Fable Fortune coming to Steam, July 11

It's time to flip the cards

The collectible card game, Fable Fortune for PC and Xbox One will see the light of day July 11th. The game will feature both PvP and Co-Op gameplay. Fable Fortune began as a secret project after the developer behind the Fable series, Lionhead Studios, closed.
The card game claims to keep the world of Fable alive by taking Fable's "most cherished gameplay systems with an array of pioneering game modes."
The game will allow you great gameplay as one of 6 unique heroes, each with a special set of powers, pros, and cons.


Some shots from the reveal trailer.

"Define your destiny"

By completing in-game quests you will "define your destiny", as the developers claim, and you will be able to steer towards good or evil to "unleash the true power".
During the battle, your Hero will be able to change their alignment and embrace either good or evil to use the most powerful abilities and turn the tide of the battle.


Really interesting is the fact that you can side with a friend to face the legendary Fable villains in "the revolutionary co-op mode".  

Come,come kitty kitty, you're so pretty pretty...

Founder's Pack

Mediatonic, the developer behind this game alongside Flaming Fowl Studios is offering a Founder's Pack for $15 USD/£10/13€ with "more than $40 worth of in-game items", including 20 card packs, an exclusive "Flaming Fowl" card and the  "very rare" Giant Egg card.
Fable Fortune is free to play, "but the Founder's  Pack is for those who want to join us early on", says the developer Mediatonic.

The Kickstarter

A Kickstarter for Fable Fortune launched last year but was quickly ended when the developer secured additional funding to help make the game a reality.

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