LoL: 5 Players Who May Be EU Spring Split MVP 2018

Jiizuke and the rest of Vitality celebrating their win over Splyce in week 9 of Spring Split (from

The regular season of the EU LCS has just finished, and has left behind some amazing games and players. At the end, the legends from Fnatic managed to get first place with a resounding 14-4 record, and G2 esports, the kings of Europe, defeated Splyce in a tiebreaker game for 2nd place, as they both ended 11-7 in the season, securing a spot alongside Fnatic in the semifinals. The other teams joining Splyce in the quarterfinals played this week are Vitality, H2K and Roccat.

But before any talk about the playoffs, we should bring out the best performing players during the regular season, as valid MVP candidates. Here are my top 5 players to win MVP for the EU LCS:

5. SPY Xerxe: Having the best KDA for all Junglers in Europe, getting 4th in most kills and 3rd in least deaths in his position, it’s undeniable that Xerxe’s domain over the jungle is one of the biggest reasons why Splyce was a tiebreak away from 2nd place. Winning 6 out of 7 games with Zac, and having Ivern as a pocket pick, Xerxe will be a force to be reckoned with in the playoffs and in the MVP race.

4. VIT Minitroupax: Although his stats don’t really show his value, getting only 2nd in cs/minute and tied 3rd in most kills among ADCs, this man is the only one who has secured 5 “Player of the Game” awards (the closest player has only won the award 3 times), so his influence in the game is undeniable. Particularly good with Caitlyn and Varus, and proven capable of playing Jinx and even Ziggs bot, don’t be surprised if Minitroupax gets the MVP title with a couple of good performances in playoffs.

3. G2 Jankos: The man known as the “First Blood King” lead his position in Assists, ended 2nd in Kill Participation and 3rd in most kills for all Junglers. Jankos has been one of the best junglers in Europe for several years, and now with such a good team as G2 to back him up, the beast is unleashed. Undefeated with Zac in 4 games, and able to play both tanky and carry junglers, Jankos is a really strong candidate for this year’s MVP.

2. VIT Jiizuke: The newest sensation in EU LCS, it’s safe to say almost nobody is a stranger to Jiizuke’s amazing performance at the beginning of the split. Proudly owning the 3rd place of most kills in the entire league, this midlaner brings an amazing energy to Vitality’s game, and highlight plays are sure to come from him. He has proven himself with Azir and Zoe, but Ryze is undoubtedly his best champion.

1. FNC Rekkles: By statistics alone, Rekkles should win MVP for spring split. 1st in most kills in the entire league, with 23 more than the guy behind him, the least deaths for any player with 18+ games, obviously the best KDA of all Europe, and the most cs/minute of the entire league. Rekkles is definitely a major reason for Fnatic’s success, and with his trademark Tristana, he is ready to carry his heart out for the MVP title.


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