Read More
Chun-Li during Street Fighter 6's World Tour.
Street Fighter 6 launched with a solid array of characters, 18 in... Read More
Ken preparing his Sit Down and Shut Up Super Art
The current success of Street Fighter 6 shows how the game will... Read More
The Avatar and Li-Fen get ready for action.
Street Fighter 6 has more than established itself as a solid... Read More
The Best Street Fighter Characters in History
Capcom’s Street Fighter series has existed for over 36 years now. It... Read More
MHW Best Long Swords
When you’ve played co-op on MHW before, you’ll likely have at least... Read More
MHW Best Dual Blades
The dual blades are among the most popular weapons in MHW. It’s the... Read More
MHW Best Greatswords
The Great Sword is an iconic weapon in the Monster Hunter series. It’... Read More
The Iconic Survival horror game
Top 10 Resident evil games on PC   The Iconic survival... Read More
Resident Evil 2, Capcom, Remake, e3 2018, Gamescon 2018, Third-Person-Shooter
Announced at E3 2018 Set to release on January 25, 2019 for PS4... Read More
Devil May Cry 5, Devil May Cry, Hideaki Itsuno, E3, Gamescon 2018, Dante, Nero, Tatsuya Yoshikawa
Announced E3 2018 Release date set for March 8 2019 before April... Read More
best resident evil games PC 2018
Here are the top 10 best Resident Evil games to play on PC!... Read More
Best Street Fighter 5 Players
Who Are The Best Street Fighter Players In The World ? Being a top... Read More
action, adventure, rpg, open world
In Monster Hunter World, you are a Hunter summoned by the Research... Read More
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