Bright Memory Infinite Takes Futuristic FPS Action to the Next Level

Bright Memory Infinite Takes Futuristic FPS Action to the Next Level
A dark past with hope for a bright future...

Speculation about what the future might hold is something that people have been doing for centuries. Attempting to guess at technologies, constructions, discoveries, and ways of life a hundred years from the present seems to be something that humans find entertaining and intriguing.

Stalking enemies from a height advantage. Image by 'Bright Memory Infinite'.

Bright Memory Infinite’ is set in the future, in the year 2036, so not a hundred years, but in the future nonetheless. The story begins with a “strange phenomenon” in the skies above the world. This phenomenon is investigated by an organization called the ‘Supernatural Science Research Organization’, and its focus is anything that science and technology cannot explain.

Players must embark on a journey to uncover the secrets of this strange phenomenon, fighting to gain knowledge and understanding of new, undiscovered worlds, and how their history is linked to the history of planet earth by an “archaic mystery” that has yet to be fully uncovered and understood.

Taking on a massive dude swinging a giant electric club. Image by 'Bright Memory Infinite'.

Players will have a variety of different skills and abilities that they can “mix and match” to find the most powerful combos for their combat style. They also have a range of weapons to choose from, from a deadly set of swords for hacking and slashing to a variety of different customizable guns and bombs.

As they progress players will develop their skillset and their loadouts, becoming deadlier with every passing minute of fast-paced “high octane” FPS combat.

‘Bright Memory Infinite’ is developed by ‘FYQD-Studio’ and shines like a star among indie games for performance and quality. The game is available on Steam.

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