All Heroes of the Storm Characters

Gaming's greatest heroes, all in one game!
Gaming's greatest heroes, all in one game!

Meet the Heroes of the Storm characters - all 36 of them!!

Kerrigan, Thrall, Diablo … these are some of the most cherished characters in gaming history. Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm gathers these celebrated heroes and more in one package…. But can you match the name to the face of everyone in the game’s 36-strong roster?

No? Well, fear not! In the spirit of public service, we’re here to provide you a handy list of all of Heroes of the Storm’s playable hero units. For simplicity’s sake, we’ve categorized them according to the four hero types – Assassin, Warrior, Support, and Specialist. So, without further ado, here are your Heroes of the Storm characters!

Assassin Heroes:

1. Thrall


Heroic liberator and Warchief of the Horde

Born to slavery, Thrall eventually gained his freedom, allowing him to liberate his fellow orcs, who had been imprisoned by humans after the Second War. Thrall then led them across the sea, where they founded Ogrimmar city in the continent of Kalimdor. Allying with the trolls, tauren, and goblins, he became Warchief of the Horde, and aided the Alliance in the war against the demonic Burning Legion.

A powerful shaman, Thrall is capable of rending the earth, and frying the opposition with a chain lightning spell. He can even sic fiery wolf spirits on enemies. Playtime with Fido had never been so blisteringly intense!

2. Jaina Proudmoore


Peace at the edge of her spear

After the devastating Scourge invasion of Lordaeron, Jaina Proudmoore guided the survivors of her fallen kingdom to safety. Though a master of the arcane and a gifted warrior to boot, she believes in peace above all else, and only resorts to violence once diplomacy has failed.

As an archmage, Jaina blasts through the opposition with waves of water and ice magic. Her attacks chill enemies, slowing their movements down to a crawl. And when feeling extra spiteful, she can summon a mighty water elemental with a penchant for sending enemies to a watery grave.

3. Tychus


Gun blazing (Image from

Ex-soldier. Notorious felon. Total badass. Tychus Findlay is the toughest outlaw in the Korpulu Sector. Ally to Jim Raynor and a ferocious force on the battlefield, Tychus hits hard and hits fast, and he does it all with the cold efficiency of a black-hearted sociopath.

Tychus is all about big guns and big explosions – and the bigger, the better. His minigun is unique in that it’s slow to start but gains speed the longer he peppers enemy combatants with bullets. And when the situation calls for it, he either calls down a massive laser drill to wreak havoc on foes, or pilots the gargantuan Odin mecha – which is basically death on two, robot legs.

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