League of Legends: 10 Epic Moments That Shocked Fans Worldwide

League of Legends: 10 Epic Moments That Shocked Fans Worldwide
The greatest moments in gaming history!

10 Legendary Moments in LOL That Stunned Fans Worldwide

With over 20 million players, League of Legends has become the most popular game in the world. There is no other game on either console or PC that can compete with the sheer number of hours played in League.  As a result, a very large competitive scene has evolved including some of the biggest prize pools in gaming. Each year we witness teams from all over the world clash in the most epic battles we’ve ever seen on Summoner’s Rift. Some of these moments shock fans worldwide and go down in the history books for how awesome they are. Here are 10 of those moments:

10. The World Championship receiving a higher rating than the NBA finals

The season 3 World Championships took place in a sold out Staples Center, Los Angeles

This is not a specific in game moment as are most of the moments on this list, but it still marks a shocking milestone in League of Legends history. The Miami Heat managed to beat the San Antonio Spurs in a grueling 7 game series to take home the big trophy and the NBA championship title. Just a couple of months later though, SK Telecom T1 went undefeated against Royal to win the League of Legends world championship.

SKT Telecom T1’s final match against Royal was watched by 32 million people worldwide. That was far more viewers than either the NBA finals, or even the World Series attracted. This event was important because it really solidified pro-gaming and E-sports as a real thing. Due to this popularity many broadcasting networks have since taken up E-sports since it generates so much revenue.

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