Fortnite Season 3 Chapter 2 Teasers Are Out

What Did Doomsday Do to Fornite?

With anticipation for the new Fortnite season at an all-time high, Epic Games released a teaser of what is to come tomorrow. The mysterious floods around the map have finally been deciphered after the Doomsday event which took place on June 15, 2020. The Doomsday device has buried the island under the sea, now we have to wait to see what changes this new environment brings. To tantalize their fans, Epic Games teased a few vague partial camera shots of images that we will come to fully understand tomorrow. 

These past two weeks of Fortnite have been a week of fillers and ruse fanfare. From the leak of the “new map” to SerpentAU’s public trial for cheating, his lies, his friend outing him, and finally, him owning up after being caught red-handed. It wasn’t all bad though, Ninja Battles brought a much-needed breather to the Fortnite community. That competitive atmosphere in this dry part of the season made the Doomsday delays all the more bearable. 

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