3 Features Fallout 5 Must Have. Or I Won’t Buy it

fallout 5 features
With another Fallout title inevitable, we might as well have some fun speculating and listing what we want from the game.

Bring back skill points to make the game feel like an RPG again

Bringing back the skill tree of previous games would be a welcome return after Fallout 4.

As much as I believe Fallout 4 to be a solid and fun game, I was turned off by its leveling up mechanics. I much prefer an rpg title to actually have one of the most vital elements of an rpg, allocating skills to improve the character. One of the most fun parts of RPGs is being able to effectively customize your character and have a vastly different experience depending on what skills he or she has. So when fallout 5 comes out, I want the option of either being a tank who will go in guns blazing, or a thief who can sneak in and steal everything from under their noses.

Add replayability and unique experiences with different classes

I think one element that a lot of fans, myself included want in a fallout game is the ability to play as a supermutant or a ghoul, or an android. That way you could easily imagine having very different story and gameplay experiences depending on the class. Perhaps super mutants have much more limited interactions with npcs but are immune to radiation and have much higher strength. And perhaps on top of that you can choose a background to give even more uniqueness to your character at the start of the game.

Choose a new location for the setting, perhaps New Orleans?

The setting of each fallout game is vitally important to the overall experience, specifically with the Bethesda Era titles. Fallout is an inherently American game, the setting freezes the pre-war culture in classic Americana, Fallout 3 and 4 had a heavy emphasis on patriotism and were set in classic American cities while New Vegas had both a western and Rat Pack Las Vegas theme to it. One Area which has yet to be fully explored is the American South (aside from the Point Lookout dlc for Fallout 3) and I can’t think of a better city to represent a rich tradition and blend of culture than New Orleans. And according to some albeit dubious reports I may just get my wish.

A post-apocalyptic excursion to the Big Easy would be a welcome addition to the locations of the Fallout series

I want the next installment of Fallout to include both new elements and what made the games so loved in the past

Overall I’d say for me the most important facets of the next Fallout title will be if it reintegrates traditional rpg elements into it. I’m all for having a game with broad appeal and understand the motivations behind it, but I don’t want to see the Fallout franchise lose the gameplay mechanics that made it memorable to begin with. If we see another super-broad, streamlined open world walking simulator you can be certain I won’t pay for it.

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