10 Super Scary Games That You Shouldn't Play Alone

Super scary Games

A Thrill Ride In The Dark

Horror games are intended to scare players in any way imaginable. Regardless of console, horror games have captured the hearts of many players due to their mystique and frightening imagery. These games are ones that will scare even the toughest of players. Here are the 10 Super Scary Games That You Shouldn't Play Alone.

10. Among The Sleep

Among The Sleep is very different from most horror games as you control a 2 year old child. You are suddenly woken and go through the creepy house looking for comfort. The game doesn’t have a deep combat system or a creepy sound, and instead relies on its horrific atmosphere and exploration.

Since you are playing as a baby, it’s only reasonable that there’s not much you can do to defend yourself. You’ll have to take advantage of puzzle like games and climb up things as a baby would to escape the monsters.

The game may be short, but it’s one unique and frightening horror game.

Playing as a baby is scarier than you thought.


6. The Evil Within

Detective Sebastian is investigating a mass murder When he and his partner are attacked by an evil force. Sebastian witnesses the death of his officers before he is knocked unconscious. He wakes up and finds strange creatures lurking around the dead.

Sebastian heads out to find out who or what’s behind this. There’s high tension throughout the game and it will give you plenty of anxiety. Enemies can appear at any time and any place, so it’s important to be ready at all times. The Evil Within is a chilling game that’ll definitely creep you out.

Play as a detective against the unknown.

5. Dead Space

The game is set in the year 2508. Earth has suffered an event that left a large amount of resources unusable. The surviving humans head out to search different planets for resources until they come across a horror like no other.

You’ll be using weapons upon weapons as you go through the evil that attacks. The game is gorgeous and the world is vast and horror filled. It’s a horror game that messes with you and makes you think things are getting better, but they’re not.

You'll think things are getting better in this game, but they're not

4. System Shock 2

You wake up only to realize your crew of starship Von Braun have been killed and there are cybernetic implants in your flesh. You attempt to find out the mystery behind the starship Von Braun.

The game is an inspiration for juggernaut titles such as Bioshock and Deus Ex. System Shock 2 involves difficult puzzles, hacking, as well psychic-like abilities. The character development in this game truly shines and it really is an innovating game. A Sci-Fi horror that is definitely extraordinary.

A Sci-Fi horror responsible for inspiring the likes of Bioshock

3. Doom 3

Doom 3 definitely loves it jump scares, which not everybody is a fan of but the game also incorporates a creepy atmosphere. Only a few survivors remain after an invasion by monsters. You must take these evil monsters down using a wide variety of different weapons. There’s many weapons ranging from chainsaws to average pistols.

The enemies are tough while others not so much. The atmosphere for this game is great and it’s an enjoyable thrill ride that will throw an array of jumpscares at you while creeping you out.

Prepare for jump scares

2. Amnesia: The Dark Descent

You play as Daniel as he wakes up in a castle with no prior memories of his past. You begin to see the darkness inside as the human mind can be a troubled place. Just ask Daniel.

The game doesn’t rely on jump scares, but rather the amount of immersiveness which makes you feel as though you are a part of it. The game will have you feeling paranoid and the atmosphere is truly scary. You’ll be going through different rooms and having to solve different puzzles. This game is considered one of the best horror games of all time by many fans and for good reason.

The mind of Daniel is a troubled place you must explore

1. Until Dawn

8 friends go to a lodge on a mountain owned by a friend named Josh, who is the brother of twin sisters who have gone missing. They don’t know that they aren’t the only ones on this mountain. The game feels a lot like that of a horror film.

There’s decision making in this game and those decisions have outcomes. The game is very interactive and will have you scared when you least expect it. It’s an interesting take on horror and you’ll find yourself playing the game multiple time to save as many people as you can. Out of all the games, this one is definitely one you don’t want to play alone.

You're not the only one on this mountain

Scare Your Pants Off

Horror games are games that scare you to your core. Playing them with friends helps make the experience easier, but it’s a different story when playing alone. Some like the thrill and others like the feeling they get while playing these games. All that can be said is that these are super scary games that you shouldn’t play alone.

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