10 Things Players Hate About Dota 2

10 Things Players Hate About Dota 2
Lina definitely isn't one of them.

Don't You Just Hate These 10 Things In Dota 2?

Let’s face it, Dota 2 can be one of the most frustrating games you can play while simultaneously being one of the most rewarding. So we play and play, searching for the high of that comeback victory or the thrill of beating the enemy team to a pulp in under 20 minutes. Along the way, though, there will be some speed bumps that ruin our fun. So without further ado, here are the 10 Things Players Hate about Dota 2.

1. Players who call ‘GG’ in the first 5 minutes of play

GG guys meme

A lot can go wrong in the first few minutes of a Dota 2 game, but that’s okay—shit happens right? Although difficult, the worst starts can still be turned around with one good team fight or a couple of successful ganks. Maybe the other team gets complacent and stops paying attention to their towers, or perhaps you manage to simply out farm them by effectively stacking neutral camps. Either way, don’t give up.

Don’t be that person who says “GG” simply because the other team got first blood. All you’re doing is weakening your team’s morale and decreasing your chance of winning. Take it on the chin and move on.  

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