10 Things League of Legends Taught Me

10 Things League of Legends Taught Me
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What Have you Learned from League of Legends?

 A game that is so enveloping as League of Legends ought to change a few things about you. You learn from every game and grow to be a better player. I’ve compiled a list of the ten most important things I’ve learned from playing the game.

10. Stay away from All-chat

Mordekaiser and Master Yi dueling

Communication is vital in a game that places such emphasis on team play as League of Legends does, but there is really never a reason why you should need to contact the enemy team. All chat is normally only used for salty players to make excuses, or bitter and angry players when they feel the need to put others down. This doesn’t need to be you and you don’t have to participate in poor habits like this.

It is rare, but it happens that all-chat is used for congratulating your lane opponent on a good play, or cracking a funny joke. These moments have happened to most of us, and they make the game more fun to play. In general though, stick with team chat and pings since it is much safer.

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