Routine Gameplay - A New Game For Horror Fans. Here Are 5 Things You'll Love

Trying to get through space with nothing but your own wits.

Space Horror Is Screaming Back

Routine is an upcoming survival horror game that will really get fans of the genre excited. If you loved the Dead Space series I believe that you will love Routine. So far the developers have only released some alpha footage to be marveled at by fans. The Routine Gameplay relies on the player keeping their wits and forging ahead through incredible odds. These are 5 things that I love about this game so far.

1. Interaction with the World

Find the mysteries embedded in the station.

The cloudy touch panels blink slowly waiting for you touch, abandoned machinery groans to life with every command. The Routine gameplay offers a host of interactive elements for you to attempt to operate. Whether you are looking at a map of the local area or reading emergency messages off of a smeared screen you will have the option to interact with many elements. Watch your back though, you never know what might be behind you while you read.

2. The Atmosphere

Crawl through the dark dungeonous underbelly to freedom.

In the Alpha footage your hear a haunting voice continue to calmly spout unintelligible messages as you make your way through the center. Soda machines are tipped over and flickering in the darkness to barely illuminate the blood drenched floors. As you make your way through the moon base you will hear automated defenses stomping in the distance. The defenses are not friendly.

3. Peeking

Peek around the corner so you don't end up as one of those blood stain.

Not many games offer you the reality of cautiously poking your head around a corner. I think this is a great game mechanic because it adds to the realism and immersion into the game. You wouldn't just go charging around a corner if you were alone on a hostile moon station, you would slowly look around every corner, especially with those robot guards patrolling. You have the option to stun the robots but I'm not sure if you can kill them with the weapon you have, this makes peeking even more important because you'll need to conserve your ammo and pick your shots.

4. Isolation

Run as fast as you can, no one will be there for you.

The Routine gameplay uses the complete isolation from any other humanoids as a mechanism to induce fear. When you spend hours roaming around in darkness with nothing but your own wits and the constant knowledge that something is after you a friendly face can be relieving. This game offers no relief to the player from what the alpha footage shows, just isolation. Get the job done right and then you can see the faces of your family and friends again but until then you are alone.

5. Real Fear

They're coming for you.

This game isn't about jump scares and lame gags, it plays off of human fears like the previously mentioned isolation, the prey mentality from being hunted by the guard robots, and the need to find your way back out. The player will be left to their own devices to make their way through the station to solve whatever it is that plagued this station and left it completely empty. Then the question comes, what makes this one player the sole savior of this station? 

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rowtime's picture

rowtime 9 years 1 month ago

Sounds intriguing

James Lightning's picture

James Lightning 9 years 1 month ago

Alone in deep space with no one to save you. You just need to bash in the skulls of whatever is hunting you. Ez.

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