11 Best Fantasy Games of 2015 (for PC)

Let the magic of fantasy games come alive
11 of The Best Fantasy Games Released in 2015 for PC

Some of the most relaxing games are in the fantasy category. With these, it is easy to become lost in a world completely different. Adventures, exploration, and battles are all unwinding elements. Fantasy games are unique because they feature things not seen in the real world, such as dragons, magic, and mythical beings. In this genre, creators are allowed to design impossible beings, imaginary worlds, and fanciful story lines. Because there is so much freedom, storylines are often more captivating and immersive.

11. Undertale

This is a magnificent quest where players must try to escape the Underground. You play as a child who has fallen off a mountain and must try to find his way out of the underworld.

In the attempt to return to the surface, you must choose how you will interact with the monsters you encounter. Will you fight, or will you try to talk your way out? If you do defeat a monster, will you kill it or spare it?

Each decision affects the gameplay, and thus every action must be chosen wisely. Like many other RPGs, there are several different results that can occur at the end of the journey, which makes thoughtful decisions all the more important.

Decide whether to fight monsters

Will you ever escape the strange Underground?

10. Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

Geralt of Rivia, a monster hunter on his way through the Northern Kingdoms, is the protagonist in this third-person action role-playing game. You must help him on his journey as he tries to find an emperor’s daughter, Ciri. Ghostly riders called the Wild Hunt seek to capture her.

On the way, Geralt encounters a sorceress, clues, curses, and spirits. Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an immersive experience where you can experience several different lands, climates, and people. Geralt is able to use both weapons and magic in combat, adding an interesting complexity to battle.

A highly rated action RPG, Wild Hunt combines a compelling storyline with entertaining gameplay.

Battle vicious creatures and characters

Travel through beautiful and strange lands

9. Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward

It is a tumultuous time in Eorzea. The empire is much destroyed after an apocalypse. Because of this, the gods allow players to timetravel five years into the future.

However, there is the threat of invasion from the Garlean Empire as Eorzea attempts to heal. Players must bring an end to the Dragonsong war in Ishgard.

This MMORPG's expansion pack, Heavensward, adds two new Jobs (characters with specialized abilities), and a new playable race: the Au Ra. The game is well known for having top-of-the-line visual graphics and a well-crafted plot. It combines world exploration with quests for a well mixed fantasy game.

Enjoy gorgeous scenery while adventuring

Bring an end to the Dragonsong war

8. Shadowrun: Hong Kong

This futuristic role playing game features Hong Kong in 2056. Magic has been uncovered, and megacorps run the world.

Two factions war against each other—the Commonwealth and the Elven Court. This game features fantastical races such as the fey, frostlings, high elves, draconians, and merfolk.

You are a leader whose goal is to start your own empire. This turn-based strategy game allows players to choose to fight for either the Commonwealth or the Elven Court.
Eternal Lords is the second expansion pack, and features a new class (Necromancer), and two races (Tigran and Frostling).

Battle fantastical creatures

Explore mythical lands

6. Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide

Fight the massive rat-like Skaven as you protect Ubersreik in the End Times. You are the city’s last hope for survival in its darkest hour.

You can choose to play as the Dwarf Ranger, Bright Wizard, Witch Hunter, Waywatcher, or Empire Soldier. Choose carefully—each has a different skill set, personality, and reaction to game events. To reach the next level, you must cross a battlezone littered with Skaven.

This is immensely popular for the co-op gaming option, but singleplayer is also possible. Since it is combat focused, it is an excellent game for those who want quick fun without deep and complicated plots.

Choose a hero who will bring you to victory

Beware the Skaven

5. Hand of Fate

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