10 Deadly Assassins From Video Games

The most lethal fighters

10 Deadly Assassins From Video Games

            Stealth based games can be incredibly rewarding. Remaining hidden while disposing of your targets requires great skill and practice, but these 10 video game characters certainly seem to have it down. Of course, you could always choose to take a gun’s blazing full frontal attack style approach in these games, but that wouldn’t be any fun now would it? Here we go, the top 10 deadly characters from assassin games:

10. Sub-Zero

SubZero looks cooler than ever in Mortal Kombat X.

            Sub-Zero is one of the most iconic characters for the Mortal Kombat series. The character is played by two brothers, the younger who takes up the role after the older dies. They serve as a hitman for the Lin Kuei clan and have been ordered to kill the host Shang Tsung. When the older brother fails the younger steps up and takes his place.

            Sub-Zero’s mastery over the frozen element makes him a powerful foe to be reckoned with. He can swirl ice around and shape it into sharp spears. He can freeze you to the ground where you walk and dismember your body. However, the reason he isn’t any higher up on this list is due to the fact that he always fights his opponents face to face in a ring. Assassins don’t duel someone until their health bar is depleted. It seems to work for this guy though.

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