3 Things That Should Not Have Happened In Beauty and The Beast

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Beauty and The Beast released on March 17 to good reviews

However, there are three things that should not have happened in this movie.

Movie Opens To Stellar Reviews

Critics have been raving about Beauty and the Beast ever since it’s release in Europe, but there are differences that some moviegoers are not pleased about. From small plot changes to the depiction of the main characters, there are a few things that should not have happened in the movie.

Have you seen the newly released live action Beauty And The Beast? If so, you are probably very pleased, and have nothing but high praise to deliver. With that being said, here are three things that should not have happened.

Plot Changes??

First and foremost, there were many small changes to the plot that affected the development of the characters. In the original movie the beast thinks long and hard about how to win Belle over, and finally decides to give her the library, while in the 2017 adaptation, he just casually gives her the library

Belle and the Beast in the library. Belle starts to fall in love with the beast. The beast begins to fall in love with Belle.

This may seem like a small detail, however it gave the feel that the beast was truly changing and becoming more human, opposed to just handing the library to Belle. This should not have been changed.

Is the beast too scary?

The second thing that should not have happened in the movie, was the way the beast was depicted. There were many small children in the theater- I went to see it on opening night, and took my younger sister- who was terrified of the beast.

Though the movie was live action, the face of the beast seemed over the top, and that takes away from the original movie. Though the beast was supposed to look scary, the animated version made it possible to portray him as “scary” and kind at the same time- while in the 2017 adaptation it was hard to move on from his appearance. From his face, to his roar and the way he spoke in anger, I do believe the PG-13 rating of the movie was appropriate, but on the other hand, I feel that originals and live adaptations should most definitely retain the same rating.

Perhaps a PG rating would be better, though I feel that if a rating has to go from “G” to PG-13, then there should be a reevaluation of what is being done, as these types of movies are meant for a younger generation. The rating should suit the audience.

Too much focus on Lumiere

The last thing that really irked me, was the long awaited “Be Our Guest” performance. From the orchestra to the singing, I was really let down.

Lumiere sings the song solo, as opposed to an entire choir in the original movie. The singing really did not come close- and the animation of flying dishes as well as other furniture was not the best. I viewed it in 3D and was expecting some more pizazz than what I saw.

The scene was a huge let down, but the movie was bearable. In addition to this scene, Belle’s initial reaction to this was out of character, she even attacked poor Lumiere! The way Belle handled her feelings towards this way definitely off, as she was depicted as such a caring and accepting girl who loved magic and adventure, that seeing her knock a talking candle to the floor was a bit much.

All in all, Disney’s 2017 adaptation didn’t come close to the original- though it was well made, there was not nearly as much heart and emotion put into it as the original one.

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