5 Best New Horror Games for PC in 2015

5 Best New Horror Games for PC in 2015
The Volatile from Dying Light

5 Best New Horror Games for PC in 2015

The horror genre has grown and is quickly becoming a favorite among many as the industry evolves. Some of the most popular games include the Amnesia series, Alone in the Dark, and a variety of Slenderman titles. The games terrify us and make it hard to sleep at night… But we keep coming back for more. It is like an abusive relationship. We all have that morbid curiosity deep inside that just needs to see what lies around the dark corner.

This list of new horror games focuses not only on currently released titles, but also some new and exciting horror games that are looking to be released this year. Here is the list, top 5 new horror games of 2015:

5. Dying Light

Hit the zombie with a pipe, I'm sure it wont get angry.

Dying Light is number 5 on the list because while it certainly has a lot of horror aspects and some rather terrifying portions of the game (stupid zombie child screamer) , the game was still mainly an action adventure parkour game. Dying light was the result of Mirrors Edge and any zombie game you’ve ever thought of thrown in a blender, and the result was fantastic. 

The game provides endless hours of fun and almost countless side quests. Every time I wanted to continue the story a new and interesting quest popped up that I had to take care of. The scarier portions of this game include being trapped outside at night, getting caught in fast paced zombie chases, being trapped in small confined spaces with hordes of zombies that don’t know that you’re there, and a good number of cheap jump scares.

All in all Dying Light received very positive reviews and has a large player base. If you like parkour games and enjoy drop kicking zombies off of buildings then this game is for you.

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