The Darkest Tales Brings Every Kid's Favorite Toy To Life

The Darkest Tales Brings Every Kid's Favorite Toy To Life
A fairy tale that turns into a not so fairy nightmare...

Teddy bears are an all-time favorite among kids the world around and have served as sources of comfort and companionship for years.

In ‘The Darkest Tales’ an adult human, Alicia, is in trouble. She has somehow gotten herself trapped in a world of “dreams and distorted childhood fantasies.” Teddy Scissorpaws, as her brave teddy bear from her childhood years is known, is the only one who can save her.

Red Riding Hood is decidedly less innocent and vulnerable in this world. Image by 'The Darkest Tales'. 

Players must play as Teddy as he embarks on a perilous journey to try and save his human, Alicia.

Teddy’s journey takes him through a land of childhood fairytales and stories, bringing him across the path of the likes of Sleeping Beauty, the Little Mermaid, gingerbread men, and a host of other well-known characters in children’s lives.

The twist is that these are not the friendly, cheerful characters from children’s stories, but rather violent, bloodthirsty creatures hellbent on shredding poor Teddy apart as he tries to find his human, and under no intention of letting him get there.

Teddy must venture into the darkness and brave its horrors all by himself. Image by 'The Darkest Tales'. 

Teddy must defeat all the horrible creatures of darkness that try to stop him from saving Alicia, facing off hordes of monstrosities and monstrous giants in his quest to save Alicia.

Whether Teddy survives and emerges victorious lies in the hands of players, solely dependent on the skill with which they wield Teddy’s swords, bow, and other weapons.

‘The Darkest Tales’ is developed by ‘Trinity Team’ and is available on Steam.

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