10 Killing Games That Are Totally Violent

10 Killing Games That Are Totally Violent
Kratos definately fits the bill of a vicious killer

Prepare to Die... or Kill

Do you have the urge to commit unspeakable acts of violence? Then please turn to some of these games instead of your next door neighbor. The items on this list are all games in which you have the ability to injure or disfigure other people or creatures in the most horrific ways possible.

You want to mow over a bunch of innocent civilians with your car? Check. You want to break someone’s jaw off and take a selfie with it? Check. You want to pull someone’s teeth out in a gruesome torture scene? Check. These games have got everything you could possibly imagine. It should be obvious, but this list is definitely not safe for children. You probably don’t want your 6 year old playing these games.

A lot of these games have videos attached to them that demonstrate their violent nature. Don’t watch these if you have a weak stomach or find this content offensive. You have been warned.

10. Duke Nukem

Oh Duke Nukem, a true gem from the 90’s. The game started way back in 1991 on MS-DOS and has come a long way since then. The latest installment in the series is called Duke Nukem Forever and was released just a few years ago in 2011.

Duke is a trigger happy pervert who is horribly dismayed at the fact that an alien invasion is stopping him from getting his “lady fix.” So he picks up his gun and goes on a shooting rampage, and almost single handedly thwarts the alien threat.

If the premise of the game wasn’t stupid enough, the man Duke is an incredibly vulgar and brutal man. You don’t have to use your weapons to dispose off your enemies since Duke is very willing to kick everyone and everything into bloody crumpled heaps.

The worst part about this game, even worse than the fact that you can pay strippers to entertain you and then blow them to pieces, is the fact that you can brutally dispose off your alien enemies, and then defecate on their bodies. Classy Duke, very classy.

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MJuarbe 5 years 2 months ago

Madworld is crazy violent, but God of War really how can i put this makes movie violent like scenes

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James Lightning 5 years 2 months ago

Manhunt is brutal.