10 Awesome PC Games You Totally Need in 2015

10 Awesome PC Games You Totally Need in 2015
Tracer from Overwatch

Are You in a Gaming Rut?

Check out this list of our top 10 most awesome pc games that you should play this year. Sometimes we get bored with what we’ve got and we look for something new, hopefully this list can help you find your next gaming addiction.

10. Overwatch

Looks like a Jedi with guns!

Years have passed since the heroic peace keepers were disbanded. People didn’t think they needed them anymore since the threat of the Omnic (Artificial Intelligence) has long passed. Now trouble is brewing again and the time for heroes is returning.

Many heads have turned since Blizzard announced their first ever FPS game. It looks to be an awesome blend between the moba and fps genre. Just imagine your favorite League of Legends champion running around an FPS arena. It is going to be awesome! You need to play this game because Blizzard doesn’t produce low quality stuff.

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