The Console Community Calls for Valorant

Console Users are Anxious for Answers

With the immensity of the console market, many PC gaming companies want to stick their fingers in this prosperous pie. Valorant is no exception; it too has its sights set on Sony’s PlayStation, with a possibility of an Xbox version, should nothing unexpected happen. With Sony’s PlayStation franchise quoted above $37.45 billion and Xbox with a yearly revenue greater than $16.57 billion, it is safe to say the console community has a huge market cap. Even Valorant is tempted to touch the console community cake. 


Who Said What?

Anna Donlon, self-titled Executive "Decider of Things" which isn’t far from the truth, talked about the possibility of a console Valorant release. Prodded by the banter of the console community, Anna decided to address the clump of questions they received about a Valorant console version. In her podcast, she states that Riot Games has been tinkering and prototyping with a console version of Valorant. The Riot Games developers are unsure that they can deliver the identity of Valorant in console form. They do not kill hope for console players, however. She also states that the moment they find Valorant’s proper voice in a console environment, they will release it to all the ravenous console keepers.

When Can Console Valorant be Consumed?

As of this moment, there is no official ETA on the creation of a console version. Everything is up in the air on whether they will be able to successfully pull off a console Valorant. Anna Donlon also states in the podcast that should too many of Valorant’s key concepts be compromised, they will make a similar game for consoles. This is the greatest compromise they can come to while keeping their bottom-line. 


What to Expect

As mentioned earlier, they look to keep Valorant recognizable as a game or do something else completely. This means should a Riot Games console FPS come to the console market named Valorant, expect an identical or at least similar experience to the PC version. From their willingness to address this issue so fast, it’s clear Riot Games has its greedy eyes glued to the console niche. Anyone willing to spend money on the consoles that can run their game surely isn’t a penny pincher, so they are looking to make big bucks in this area ASAP. 

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