12 Best Video Game Trailers Ever Made


The best video game trailers? We have ‘em all right here!

A great video game trailer doesn’t only excite us with astonishing visuals and heart-pounding action; it pulls us right into the story, granting us a glimpse of what it’s like to be in a space marine’s boots, or to do battle with a ten-foot-tall demon. This is what makes you want to purchase a game: the promise of an experience worth having.

Here, in our humble opinion, are the 12 Best Video Game Trailers Ever Made – phenomenal trailers that astound and impress, and that leave you wanting more.

1. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty – “Ghosts of the Past” Trailer

This gorgeous cinematic trailer revisits one of the most significant events in StarCraft lore – the betrayal of Terran ghost, Sarah Kerrigan, who is left to die in the Zerg invasion of Tarsonis.

It’s devastating, not only because of the aforementioned betrayal, but also because we see how it breaks Jim Raynor. His revolution to bring the architect of Kerrigan’s downfall, Arcturus Mengsk, is partly due to his desire for vengeance.

Once the trailer’s succeeded at moving you, it then proceeds to give us all the explosive action of a summer blockbuster. Ravenous Zerg, space marines with giant guns, mysterious pyramids, and Jim Raynor making a deal with a shady figure – if all that doesn’t get you pumped up for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, then nothing will.

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