10 Female Superheroes Who Are a Good Influence for Young Girls

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The A-Force, the first all-female group for Marvel.

With so much promiscuity and high standards for looks, as well as low standards for morals, girls these days need a safe place to land.

Sure, nearly all (if not all) female superheroes have the so-called perfect body, but this doesn’t mean they don’t have other values to offer young girls. Let’s talk about a few heroes who have something to show not just young girls in this scary world of mixed-up expectations, but everyone.

1) Jean Grey

Jean Grey as Phoenix.

Undeniably one of the most powerful forces in the Marvel universe, there is no way that Jean Grey couldn’t make the list.

Let’s not forget that not only was Jean Grey Prof. X’s first student, but had so much potential power that he had to suppress it at a young age. For this reason, she was originally known as Marvel Girl (THE female icon for X-Men and partially Marvel itself). She’s been down many times, but like a phoenix she will always rise from the ashes. This is a metaphor that no matter what you go through, you can always get back up, stronger than before.

Although she can bring and has brought great devastation, when in her right mind, and not overcome by the Phoenix Force, she is one of the most compassionate and selfless beings in the Marvel Universe.

Spotlight from Contest of Champions  

2) Black Widow

Who hasn’t dreamt of being a legendary spy?

Natasha (the Black Widow we all know) has shown us the power of a woman willing to fight with the boys.

With a past of an arranged marriage, being orphaned as a teen, and brainwashed into becoming a war machine, well, I’d say she turned out pretty well-rounded considering.

This did her good by giving her a strong mind, a fighting style matched with Bruce Lee, and the athleticism of an Olympian. Yet it also led to a deceitful skill of manipulation, inability to maintain a romantic relationship, and villainous past. But really, some of the most powerful and respectable heroes were once villains. Natasha has grit and complexity that many heroes lack.

3) Rogue

Rogue has one of the most difficult to cope with abilities in the universe.

When you put your first boyfriend in a coma, and are unable to touch another human being, things are bound to get mixed-up in your head.

Not only was Rogue once a villain (even absorbing and attempting to kill Ms. Marvel) but she was raised by two of them. Now, Mystique doesn’t have the best past for being a good mom, but it seems she treated Rogue well.

It’s a mystery why no one ever talks about the power that Rogue possesses. With the ability to absorb the powers and memories of anyone she touches, this gives her no power cap. She also is one of the few heroes that went to the dark side for a semi-virtuous reason. She became so frustrated with her abilities hurting those she loved, that she couldn’t handle it anymore, so she turned to those she believed would accept her. But, it is important to learn that doing things you know are wrong with a “selfless” or “reasonable” excuse, doesn’t make it any less wrong. The right people will accept you, and if they don’t, there’s always somewhere to turn. You just have to know where to look. (This is not the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants or a street gang)

Rogue spotlight from Marvel Heroes

4) Elektra

Elektra is one of the greatest athletes and martial artists to live.

An assassin stuck in between her past and her hidden morals.

Elektra is a confusing character. So, maybe her impulsiveness and thrill-seeking personality aren’t her strongest features, but there’s a lot to learn from this “villain.” Like many on this list, she too has a dark and haunting past. Even being admitted into to a crazy house at one point, she lets us know that those with metal disabilities can sober themselves out enough to be beautiful, strong, and graceful.  With nearly 1/5 of the adult population suffering from mental disabilities, it’s nice to have someone to look to, showing them that anyone can take control and live the life they want to.

Spotlight from Marvel 101 

5) Valkyrie

A Norse legend turned Marvel.

A picture of feminism, Valkyrie has the strength of any man.

Brunnhilde, an Asgardian, is not your typical female hero. Not only does she have strength nearly matched with Thor’s, but she looks the part of it too. She is a stubborn feminine brute and one of the strongest combatants in the universe. She has the ability to foresee a person’s death as it is her duty to guide them in the afterlife.

Valkyrie has her own set of beliefs that she never abandons, even if it means betraying her background and Asgardian code.

She hasn’t been in the spotlight much, but that’s about to change, or so tales from Marvel Studios suggests.

A new Thor movie starring this Norse legend

6) Ms. Marvel

Kamala Khan, the average teenage girl.

The Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel is a great example of your typical teenager with big dreams.

You may say, “Hey! That’s not Carol!” but please, just hear me out. This is the new Ms. Marvel.

Finally, just a teen nerd, fangirling over the Avengers. This is something that many of us can relate to and actually dream could happen to us.

But the main reason I put her on the list is due to her background, which in most cases would be slightly irrelevant. But today, her Muslim Immigrant family history is more than relevant. With nearly every other superhero being (or at least appearing) Caucasian, Kamala adds a different perspective for the world.

So, this young, new, diverse, yet so normal superhero not only brings a great added value to the hero pool, but also brings out the superhero in all of us.

Kamala in Contest of Champions

7) Wonder Woman

Ageless, timeless, and will forever be the iconic female superhero.

The icon of perfection, Wonder Woman shows how some women can impact the entire world.

Diana…for over seventy years she has been the icon for women around the world. If you’ll look around things haven’t changed much. Although at first, many called her offensive and risqué, she was created to symbolize female empowerment.

Wielding a weapon every woman wished they owned, she has the power to force anyone captured in her lasso to tell the truth, and obey her commands. Thus she stands for truth, justice, and everything your typical hero should.

8) Storm

Brains, morals, and boss powers.

With a difficult past, Storm pulls through to become one of the most upstanding, responsible, and intelligent heroes out there.

Once almost labeled Omega-Level, Storm (descendent of an African priestess and once thought a goddess) is definitely one of the most powerful in the Marvel universe. Orphaned as a young child, she grew up on the streets of Cairo, alone.

Storm amazes the world with a very real and common fear known as claustrophobia. This was brought on when her parents died and she was left in the rubble of their destroyed home at the age of five.

Ororo is known for her intelligence and leadership skills, which she often denies. Being a leading woman in the superhero universe as well as the first black female only adds to her ability to be a perfect role model for all.

Storm spotlight from Marvel vs. Capcom 3 

9) Carol Danvers

Formally Ms. Marvel, Carol Danvers is nearly the perfect hero.

Assuming the name Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers remains one of the most moral, iconic heroes.

Originally a “hero” in the U.S Air Force, Miss Danvers has always fought for what’s right. She was even fired from her job as an editor for choosing to write about women’s rights instead of fashion.

Carol Danvers is without a doubt one of the most well-rounded and female-empowering heroes to have ever step foot into Marvel, and excels at nearly anything she sets her mind to.

In 2012 she even took on the name of Captain Marvel (an even bigger icon for Marvel than Ms. Marvel) after a tragic event.

Carol Danvers is also the first woman to get her own Marvel Studios movie, due in 2019. Congrats to the “perfect” hero.

Here are some very interesting facts about Carol

10) Supergirl

The role model for all girls of 2016 and beyond.

Arguably more powerful than Superman, Kara will forever hold a spot in our hearts.

Forced to adapt to a world so unfamiliar to her, Kara is a powerful force that many “new kids” can relate to and should look up to as a role model for natural strength. Supergirl was put on the back burner, where her personality was lost, until Warner Bros. picked her up in 2015, and now she is again an icon and family friend in nearly every household.

With unrivaled female strength, a good set of morals, and a naturally beautiful heart, she sets the stage for all DC heroes.

Check out this amazing video from DC

There are countless heroes out there for young ones to looks to, and I can’t name them all, but I hope this diverse group can hit home for you all. When this cookie-cutter world gets cold and it seems everyone is out for themselves alone, know there is someone out there.  The world is full of diversity, and we’re all different, so let’s accept one another and strive for the greater purpose.    

In the words of the beloved Aunt May, “I believe there’s a hero in all of us.” 

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