Deflector Condemns Players To Eternal Bullet Hell

Deflector Condemns Players To Eternal Bullet Hell
If you can't beat em just deflect em...

Nobody likes the idea of going to hell. Whether hell actually exists or not is a rather controversial topic but it has nonetheless always held a rather negative connotation.

One thing we can be certain of, however, is that the bullet-hell unleashed in ‘Deflector’ is about as real as it can get in the virtual world.

Deflect projectiles back at the enemies that shot them. Image by 'Deflector'.

‘Deflector’ places players in a bullet hell filled with a bunch of deadly viruses hellbent on blasting the player character to pieces. Players can choose from several different characters, each with unique abilities that will benefit the player in their fight.

Players must navigate a series of different maps and areas, fighting to eliminate as many deadly viruses as quickly as possible. Additionally, players will frequently find themselves cornered, with nowhere to go and a deadly hail of bullets rapidly closing in.

Under such circumstances, the only option is to deflect the projectiles back at the viruses that shot them in the first place.

Beat enemies and progress through the different levels. Image by 'Deflector'. 

Players can unlock a variety of new skills and abilities as they progress through the game, allowing them to compile a deadly arsenal of different moves and perks that can be used against the viruses. 

This includes the ability to duplicate deflected bullets, sending twice as much hell back as they sent towards the player character. Other abilities include the creation of explosive bullets and the destruction of the ground under the virus’s feet.

‘Deflector’ is a rogue-lite game developed by ‘Arrowfist Games’ and is available on Steam.

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